Meet the Transsexual Borg, not all that Different from the Transgender Borg

Borg like thinking is letting an ideology overcome reasoning.

Sort of like: “The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it.”

The Transgender Borg’s ideology of gender, gender, gender coupled with a tendency to all sound like they were reading their rants from a sheet that gave them something they had to repeat verbatim was what caused me to christen them the TG Borg in the first place.

They turned any effort at actual discourse into a space where they beat people over the head with their ideology without listening to others say things like, “That’s fine, I don’t have a problem with your thinking that way but I have different beliefs.”

I have never been amused by the Sisters of Transsexual purity with their games of “I’m real and you aren’t.”

Sorry that doesn’t wash with me.  You are just another transsexual, no better or worse than anyone else no matter what sort of airs you put on or claims you make.

I’m no more enthusiastic regarding the ideology of the Classic Transsexual/HBS Transsexual Borg than I am about the Transgender Borg.

Get the fuck over yourselves.

I’m tired of stunts like protesting GLAAD when GLAAD is providing lawyers to fight discrimination against TS/TG people.

I’m tired of Transsexual Borg homophobia.

I’m tired of the obsession with male brain/female brain when that is just another way of oppressing women.

Yeah this is innate. But brains are brains and boy brains aren’t blue and girl brains aren’t pink.

I think the Transsexual Borg with their HBS and Classic Transsexual crap are every bit as full of bullshit as the Transgender Borg who would die if they ever had an original thought or a concept of self that wasn’t part of their ideology.

I an atheist and a free thinker.  I don’t believe in magic invisible sky daddies and I don’t believe in the religions of  Borg like cults.

I honestly don’t give a fuck about knowing what caused me to be transsexual.  To paraphrase the Jefferson Airplane, “It doesn’t mean shit to a tree.”

I don’t care.  It’s completely irrelevant to my life, knowing a cause would change absolutely nothing for me.  I also seriously doubt it would change anything for anyone else either.

The APA and DSM isn’t about science.  It’s about politics and opening an avenue to exploit people as part of the SRS process.  Nothing more.

I don’t need a truck load of fucking dogma to tell me right from wrong or to treat others with respect.

Indeed I have over my lifetime noticed that the people who are most dogmatic and sure of their answers tend to be the least ethical and the least likely to treat others with respect.

One of the benefits of coming out many years ago was having to think for myself rather than simply embrace a pre-packaged ideology.

I was lucky to come out in an era when people were encouraged to walk their own paths.  Living in the Haight Ashbury and Berkeley during those years certainly gave me a space to discover who I was.

I was actually one of those pioneer activists and watched with dismay the rise of the reactionary right wing.

I was also part of the feminist revolution of that era and as such tend to reject sexist stereotyping whether it is dressed in the drag of gender or innate “brain sex.”

I see gender as more a culturally approved social dance than the TG Borg see it, a performance people perform in accord with a core sex identity that tells them the role they are expected to take in that dance.

As for the whole male brain/female brain matter… That sounds like something straight out of that right wing racist pig, Charles Murray’s book The Bell Curve.  Male brains good for math and ruling the world. Women’s brains good for serving men and carrying babies, including the babies of rapists

One does not have to be a radical feminist to see how either the ideology of the transgender Borg or the transsexual Borg might be harmful to women, all women.

But dogmatic people don’t really care about the harm they cause others because they are absolutely certain of the TRUTH.

I wish I had that certainty but at 65 including 40 years post-op I can’t say I have any belief in a TRUE CAUSE for why I felt the need to walk the path I have walked.

The path felt right for me and the alternatives seemed impossible.  Life is an act of self creation, of becoming, a self assertion of being in an existential void.

I have no vested interest in making you view life through the same free thinking  existential lenses I view life through.

The arguments of the Transsexual true believers and the Transgender true believers are like the Catholics vs Protestants in Ulster or the Israelis vs Palestinians.

I don’t want to take either side while still supporting the equality and dignity of all.

For what it is worth many LGBT activists and transgender activists such as Mara Keisling, Jennifer Boylan and Janet Mock as well as Kelli Busey a local friend come closer to that ideal than anyone engaged in  the dogmatic battles of the Transwars.

If you do not like my positions on human rights, labor, the environment, marriage equality and the equality of all then don’t read my blog.

If you think I’m too left wing or too unwilling to act as your conduit… Well that is your problem not mine…

I’ve noticed how vested some folks are in being right, how absolutely certain they are that they possess the truth.

As an old hippie I’ve learned that most people who think they possess the absolute truth usually are hit with a rude wake up call.

7 Responses to “Meet the Transsexual Borg, not all that Different from the Transgender Borg”

  1. Sophie Bridges Says:

    “As for the whole male brain/female brain matter… That sounds like something straight out of that right wing racist pig, Charles Murray’s book The Bell Curve. Male brains good for math and ruling the world. Women’s brains good for serving men and carrying babies, including the babies of rapists”

    This is just as much an ideological statement as when someone states the converse. Just asserting the above doesn’t make it so. Scientific discourse based on rigorous investigation and consequent challenge is the only rational way forward. Wishing a situation won’t make it real if it isn’t.

    • Suzan Says:

      May I suggest Cordelia Fine’s book “Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference” or Lise Eliot’s book “Pink Brain, Blue Brain: How Small Differences Grow Into Troublesome Gaps — And What We Can Do About It.” Or for that matter Peggy Orenstein’s book “Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the New Girlie-Girl Culture.”

      But most importantly of all Simone de Beauvoir’s book “The Second Sex”

      I see all the crap about female brains/male brains as being part of the misogynistic anti-woman backlash that started in the mid-1970s when second wave feminism started asserting itself.

