HBS “Classic Transsexuals” who Bully

A Facebook friend asked me if I was aware of what Jennifer Usher who blogs at Just Jennifer was saying about me.

Now I generally try to ignore  the “Classic Trannie Skank” Bullies who were too fucked up to make it on the Jerry Springer Show, but I’m aware of being one of Jennifer Usher’s prime targets.

Many of them claim to be conservative Christians which sort of explains their propensity for constant lying and general thuggishness.

Oh did I mention how much they love to Red Bait?

The “Classic Trannie Skank Bullies” were a major reason why I told Sharon and Lisa to stop publishing my pieces.

Now there is a grain of truth to some of the stuff Usher wrote about me.  In the 1990s when I was on Usenet I was in a bad place, my life was at a low point and I was drinking too much.  In my defense I wasn’t that much nastier than most of the people posting on the News Groups.

I left the News Groups after about a year, when I saw how vicious the bullying became, how damaging it was.

Eventually Tina and I founded WBT, which stood for Women Born Transsexual.  It was a shot at both the psychopathologizers and at the radfems who proclaim themselves to be womyn born womyn.

A lot of the “Trannie Skank” Bullies picked up on WBT, came to the mailing list and were disappointed when they found themselves banned after a couple of days.

If I recall correctly Usher lasted all of three posts.

About that time Charlotte Goiar, popped up and joined the list.  Goiar proposed we start calling transsexualism the Benjamin Syndrome.  Tina and I roared at that proposition as Benjamin Syndrome abbreviated to BS which, at least in America, stands for Bull Shit.

Goiar last just about as long on WBT as Usher did.

We had various other bigots on the WBT list, many if not all of them thought themselves to be purer and realer than other sisters who had the same surgery they had.  I thought they were pure BS and not Benjamin Syndrome.

Many of them were blatantly homophobic towards lesbian and bisexual sisters.

From:  Laura’s Harry Benjamin Syndrome HBS: A Peer Review

As the owner of a Transsexual,Transgender web site I have always provided the latest information on Transsexual research on my site long before HBS was first uttered. So the research on HBS sites was very familiar to me. In order to learn more I joined the Official Yahoo HBS Support Group. What I learned had little to do with HBS. It instead turned out to be an anti-GLBT group. People who asked simple questions and needed support, were diagnosed by militant members as being transgendered, perverts and fetishists. Gays and lesbians were also denigrated with frequent slurs. In fact those who did support GLBT rights were banned simply for supporting them. Several that were diagnosed by those without medical degrees were affirmed post-ops with similar stories to mine. One thing Yahoos HBS groups are not is an HBS Support Group. The group moderator defends the constant anti-GLBT slurs as member venting. While I have the posts to prove this it isn’t necesarry yet as you can visit the group to see for yourself. You can also see the posts against this site and my users who were members there. The group banned all of them and wrongly diagnosed us all as Transgendered (post-ban of course) including several Post-ops. Interestingly enough they were already diagnosed by well qualified Gender Therapists With Gender Identity Disorder and Transsexualism. Apparantly Charlotte Goiar can dignose anyone without a medical exam or license or even a history of the individual. She also believes that if you are born with the condition that it disappears if you have been married or are a non-op for medical reasons. NO professional would say this. You either are born with it or you are not.

Starting in January 2007 I started to receive email that first indicated something was very wrong. Users told tales of verbal abuse by members of the Yahoo HBS group. Many were depressed and shaken. Some had even attempted suicide blaming the group members for their distress. Of course there was no way to confirm this. Letters started to arrive from therapists on my HBS therapist list asking to be removed. As that list increased in size I began to ask why. Most liked the basic idea of HBS and accepted the research done was on Transsexualism by their collegues. Their objection was to the “disparaging teminology and total lack of objectivity”. Many had not only Transsexual clients but Transgenderists as well. As one therapist put it “HBS is not about transgenderism it is about transsexualism. Yet the author is clearly anti-trangender and makes it a part of the thesis for her medical Syndrome. Disparaging remarks have no place in such documentation”. Another wrote: “Usually only the medical profession creates new medical syndromes. I cannot seem to find the authors medical credentials. The person seems to be a layman which makes their qualifications for diagnosis and the HB Syndrome itself invalid”. The list has since been removed , Still another therapist said that the professional signatures gathered By Charlotte Goiar (Guren) was in fact on a document about Transsexualism not an endorsement of HBS. Read the title on the page.

