Adults Beating Up on Transkid Girls and Sissy Boys

Ever since the late 1960s I’ve listened to feminists make the claim that little girls who fail to conform to rigid gender roles are the most oppressed kids around.

The idea that little boys have it all.

While that makes sense as a generalization the making of that generalization requires turning a blind eye to the sissy boys.

As a group sissy boys are assigned male at birth kids who are feminine, either in appearance or mannerism.  They may be transkids or feminine gay boys.

For all the 1970s talk about raising strong independent non-gender stereotyped girls few people followed through on the idea that less rigid gender programing  could be a two way street.

But let’s forgo even the thought of encouraging the non-gender specific socialization of all boys.

Maybe there is something essentialist about gender or for that matter sexuality.

More than ten years ago Tina and I coined the phrase, “women born transsexual” we did so in the midst of a bunch of arguments about psychiatric theories that perversified transsexuality. We coined as a way of say fuck your sick theories, we were born transsexual.  Sort of the way gay people have been saying for a long time (lesbians not so much as many are wedded to the idea of lesbianism as a political statement).

A couple of years ago Lady Gaga wrote an anthem to that very idea. (Born This Way)

Over the last few years I’ve been elated by stories of parents who have allowed their transkids to be their true selves.

I grew up being abused for being an obvious transkid and a sissy.  I spent my teen years under the threat of being institutionalized or a throw away kid.

My life was seriously damaged with the abuse I endured as a kid.  Even now in old age the scars are still painful.

I think those parents who make a safe place for their transkids, especially their sissy boy are very special people.

Kids assigned male at birth who know inside they are girls have to be very strong just to endure.  Too many of us commit suicide as kids because of all the bullying.

Too many of us as adults commit suicide on the installment plan with our substance abuse and self-hating/self-destructive behavior.

Parents who give their sissy boys and transkid girls a safe space to be themselves and who seek out appropriate medical treatment that will allow their transkid girls to grow up as ordinary girls are special indeed.

They don’t buy into the Spartan crap about the value of tough manly boys or beating the girl out of their transkid girls and sissy boys.

Conservatives expect the parents of transkid girls and sissy boys to force them to man up.  They expect parents to put these kids in reparative therapy with the likes of  Green and Zucker who will repair something that isn’t broken.

You see transkid girls and sissy boys are perfect just as they are.

If we celebrate diversity and freedom then letting transsexual, transgender, gay and lesbian kids grow up to be who they are should be the normal way of thinking.

Protecting them with appropriate medical care and a safe environment to grow and learn in should be the norm.

Articles like My son, the pink boy, which appeared about a year and a half ago shouldn’t be looked upon as something strange.

Nor should a teenage transkids getting sex reassignment surgery  merit front page stories on scummy tabloids.

Last night I ran a teaser for The New York Times Magazine story: What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress?

I read a bunch of the comments and wasn’t the least bit surprised to find many that were hateful and bigoted, condemning parents for offering a place for gender different kids to play and act out things they more commonly have to hide to do.

So many right wing conservatives and radical feminists expect transkids and adults to live lives full of shame and misery.

They look at  transkid girls and sissy boys as failed boys not as perfectly normal transkid girls or sissy boys.

We must be perverted because we are different.  They can’t wrap their minds around a different kind of normal.  One that just is because that’s how some people are born.

An ultra right wing writer employed by the Media Research Center chimed in with the following piece which appears on the right wing News Busters:

Predictably the author, Paul Wilson, slides in a comment referring to a passage in the Times piece that call his own organization prejudiced.

The one quote that Padawer did cite opposed to this madness was from a Culture and Media Institute article about a transgender-promoting J. Crew ad. The quote was exactly eight words long: “behind the facade of liberal, transgendered identity politics.” Padawer did not even bother to reference the author of the quote, merely citing “one commentator.”

The author, so hell-bent on tolerance, could perhaps have entertained the idea of quoting experts who might object to boys wearing girl’s clothing. But the one thing the proponents of radical redefinitions of gender cannot tolerate is a view contrary to their own.

Wilson employs the now standard ultra right wing ploy of describing anti-bigotry as being the same as bigotry.

Of defining hatred and abuse of transkid girls and sissy boys as normal while claiming treating these kids with decency and humanity is radical.

This is the same bigoted mindset that defines describes equal rights for LGBT/T people as well as for other minority groups as being special rights.

But Paul Wilson is not alone in his dislike of this article, he is joined by a presumed radfem over on Reel Girl:

Margot Magowan also finds fault with this article, because these kids express their femininity or gender fluidity in the exact manner which society socializes them to express it.  This is the old radfem argument that TS/TG people perpetuate gender stereotype by having their gender be a product of the same socialization that shapes assign female at birth women and girl’s ideas of gender.
But mostly Margot seems upset this article isn’t about tomboy girls or women’s struggle against gender.
Sometimes it isn’t all about you, Margot.  For years in feminist publications I read about the struggles of girls against the gender norms.  Over those very same years I’ve noticed a crucial difference between those stories and the stories of transkid girls and sissy boys.  One group gets celebrated for their breaking down gender barriers, if not by the right wingers at least by feminist women and progressive men.  On the other hand those transkid girls and sissy boys are regularly bullied and beaten and damned few people ever have a positive word for them.
Indeed self proclaimed radfems tend to rip these kids to pieces just as they do adult TS and TG people.
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What’s So Bad About a Boy Who Wants to Wear a Dress?

