Romney, Abortion, Evangelicals, Sex and Lies

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And so it’s come to this: the American evangelical religious establishment is busting a gut to elect a pro-abortion Mormon multimillionaire predatory tycoon with multiple offshore bank accounts who may or may not have paid his taxes while protecting the money he’s made from “harvesting” American companies by shipping US worker’s jobs overseas. Yes, he’s pro-abortion in 2 ways. First, his policies will lead to more women having abortions as social service for poor women are cut, including health care they receive at Planned Parenthood. Second, just check out what he actually did as a pro-choice governor in my state — Massachusetts — and wait for the reality check the “family values” folks’ will experience if he’s elected when sells them down the river on their “issue.”

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute:

“Women with family incomes below the federal poverty level ($18,530 for a family of three) account for more than 40% of all abortions. They also have one of the country’s highest abortion rates (52 per 1,000 women). In contrast, higher-income women (with family incomes at or above 200% of the poverty line) have a rate of nine abortions per 1,000, which is about half the national rate.”

Notwithstanding the facts of Romney’s actual past political activity the guaranteed results of his economic policies would be to undermine what he called “The 47 percent… who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing,” evangelicals are working for this flip-flopping opportunistic Mormon tax-avoiding “heretic” (their word not mine). Evangelicals favor a pro-abortion Mormon over an evangelical president whose lifetime working experience as a community organizer, senator and now president has been dedicated to helping the “least of these” in ways proven to actually reduce the number of abortions.

Then again it’s been a long time since facts — for instance the truth about what actually might reduce the number of abortions — got in the way of American evangelical fanaticism and sexual dysfunction. Evangelicals seem to prefer labels to action, ideological purity rather than actual accomplishment.

These are the folks that poll after poll demonstrate do not believe in global warming, or evolution, or that gay men and women are born that way, while simultaneously believing in a literal interpretation of Bronze Age creationist mythology and Roman era misogyny/homophobic bunk.

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