As a result of these findings I wrote a public letter to Charlotte Goiar with suggestions to improve it as I wanted HBS to succeed. Her reply was co-operative at first, and she agreed to label her SOC as a proposal rather than medical fact. Other HBS sites still list them as facts however which is dangerous. Major damage has already been done to people as a result of being told “NOT to obtain therapy”. I replied to Charlottes reply but it was rejected while being submitted to her group. I later found out I was banned for not silencing a user in my forums for speaking her mind. Certainly I don’t tell Charlotte how to run her anti-LGBT hate group. In the days that followed Charlotte’s Moderator attacked my forums and it’s users under several fake names with all kinds of anti-transgender rhetoric, while telling users they were’nt prejudiced. This despite the fact anyone can see the venom in her groups posts. While Charlotte disavows hate her users still denigrate this site and me personally in her group. Why, because I pointed out that the LGBT slurs and anti-transgender messages in HBS docucments were going to have a negative effect on HBS itself? It already has. No Medical Professional or Therapist is going to back a Syndrome based on subectivity, hate and prejudice.In fact the (Ama) American Medical Association, just wrote a document banning prejudice against those with gender Identity and Transgender issues. Doctors will not discriminate to validate HBS as written.

When I started this Blog members of the cast of the bad reality TV show “Classic Trannie Skanks” flocked here thinking they might have found a new recruit.

They varied in their approaches.  Some like Cassandra took the high road and others who had been thrown off the mailing list took the low.

At first I even tried to treat HBS the new and improved name for Charlotte Goiar’s BS as something reasonable people might use instead of Transsexual.

I soon realized this was a mistake.

I also started searching on some of the trolls and discovered Andrea James had files on a number of them, files that often included detailed descriptions of their MO and in some cases included their pictures.

People like Jennifer Usher have a history and have pissed enough people off over the years that many sordid details of their life are available on line.

Sometimes people have negative things in their past and change for the better, other times they simply get worse.

But back to the photos of some of these bullies. Many of them  regularly viciously criticize the appearance of others while the pictures of them often show show them be bizarrely ugly.  Reading their trashings of various transgender or transsexual people one would think the people doing the reading were beautiful or supremely passable.  Instead many of these people are the sort who seriously stand to benefit from anti-discrimination laws that are expansive enough to protect transgender folks who are of the group that identifies as gender queers.

Instead they bully anyone who stands up for laws that might make their lives easier.

Autumn Sandeen has been the target for far more and much worse bullying from these Jerry Springer Show rejects than I have.

Aria Blue, one of the cast members of “Classic Trannie Skanks” had a particularly vicious blog until someone decided to punch back with a Blog titled Aria Blues which featured a post titled “The Rape of Autumn Sandeen”.

Shortly after that the Aria Blue Blog disappeared from public view and like many hate sites is viewable only by “friends”.

This is sort of the way  many hate groups like Aryan Nation operate, with certain forums and site only open to fellow bigots and bullies.

A few months ago one of their favorite targets, Autumn Sandeen was able to legally to change her birth certificate without  having had full SRS.  T to M people are allowed to make these official changes based on top surgery. Considering how birth certificates are becoming necessary to obtain identification including  a passport, which is now required to go to  either Canada or Mexico, I have come to view having the ability to change these documents as a basic human right.

I consider legal identification a human right.

I couldn’t believe the fury this stirred among the cast of “Classic Trannie Skanks”.  You would have thought some one was physically abusing them.

They started all sorts of violations of Autumn’s privacy, including some that were of questionable legality.

Some overstepped that border and a blog maintained by SA-ET fell into the same twilight zone that the Aria Blue Blog fell into.

The worst thing about the bullies from the reality show “Classic Trannie Skanks” is that they do real harm to their victims.

Many of us have been bullied from childhood and as a result suffer from PTSD or things like agoraphobia and a tendency to slide into depression.

Some have other similar diagnoses and take medications to deal with the anxiety brought on by encountering abuse like the abuse that is stock and trade of the “Classic Trannie Skank Show”.

Others self medicate, and have substance issues but pushing people, belittling them is stock and trade for the “Classic Trannie Skank” gang.

Oh I forgot.  It is rude for me to call these “sisters “”Trannie Skanks”.  Actually it is rude to the Transgender sex workers and  prostitutes who are too often the victims of violent crimes who are commonly called names like that.

Further and something I find particularly humorous having seen many of your pictures are your claims of being “intersex”.

From Aria Blues:

I have never seen a more clear cut case “penis envy”, and not of the female kind. No woman would ever attack a person this way. The obvious fraud being that none of these hidden harpies are transitioned, stealth, corrected or any of the handy catch phrases that they claim signifies a “classic transsexual “. Not one of them! Want to know why? Read on.

” i refuse to disclose the details of my genetics. i fear it would complicate the issue, and only aid the transgender movement in appropriating intersexed individuals.” – Anonymous-T-Girl


When I read shit from Jennifer Usher I want to ask:

What’s with the bullying?

What are you doing?  Are ya’ll wanking off and engaging in fantasy role playing games while sadistically abusing real live TS/TG sisters, who are out there working to make the world a little better?

What the Fuck?

