On Our Radar – Abstinence Only Sex Education, The American Version Of The Taliban

From The New Civil Rights Movement:  http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/on-our-radar-abstinence-only-sex-non-education-the-american-version-of-the-taliban/news/2012/10/14/51042

by Jean Ann Esselink
on October 14, 2012

In Pakistan, the Taliban tries to keep girls uneducated and sexually repressed with beatings and bullets. In America, congress does the same thing with money. Today, abstinence only sex education and the lives it destroys, are On Our Radar. 

They asked for Malala by name before one of them shot her in the head. That is what the press reported about the horrific incident in Mingora, Pakistan, that has incensed the world. Taliban religious zealots boasted of targeting Malala Yousufzai, a 14-year-old Pakistani activist, who made a name for herself advocating for girls to go to school. In Pakistan’s Swat Valley, men with guns and whips and acid punish girls for the crime of wanting to educate themselves.

I suspect that most of you reading On Our Radar today will agree that 14-year-old Malala is a child. Perhaps you will say “adolescent,”  but by no stretch of the imagination do we consider Malala an adult. Few people will make the judgment that Malala, at 14, carries any responsibility for what happened to her because she was “old enough to know what she was getting into.” We would find such an attitude uninformed, insensitive, perhaps bordering on cruel.

Remember how you feel now about Malala’s age and level of responsibility for her actions, it will be important later.

In America men don’t use violence to keep girls from being educated; they use money. This week, the very week Malala was shot for her insistence that women deserve to be educated, Orin Hatch, a Mormon Senator from Utah, got his five million dollar wish to make sure some 14-year-old American girls aren’t educated either. Against a backdrop of exploding deficits, with our lawmakers unable to name a single program worthy of being cut, the Department of Health and Human Services, which didn’t ask for, and didn’t want the money, awarded grants worth a total of five million taxpayer dollars to fund abstinence only sex “education” programs.

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