Suffragists: The Fight to Vote

When they arrested us on the steps of the Pentagon, while we were demonstrating against the war in Vietnam, they dragged us off to Occoquan where we we held until the demonstration ended.

3 Responses to “Suffragists: The Fight to Vote”

  1. steviejayne Says:

    Women in the early 20th century died so that we could have the vote for all women. It is a crime for us not to use that vote which was only grudgingly given to us.

    Whoever you vote for in the forthcoming elections in the USA – Please use that vote. If you can’t bring yourself to support either party then just cast a wasted ballot by writing “None of the above” on it.

    • Suzan Says:

      And if you are voting Republican the election is November 7 so to be sure to show up on that day to support Mr Romney and Ryan.

      If you are voting Democratic you have to vote on November 6.

  2. steviejayne Says:

    Another reason to vote in the Presidential elections is because some countries, including my own, don’t allow a vote for head of state as we are subjects of an unelected monarch instead of citizens. I would dearly love to be able to vote for my head of state in the UK but am not able to because of an unelected parasite being the ruler of this country.

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