Philadelphia police investigating murder of transgender community volunteer

From LGBTQ News:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

PHILADELPHIA — Homicide detectives are investigating the killing of a well known member of Philadelphia’s LGBT community, Kyra Kruz, a 27-year-old transgender woman who was found dead in a wooded area of the city’s Frankford area. She had suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

According to a police spokesperson, Kruz was last seen at a WaWa convenience store about half a mile from where patrol officers found her body about 5 a.m. on Sept. 3.

Kyra Kruz

The spokesperson said that detectives are asking that anyone with information about the crime to come forward.

Gloria Casarez, director of Philadelphia’s Office of LGBT Affairs, said that Kruz, was well known in the city’s LGBT community.

“She was a visible, friendly presence. This has been surprising and upsetting to all of us,” said Casarez.

A childhood friend, Amanda Cerini told The Philadelphia Inquirer that Kruz was primarily raised by a single mother, and moved to Philadelphia after high school. Though she went by Kruz for years, she recently had her last name legally changed to Cordova.

Kruz worked for about a year at the Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative, a nonprofit group that focuses on HIV/AIDS outreach. Elicia Gonzales, the executive director, said Kruz turned up one day in 2010, wanting to know what she could do to help. She was initially stationed at the front desk, but later got a job counseling clients.

“She just immediately made the office light up,” Gonzales said. “She didn’t think of it as her job. It was her life’s calling to give back to the community.”

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3 Responses to “Philadelphia police investigating murder of transgender community volunteer”

  1. aeryn choraZ Says:

    Susan, you know what I find especially sad about this? The geriatric TS elders from the way-way back like “elizabeth” and “jennifer” are spewing bile and half-digested ensure thru their dentures to attack you about being part of a “borg” instead of covering ANYTHING to do with the violence against other post-TS women. Keep up the good work, do not let the bitter has-been grannytranny cabal get you down!

    • Suzan Says:

      Jennifer Usher might be physically old but this person had SRS relatively recently.

      There are a lot more pioneers like me, who may be ambivalent about the Transgender ideology and might even get pissed off at the dogmatists who expect everyone to think in one mind, but who nonetheless care deeply about the welfare of transsexual and transgender people.

      One of the first people to support my blogging was Andrea James. I get pissed off with certain individuals and then turn around and support them if I think they are being bullied or abused.

      That is the difference between being a dogmatic asshole and being a pragmatic humanist.

  2. steviejayne Says:

    My take on it is that we have to all find our way through to being our true selves. Unfortunately there are purists on both sides of the divide. I recognise that transgender and transsexual are different things but we face common attacks from the religious nuts and the far right. I have also taken a fair amount of stick for saying that although we are different we need to work together against bigotry from the far right and the religious nuts.

    I also find JU to be extremely judgemental and I would love to know what medical qualifications she has to decide who is what. She has also conveniently forgotten her own history (or, more likely, is rewriting history to erase her anti-TS past). If you give her a gentle reminder of her own words and descriptions you will swiftly be condemned as being “male”.. She tends to forget that when we write on the internet there is always a trace left. Before I decided to tackle her I did some research and was quite shocked at what I found. Then, when I did challenge her, and dared to suggest that instead of spewing poison she writes about issues that affect our daily lives, she came out with the idea that I was transgendered and autogynephilic instead of being post-transsexual, without knowing any of my history. Very strange person and so right wing.

    She is also fond of her bible quotes. As the old saying goes, there is a sucker born every minute and she seems to have fallen for the bible-bashers’ con-trick.

    I have decided that, having made my point to her, I will not waste another keystroke on this sad, pathetic specimen.

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