This is the same sort of sick sadistic bullying that causes people, both children and adults to commit suicide.

Punching back seems to work.

It’s caused a few of you cockroaches to run back into your cracks like you just saw some one turn on the lights with a can of Raid in their hands.

10 Responses to “HBS “Classic Transsexuals” who Bully”

  1. steviejayne Says:

    Thanks for another excellent post Suzan. Bullying in ANY form is unacceptable. I also want to know what medical school these WOFTAMs (Waste Of Fucking Time And Money) spent years in studying the field before being able to make a diagnosis without knowing any of the person’s history etc etc etc. The antics of these bullies gives us ALL a bad name. When starting out our brothers and sisters need help and support – not abuse.

    As for Jennifer Usher, I had a recent encounter with that particular WOFTAM on her site when I challenged her persistent misgendering and bullying. No surprise at all when she couldn’t answer and resorted to quotes from the bible to throw abuse. I’m a grown-up woman who has a record of standing up to bullies who make her look like an amateur in the bullying game so it wouldn’t affect me. I’ve been in the war zone against bullying management at where I worked representing people facing the sack and been interrogated by the notorious Professor Richard Green, so a loser like Usher isn’t going to intimidate me. All she succeeded in doing was making herself look stupid and, let’s be honest here, she isn’t exactly the most intellectual person on the planet.

    Before challenging Usher I had done my homework. Years of researching material before going into battle and doing research before writing an Open University essay made it easy to go looking for material. I found plenty. When she came up with a diagnosis of autogynophilia and said I was a man without her knowing any of my history, I merely reminded her of her own history of writing cheap transvestite trash fiction and her comment about her being “more than a transvestite but not quite a transsexual” she promptly deleted the comment. It seems that like many bullies Usher can’t take a dose of her own medicine.

    Usher certainly seems to have an obsession about you Suzan. While you post articles on issues that affect us all, she can only write personal attacks. It’s a broken record.

    So, please keep up the good work on this blog and don’t let the sleazeballs grind you down.

  2. steviejayne Says:

    That Usher woman’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. In her latest rant attacking this post the silly mare has accused Suzan of being a control freak whilst imposing moderation control on her own blog. She thinks she the queen of acid with her tongue but has a ph value in the alkaline range. Yet again she is whinnying about personal attacks on her whilst dishing out personal abuse of her own.

    Deep Purple wrote a song with an apt title for Ms Usher – “Strange Woman”.

  3. Autumn Sandeen Says:

    Yeah, the classic transsexuals do accomplish some real harm.

    One of the things I haven’t talked about much when describing my cyber bullying & harassment experiences by the “classic transsexuals” is how the experience triggered two sexual harassment experiences I had in late 1990’s. One of the sexual harassment stories is my DADT story of being sexually harassed because being presumed to be a gay man. Basically, I’m one of those trans women who never really passed well as a man. But, prior to that sexual harassment I had while serving on the USS Coronado, I reported the sexual harassment of my female division officer. She was being peeped at her through holes in the ship’s bulkheads when she showered, and by reporting it I ended it. After reporting the behavior by four junior sailors I experienced workplace retaliation, and between emotionally identifying with my division officer and the retaliation I say it was at least an equally a horrible experience as being personally harassed just 18-ish months later.

    The cyberbullying and harassment I experienced were much like the sexual harassment experiences in that all of the bullying/harassment behavior involved sex/gender, was unwanted behavior, and involved the “workplace” — if one describes posting at the blog Pam’s House Blend and writing for the ink-and-paper publication LGBT Weekly as my current workplaces. My most recent article on the Indigo Girls is like everything that I write that gets posted on the web these days — it garnered the attention of the classic transsexuals and they’re commenting on the story and deriding those trans women who like me who identify sociopolitically as transgender.

    A few articles ago that I wrote for LGBT Weekly, I read a one of comment from one of the classic transsexuals and was triggered. I was triggered over the two previous sexual harassment experiences I had in the Navy which of course brought back to the surface all of the pain of my recent cyberbullying and harassment experiences. Honestly, I didn’t know I could still be triggered over those two 1990’s sexual harassment experiences, but apparently I can be.

    These classic transsexual folk don’t seem to care about what real harm they do. Apparently, they see our peers in general, and me in particular, as less than fully human.

    I really have lost my love of trans community over all of this. It’s hard for me to want to continue being a civil rights activist for the community I’ve loved so much when I currently have such mixed feelings about that community now. Well, I so agree with former IFGE president Dallas Denny when she wrote that trans people have a tendency to eat our own. Boy oh boy, we surely do.

    • Suzan Says:

      Autumn I was a pioneer way back in the early 1970s when Jan and I co-ran the National Transsexual Counseling Unit.

      Being to close to the activism consumes you. It’s why at this point in my life I’m more likely to just write about transissues and march for other things that affect transfolks but also affect everyone else too.

