How the West Is Exploiting the Labor Class

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It has been three weeks since the deadly fire at a Karachi garments factory consumed 289 lives. It was the deadliest industrial disaster in contemporary times but failed to blip on the global conscience radar. Not even in Britain, which was an importer of goods manufactured in the factory. Along with Britain, the factory is said to supply garments to other European Union states as well. The denim jackets and jeans the Brits and French are wearing might have come from that sweatshop in a seedy area of Karachi. One where the hands that made them might have turned to ashes by now.

True that the fire coincided with the killings of four American diplomats in Libya. An event that captured global media attention and continues to do so. American lives, after all, are worth more than those of petty workers in a third-world country. Still, they deserved more attention but the global media largely stayed silent on the tragedy.

This was not an isolated event either. In 2006, more than 50 workers died in a blaze at a Bangladeshi textile mill. The mass casualties reflect the rot caused by neo-industrialism and the business of outsourcing. Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Indian and Vietnamese workers toil in the most inhumane of conditions, making wares for international brands. Apple, the epitome of modern consumer trends, gets its components made from China, in production units with questionable working conditions. Things are not better at other outsourced units in China either. A New York Times report found heinous violations of labor laws, low wages and underage workers toiling day and night to make wares for Western consumers.

The fact that millions are attached to the outsourced operations of western conglomerates should be of some interest to an average customer in London, Paris or New York. The harsh reality of the cruel working conditions, meager wages and modern slavery at some of these units should be alarming to some, if not all of the buyers. A Bangladeshi mother spends 16 hours a day at a garment factory while her children roam on the streets and often become victims of abuse. She hardly earns enough to put food on the table so getting her kids educated is out of the question. The same goes for her counterparts in Pakistan, India, Vietnam and Laos.

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