Romney’s Supposed ‘Liberal Republican’ Father Attacked Women’s Rights Advocates as ‘Moral Perverts’

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Former Gov. George Romney’s forgotten past: Equal Rights Amendment campaign was a homosexual conspiracy.

By Mark Ames
October 4, 2012

While researching my ongoing series of articles for Not Safe for Work Corporation  on the relationship between the Romney family and the Mormon Church and their reactionary politics, I came across a shocker.

In 1979 and 1980, at the height of the battle to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, Mitt Romney’s father, former Gov. George Romney—the supposedly “liberal”  “cool” Republican who was destroyed by Nixon’s dirty tricks—publicly denounced supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment as  “moral perverts,”  labeling the movement a homosexual conspiracy to destroy the American family.

George Romney is Mitt’s “inspiration” for his campaign, and it has been widely repeated to that point of uncontested truth that Mitt’s father was a  “liberal” Republican  and “champion” of civil rights. Clearly, the recent history of Mitt Romney’s family needs updating.

First, a little background: In 1979-80, just before Ronald Reagan was elected president, ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution was all but assured. But thanks to an intense and well-organized campaign waged by the Mormon Church leadership, the ERA was stopped in its tracks in Utah and a handful of other states where Mormon influence could make the difference.

As Jon Krakauer observed in his bestseller,  Under the Banner of Heaven , “Most political analysts believe that had the LDS Church not taken such an aggressive position against the ERA, it would have been easily ratified by the required thirty-eight states, and would now be part of the U.S. Constitution.”

Indeed, before the Mormon leadership targeted the women’s rights amendment for destruction, support even in Utah ran high—a 1974 poll published in the Deseret News, which is owned by the LDS Church, showed that 63% of Utah residents “approved of the ERA,” according to Krakauer’s book.

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