      We don’t always see eye to eye but I really hate the fucking shit Usher and others are dumping on you.

      My ethic were shaped by people like Pete Seeger and books like Grapes of Wrath and Spartacus, songs like :Which Side are You On?”.

      I have some ethics and compassion. Since I’ve been blogging and on Facebook I’ve found a lot more people who are activists as well as trans-activists.

      My only real issue with you was when I thought you crossed the line with Ashley Love. I still think that. But on her own Ashley Love has shown herself to be little more than a publicity hound, the Paris Hilton of activism.

  4. Dana Lane Taylor Says:

    I did my fair share of bullying and at the time didn’t realize that is what I was doing. I felt I was a victim of the transgender ideology and that they were trying to erase me from existence. I ended up on the extreme end mainly due to the way some transgender leaders reacted to me when I was asking questions about transgender vs. transsexual. Instead of actually answering my questions or at least addressing my concerns in some way, I was yelled at and compared to NAZIs and the Taliban. That is what pushed me to the fringe.

    Then came the attacks from the radical feminists after the cotton ceiling broke out. When I saw what they were doing to my trans brothers and sisters I stepped back and took a long look at myself. I realized I did not want to look like that. I have always considered myself a good person but looking back on my actions made me disgusted with myself. I know I caused Autumn enough grief and I sincerely apologize for it.

    I no longer reject the transgender label because I now realize it is the designation that people know and will help me get the rights I need to survive in this world. It is a term that people are familiar with and trying to tell them there is a difference between transgender and transsexual will only muddy the waters. They are already confused enough about us.

    • Suzan Says:

      I still press for transsexual and transgender. I think we can work together and that understanding is a two way street. We have common issues, especially with legal identification, hate crimes, employment and accommodation discrimination. Just as we have with people of color, LGB people, working poor and poverty class people.

      Many of our issues are feminist issues and some especially health care issues have much in common with other people with pre-existing conditions that limit access to health care benefits.

      Too much energy has been wasted fighting each other rather than trying to understand and empathize with others.

      Occupy and the 99% idea really impressed that on me. The idea that we should unite not based on identities but on shared oppressions and issues.

      Since I started this blog some three and a half years ago and went on Facebook I’ve gained a lot of respect for what Trans-Activists do.

      There is a sister here in D/FW, Kelli Busey who works low paying jobs and still finds time and energy to go to demonstrations, blog and fight for causes.

      While the internet trolls who often hide behind aliases seem devoted to spreading hatred and bigotry while staying hidden sort of like the KKK.

    • Marti Abernathey Says:

      I have to say I’m kind of shocked… in a VERY good way. Dana and Suzan, thanks for being so honest when many people could have (and might) rub your nose in it. I won’t be one of those people. I’m not sure if it matters, but you just gained a lot of respect from me. You have just put the truth out here and let the chips fall where they may.

      I do understand Autumn’s pain. You shouldn’t be impugned, harassed, traumatized, and slandered simply because you take a stand. I’m at my wits end, honestly. I don’t see any reason (especially if Obama is defeated) to keep pushing for trans civil rights in the US for the foreseeable future (other than in the courts and on the local level). I don’t see the benefit for me personally. I’ve spent thousands of dollars to have my name dragged through the mud. What’s the point, especially if Romney is President?

      I’m at a point in my life where I just want to settle down, write a few books, work in my chosen field (healthcare), and live my life. I’ve given my time, my money, and what talent I have to this community. And to be honest, I’ve gotten shit on in return. I can point to many others that have suffered the same fate (Ethan St. Pierre and Vanessa Edwards Foster both come to mind).

      In the end, I see a community that lacks the courage to go it alone, and build up a community on its own. Until it does that it’s always going to be the unloved step-child. Until we broker our own power, we will continue to be shit on. For the next year or so I’ll continue to work on The Transadvocate and I’ll always be willing to do the TDOR website, but otherwise I’m not getting any more involved than I am. I don’t see it benefiting anyone, especially me.Until the community comes out of it’s shell and rises up, it’ll continue to be the LGb……………………………..t. community.

      • Suzan Says:

        Marti I’m sixty-five and have been in movements for fifty years.

        Trans is only a part of what I take a stand for. Maybe it was the Pete Seeger songs but there is always something that needs defending.

        I’ve gone full circle back to hippie roots. I’ve twelve stepped and learned to admit when I’ve been wrong about something and learned to offer compromises when I can.

        The HBS thugs are a small minority of crazy fucked up trolls who sucker people into going along with them.

        As for taking hits for my positions I have Jennifer Usher making a blog out of attacking me and a few other people.

        Seeing people have civil conversations on FB where there is less trolling has helped immensely.

  5. cyrsti Says:

    Can’t wait to go stealth and away from all your bickering.
    I feel sorry for all of you…get a life!

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