TS-SI is Dead

Sharon Gaughan and Lisa Thompson have ceased publishing TS-SI.

TS-Si Ceases Publication

While their Blog wasn’t as offensive as the filth that passes for blogs owned by people like Jennifer Usher of Just Jennifer or Note from the T-side it permitted the trolls to run wild in its comments sections.

When I first started this Blog Andrea James gave me a big shout out and so did TS-SI.

I immediately attracted the haters and HBS Bullies who assumed that because Tina and I coined Women Born transsexual we were in sympathy with the HBS/Classic Transsexual point of view.

We actually might have been if those terms were just other terms, since we kind of support peoples right to use their own words to describe themselves.

But they aren’t, while WBT was a way of saying screw all the psychopathology BS, we were born this way just like cis-sex/gender people are born that way.

The trolls flocked here.  Cassandra, Aria Blue, Jennifer Usher, and a bunch of trolls we kicked of Women Born Transsexual: The Mailing List.

They immediately wound up on moderation because I took newspapers, both underground and alternative as a role model for this blog and said no to the trolls.

Sharon and Lisa started reposting some of my writings on TS-SI.

Trolls who weren’t allowed to spew filth at me on my blog went there to attack me.

I was called all sorts of names as well as red baited there.

It took time and effort to deal with the libels and slander that were filling the comments section of any of my posts which were reposted there.

So I asked Sharon and Lisa to request specific permission instead of automatically assuming permission to repost my writings.

They kind of ceased reposting my material which was fine with me.

I was tired of the World of Transwarcraft game anyway.

They continued to give a platform to various representatives of the True/Classic/HBS Transsexual faction and I pretty much ceased going there.

I didn’t buy their idea that the path to human rights and equality for people will come from scientific evidence that proves transsexualism is innate.  I sort of see that idea as an epic fail considering how most of the bigots think the planet is six thousand years old and don’t believe in evolution but do believe in ghosts and UFOs.

In a world where I have neo-Nazi Republicans and Christo-Fascist Bible thumpers trying to take away my hard won rights I couldn’t much be bothered with siding with people whose lives seem to be wrapped up in bullying and abusing transgender people and any transsexuals who have the decency to say that transgender people also deserve the same human rights and equality that transsexual people have.

I don’t think of Sharon and Lisa as bad people, certainly not in the same league as the trolls who thought they had found a home on TS-SI.

I realize they wanted something better for their blog.  Eight years is a long time, this blog is a little over three and a half years old.  They had a far more elaborate format and it must have been a lot of work to maintain it.

Lately I’ve seen a number of bloggers hang it up or incorporate their blogs under the aegis of a bigger blog.

Perhaps after eight years I’ll feel the same.

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