World Health Organization: Trans people aren’t sick!

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World Health Organization: Trans people aren’t sick!

by Jenna Talackova
Vancouver, Canada

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I’m not sick. In fact I’m great! I’m a women that had to undergo transgender medical procedures to become who I really am on in the inside.

But the World Health Organization (WHO) insists that I, and millions of other trans people are sick. The WHO actually considers transsexualism to be a mental disorder.

Since facing and overcoming discrimination for being a transgender woman back in March – when I was kicked out of and then re-admitted to the Miss Universe Pageant – I’ve been working to fight the stigma and discrimination facing trans people like me.

Join me in signing this petition and ask the World Health Organization to stop considering transsexual people mentally ill.

The WHO is definitely willing to reconsider their choices. Homosexuality was actually included on the same World Health Organization list until 1990 when it was removed after the gay community made a lot of noise. This also doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be included in the health system and provided with treatments, however, this has nothing to do with us being classified as mentally ill.


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  1. Cait Says:

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  2. pasupatidasi Says:

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    this is an important thing to do. even if you don’t know a single person who is trans.

    please take a moment to strike a blow against ignorance, oppression and inequality.

  3. Deanna Joy Hallmark Says:

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    Because I don’t think I’m sick for simply wanting to be seen as who I am, an intelligent beautiful woman. Thanks Jenna for being a spokesperson for all of us and an inspiration to me.

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