Slain Philly trans woman identified, vigil planned, police have no leads

From Lexie Cannes:

By Lexie Cannes
September 10, 2012

With Permission

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Finally, we’ve an identification — her name is Kyra Kruz. She was found shot in the head in Philadelphia’s Frankford area a week ago on Sept 3rd, without ID or a phone.

I reported earlier on this story 2 days ago about the lack of information then some 6 days after the shooting —

Although we now know the identity of the victim, the Philadelphia police don’t have much other information other than their informing the public that Kruz bought food and a drink a half a mile from the scene of the shooting. Police are asking for help. Call the homicide unit at 215-686-3334.

Kruz was well-known in the trans community and was  involved in community outreach and just recently had her last name legally changed to Cordova. Philadelphia City Office of LGBT Affairs’ Gloria Casarez: “She was a visible, friendly presence, this has been surprising and upsetting to all of us.”

Police seek information on transgender woman’s killing.

From G Philly: BLITZ is holding a candlelight vigil this week for Kruz (Sept. 13) at 8 p.m. at the William Way LGBT Community Center. People will be walking from the center throughout the Gayborhood, sharing stories and remembering the young woman. Anyone interested in speaking, performing or even donating candles and snacks is asked to email Jaden at

(Thanks to Zander Elliot for the tip.)

2 Responses to “Slain Philly trans woman identified, vigil planned, police have no leads”

  1. BlackSwan Says:

    Suzan, sorry for my cynicism but of course the police “have no leads” when your at the bottom of the food chain we become low priority. Ask the police force if they have any transsexuals on their staff? Better yet it wouldn’t surprise me if someone in the PD is the actual suspect covering up the crime. No leads?

    • Suzan Says:

      I’m reading Chris Hedges latest book, Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt.

      Coming out as transsexual or transgender, particularly male to female has a negative impact on one’s upward mobility if one is poor or marginal to begin with. If one is tenaciously clinging to status in the crumbling middle class it tends to be downwardly mobile. Other things like age, passability, skill sets and race play a role.

      We have developed a major underclass of proles in the US. Perhaps a quarter to one third of people fall in this class.

      Many are minimally literate, all are preyed upon by the corporations and criminal enterprises like pay day loans and unscrupulous credit card/debt collectors.

      They are the fodder for these student loan mills that pass as for profit higher education and for the police/prison industrial complex.

      In LA about 20 years ago people were shocked to learn the police had a code used regarding murders of members of this social class, “NHI” (No Human Involvement).

      When transwomen, who are sex workers are murdered the malign indifference that characterizes much of the supposed protecting and serving provided by the police forces gets multiplied by 10.

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