      It is a major reactionary leap from asserting claims regarding core gender identity or more accurately core sex identity to asserting this female brain/male brain number.

      Further there hasn’t been serious “scientific” exploration of this. Mainly there has been the same sort of biased studies one has come to expect from people like Mark Regnerus, Bailey, Blanchard, Zucker and the rest.

      Studies that start out with the already biased conclusion that there are differences and then rig questionnaires and studies to prove it.

  2. tinagrrl Says:

    Aside from the fact many of the “male-brain, female-brain” studies are questionable, there is another very puzzling aspect to this stuff — both the TG Borg AND the Classic Transsexual/HBS groups claim to be “real women”. Many say they are “realer than thou”.

    Really, real, women, realer than real. Some say they were never “really” men (or women, as the case may be). Quite a few point to the whole female-brain, male-brain thingy as some sort of justification.

    The effect of all this stuff on ALL OTHER WOMEN is totally ignored. The desire, need, for validation from outside is so great there is no concern about how these “studies” affect the entire class woman. Do they assist in closing off some career paths for women — no matter — in fact, some of the most vociferous supporters of this pernicious ideology have already been trained in some of the areas that “woman brains” are said to be lacking. They already have careers in fields that might well be even more difficult for young women to enter if all this stuff becomes a part of public policy.

    I well remember how the few female math majors and engineering students were looked at during my time in University — 1956-60. During the 60’s and 70’s everything loosened up. The backlash against this has been ongoing.

    Now we have folks on opposing ends of “the trans spectrum” (I do not believe in a “spectrum”, I think TG, TS, etc., have different causes — but, no matter, that for another time) TG and TS embracing something called “brain sex” because it suits THEM, with no concern for the way it will affect ALL WOMEN, the same class/group they are so sure THEY are a part of.

  3. denisesined336 Says:

    An interesting bit of yapper from all parties, yet I fail to see what it is you are trying to prove. I am a Post-op Transsexual and I have been married to the same female lady for over 40 years. I changed my gender with her permission 15 years ago. I am presently less than a month away from 65. Yes I was and realized I was different at age 4. My mother later said she knew when I was 3. I learned to hide my female side very early and did not understand Transsexual till I was over twenty. I met my first TS in Singapore. A group of 4 used to sit every day for a couple of hours in the market. I was single and a virgin. I only met these ladys when I was with friends who were military. They were a much nicer class of military than we were often exposed to. But still I was not out to any one. I returned to England and met my future mate. 3 months after getting married I admitted to her that I was a Transsexual MTF but that I wanted kids of my own. She said that was fine and agreed to stay if I held of changing till the kids were grown up. At that point she was not even pregnant. A year and a half later we had our first child, six years later our second and 10 years more before Child number three. I struggled to maintain my status and my spouse told me at 48 that she thought it was time for me to make the change. I am now 100% female and we still live together but as friends. She is a heterosexual female. All this bullsh-t propaganda about different groups is annoying. Every Trans person has a slightly different story based on Time of birth, Finances, and family upbringing. Some choose to never transition but still live as women/men while others are never able to obtain surgery due to finances. It is bad enough we struggle daily in individual battles without some setting up ridiculous standards that there is no need for. We are different and that alone is enough to put pressure on us without all this internal crap. I would see more use in forming financial aid groups to assist poorer people accomplish transition as early as is possible for them.
    I was British, now am Canadian and retired. I have never regretted my gender change for a minute, though I do miss the more personal moments my spouse and I used to share. I respectfully suggest you reassert your values and aims. We need each others understanding far more than I could ever say. I have no idea what the status of my brain is, nor do I care. I am and always was female in my heads opinion. My changes just settled the unsettling disruption I used to feel since I ever remember feeling anything. Yes I am open to discussion on any aspect if anyone wishes to contact me at
    Have a great life, All of you.

  4. Babs Says:

    The reality is that we are all different… everyone has a different story. the reality is also that we have a social stigma created and reinforced by our cultures. How do we change the culture? Certainly not by creating divisions and a phantom hierarchy within that social stigma. divided we fall even deeper in that societal abyss. If we unite based on the good we have in common, we can make change… I’ve proven that working with a small dedicated group of transpeople (representing the whole umbrella) and strong allies, we can make positive change.

    We’ve got fundamentalist Christians, Jews, Muslims, whites, blacks … we really need fundamentalist TS, TG, T whatever to join the other fundy groups in their myopic misery? Is it too much to engage people with humanity and common sense, or is it just easier to follow a convenient dogma and not challenge our human spirit?

    • Suzan Says:

      For the last couple of years I have been describing us as people who have had our lives impacted by trans-prefixed words. I always found it ironic that the true believers in the term “Transgender Umbrella” were so willing to let so many folks claim labels like bi-gender, gender-queer and two-spirit had such a hard time saying the word transsexual.

      The problem with identity based rather issues based politics is that so much energy gets wasted on enforcing and defining that identity rather working for a common good.

      Common good might well mean working with groups much wider than those in the queer alphabet coalition.

      • Babs Says:

        Absolutely, Suzan! When we in my state.. in a 3 yr period of time, passed a non discrimination law for employment, housing and public accommodations, a hate crimes law, a stronger anti-bullying law for all transpeople and gender variant people… we did with a coalition and support of LGB people, Women rights activists, business people, Republicans and Democrats alike. We had Liberals, Moderates as well as some Conservatives as well!… it was not rocket science. Oh yes, we also got the DMV to make it easy to change the gender marker on the drivers licenses…. and If the Gov had not run a lousy campaign we’d do the birth certificates.

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