Group targets transgender healthcare disparities

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From The Dallas Voice:

Trans Pride Initiative’s Nell Gaither hopes Saturday’s breast cancer screening event at UT Southwestern will expand into annual health fair

19 Oct 2012

October is a popular month for cancer screenings for women because it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but many masculine women and transgender people won’t undergo them because of fear of discrimination and embarrassment.

That’s why Nell Gaither, president of Trans Pride Initiative, said she planned a Chest & Breast Wellness Day at UT Southwestern Medical Center on Saturday, Oct. 20. Gaither said the event is intended for gender non-conforming individuals to have access to healthcare without feeling uncomfortable or facing discrimination at a doctor’s office.

Gaither started the nonprofit Trans Pride Initiative in August 2011 to end the disparities in trans healthcare. She then quit her job this past June to focus on the organization’s goals to end discrimination in healthcare facilities and provide better information and access to care.

“A lot of times people will avoid healthcare out of concerns for discrimination. There’s a high level of not getting healthcare in the trans and gender non-conforming communities,” she said.

“They may not be comfortable in that (traditional) setting, so it’s them being considerate of others, as well as them not wanting to be exposed to that type of situation.”

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