Bullied Teen Commits Suicide, Leaves Behind Heartbreaking Video

From Truth Dig:  http://www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/item/bullied_teen_amanda_todd_commits_suicide_leaves_behind_heartbreaking_video_/

Tracy Bloom
Posted on Oct 12, 2012

A Canadian teen who posted a video to YouTube detailing her heart-wrenching story of being mercilessly bullied took her own life Wednesday night. Amanda Todd’s body was discovered in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, where she lived. She would have turned 16 next month.

Police are investigating the teen’s death.

Todd uploaded the nearly nine-minute video to YouTube last month. Using cue cards, she documented the torment and cruelty that followed her online and in school, despite moving and switching schools several times, and the anxiety and depression that resulted.

Complete article at:  http://www.truthdig.com/eartotheground/item/bullied_teen_amanda_todd_commits_suicide_leaves_behind_heartbreaking_video_/

Amanda Todd: Teen Ends Her Life After Relentless Battle with Bullying

Dr. Robyn Silverman:  http://www.drrobynsilverman.com/bullying/amanda-todd-teen-ends-her-life-after-relentless-battle-with-bullying/

by Dr Robyn
on October 12, 2012

Amanda Todd, a once, promising happy young Canadian girl committed bullycide on Wednesday after relentless, senseless attacks– physical, emotional and psychological– over several years followed her from town to town.

Her horrible story is hauntingly told in a youtube video with cue cards and shaking hands. What began in seventh grade when, she wrote, “I would go with friends on webcam [to] meet and talk to new people.” A stranger made her feel attractive and convinced her to flash the camera.  A mistake that would unravel into years of stalking, black-mailing and bullying, this girl was shamed and made to feel worthless.

Even when moving to place to place to get away from the abuse, the tormenters would find her and continue to cyberbully and physically bully this young woman who was trying her best to find someone who would love her as she is.  She spiraled into depression, complicated by intense and crippling anxiety, self hatred, self harm, and private self-bullying.

At one point, 50 kids bullied her at one time.  A boy had lead Amanda on, told her he liked her, and slept with her only to gang up on her later with his then girlfriend and friends.  “Just punch her!” they yelled.  The kids filmed it. Her father found her in a ditch later that day.  Even then, she didn’t want to press charges and get anyone else into trouble.  Her self worth was obliterated.  She went home and drank bleach– which landed her in the hospital– and urged on her tormenters to make fun of her that much more– and even urge her to kill herself.

Continue reading at:  http://www.drrobynsilverman.com/bullying/amanda-todd-teen-ends-her-life-after-relentless-battle-with-bullying/

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