Friday Night Fun and Culture: Carolina Chocolate Drops

I was just a little kid about five or six when I discovered country music with fiddles, banjos and great big old Martin dreadnaughts.

Some folks think that’s where I took a wrong turn and was doomed to seeking out the thrills of roots music in places like Greenwich Village and coffee houses, blues joints and and bars featuring rude musicians playing raw music all across this nation.

From the Gaslight to the Freight and Salvage.

Now I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area which may not have as much live music as Austin with it’s Sixth Street but its got the Granada Theater and the Kessler Auditorium.

Last year Tina and I saw one of the finest groups of roots musicians touring today, a group that keeps the old time music fresh and alive.  The Carolina Chocolate Drops.

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  1. steviejayne Says:

    I guess I’m lucky living near Hastings in England because we have several pubs which offer a variety of live music. It is also the rock capital of the south with several pubs having heavy rock music on a regular basis. My favourite haunt is the Marina although I do occasionally go to the Carlisle.

    We also have a beach festival here every year.

    There is also a thriving folk music scene, although the Black Horse festival has been stopped now.

  2. steviejayne Says:

    Oops! I nearly forgot that the replacement for the Black Horse Festival (which was at the Black Horse pub in Telham between Hastings and Battle) is the Big Green Cardigan, an eco-friendly music festival

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