Anti-Abortion Crowd Blames Media, Tells Akin: Do Better PR.

From The Progressive:

By Matthew Rothschild
August 21, 2012

The anti-abortion crowd, lying at the bottom of the moral heap after Todd Akin’s outrageous comments about rape, has tried to climb up in two ways. First, it’s been blaming the media, which is a favorite whipping post. And second, it’s been chiding Akin (and other anti-abortion politicians) to do better PR.

The first sentence of a press released by the National Right to Life Committee after the controversy broke consisted of a quote from the group’s president, Carol Tobias:

“The mainstream news media is once again demonstrating its eagerness to use any excuse to portray a Republican presidential ticket as out of the mainstream on abortion, while ignoring the truly extreme positions taken by the pro-abortion candidate — this year, President Obama.”

The press release continued: “The mainstream news media is again busy ginning up stories exploring the outer parameters of the abortion-related policy positions of pro-life Republican candidates.”

The “outer parameters”? It’s clear that the largest anti-abortion group in the country does not want to have a debate on whether a woman who has been raped has the right to an abortion. It’s whole press release extenuates on the subject, even trying to backpedal for Paul Ryan.

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