From The New York Times Magazine:

Published: August 8, 2012

The night before Susan and Rob allowed their son to go to preschool in a dress, they sent an e-mail to parents of his classmates. Alex, they wrote, “has been gender-fluid for as long as we can remember, and at the moment he is equally passionate about and identified with soccer players and princesses, superheroes and ballerinas (not to mention lava and unicorns, dinosaurs and glitter rainbows).” They explained that Alex had recently become inconsolable about his parents’ ban on wearing dresses beyond dress-up time. After consulting their pediatrician, a psychologist and parents of other gender-nonconforming children, they concluded that “the important thing was to teach him not to be ashamed of who he feels he is.” Thus, the purple-pink-and-yellow-striped dress he would be wearing that next morning. For good measure, their e-mail included a link to information on gender-variant children.

When Alex was 4, he pronounced himself “a boy and a girl,” but in the two years since, he has been fairly clear that he is simply a boy who sometimes likes to dress and play in conventionally feminine ways. Some days at home he wears dresses, paints his fingernails and plays with dolls; other days, he roughhouses, rams his toys together or pretends to be Spider-Man. Even his movements ricochet between parodies of gender: on days he puts on a dress, he is graceful, almost dancer like, and his sentences rise in pitch at the end. On days he opts for only “boy” wear, he heads off with a little swagger. Of course, had Alex been a girl who sometimes dressed or played in boyish ways, no e-mail to parents would have been necessary; no one would raise an eyebrow at a girl who likes throwing a football or wearing a Spider-Man T-shirt.

There have always been people who defy gender norms. Late-19th-century medical literature described female “inverts” as appallingly straightforward, with a “dislike and sometimes incapacity for needlework” and “an inclination and taste for the sciences”; male inverts were “entirely averse to outdoor games.” By the mid-20th century, doctors were trying “corrective therapy” to extinguish atypical gender behaviors. The goal was preventing children from becoming gay or transgender, a term for those who feel they were born in the wrong body.

Many parents and clinicians now reject corrective therapy, making this the first generation to allow boys to openly play and dress (to varying degrees) in ways previously restricted to girls — to exist in what one psychologist called “that middle space” between traditional boyhood and traditional girlhood. These parents have drawn courage from a burgeoning Internet community of like-minded folk whose sons identify as boys but wear tiaras and tote unicorn backpacks. Even transgender people preserve the traditional binary gender division: born in one and belonging in the other. But the parents of boys in that middle space argue that gender is a spectrum rather than two opposing categories, neither of which any real man or woman precisely fits.

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Mara Keisling And Cecilia Chung Discuss How The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Affects LGBT People

From Huffington Post:


Since launching our Voice to Voice conversation series in January, we’ve tackled lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender literature, Black History Month, bullying, Pride and more.

Today we bring you a chat between Mara Keisling, Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, and Cecilia Chung, a member of the San Francisco Department of Public Health Commission and a board member at Just Detention International.

Below Keisling and Chung discuss the Prison Rape Elimination Act, which was passed in 2003 and for which, now, after nearly a decade of study and review, the U.S. Department of Justice has recently issued final regulations to implement.

After you read the Voice to Voice conversation, be sure to check out the National Center for Transgender Equality’s “Know Your Rights” resource regarding the PREA standards and how they relate to LGBT people.

Cecilia Chung: The PREA standards are definitely a watershed moment for this country. It’s has taken more than ten years of hard work by Just Detention International and the community to get these adopted. I can’t tell you how excited we all are at JDI.

Mara Keisling: We’re really very excited at NCTE too. We had been working with JDI and others for five, six, seven years, so, we were very relieved to see them published. Over the last six or eight months, our big focus has been to try to get the administration to make sure the PREA standards covered immigration detention. We believe that everyone who is detained should be free of sexual abuse and were disappointed that these standards don’t immediately apply to immigration detention facilities.

Cecilia Chung: We share that disappointment. We’re also glad that NCTE and other LGBT organizations worked so hard with us on getting strong standards. Not everyone sees the connection as clearly as our organizations do.

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The Pussy Riot Scandal

From The New Yorker:

August 11, 2012

My colleague Masha Lipman has been doing a brilliant job of covering the terrifying and absurdist drama in Moscow known as the Pussy Riot trial. Masha reminds us that this is not Stalin or Brezhnev’s Moscow—the trial has been covered in a way that never would have happened in the heart of the Soviet era—but there is no minimizing what a distinctly representative moment this is for Vladimir Putin. Beginning at the end of last year, Putin stonily endured the spectacle of mass demonstrations protesting his regime and his imminent return as President. Much of the pre-election discussion was about whether Putin would crack down on the demonstrators after the balloting, whether he would erase the last traces of semi-liberal rhetoric and practice during the marionette years of Dmitry Medvedev. (Not that Medvedev was ever truly liberal; he just acted that way, from time to time, as if in a dumb show for foreign consumption.) Would political enemies come under attack? Would there be searches, arrests, or show trials? The answer has been obvious for months: Putin’s most vocal critics have every reason to fear.

What should also be heard and read is the direct address of the dissenters themselves to the court. A punk-feminist collective, Pussy Riot is a band of political rebel-artists who, faced with years in a Russian prison, turn out to be courageous, self-possessed, and historically aware. And in their testimony they have shown themselves to be defiantly intelligent, worthy of the long tradition of Andrei Sinyavsky, Larisa Bogoraz, Joseph Brodsky, and so many other dissidents who stood in the dock and spoke for themselves and the cause of freedom.

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Better put a Condom on it! Gonorrhea Nears Complete Drug Resistance

From Truth Dig:

Posted on Aug 11, 2012

Gonorrhea is showing resistance to all but one antibiotic drug used against it, U.S. health officials announced this week.

“We’re trying to sound the alarm to prevent untreatable gonorrhea from becoming a reality,” said Gail Bolan, director of the Division of STD Prevention at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “We’re very concerned.”

An estimated 700,000 cases of gonorrhea occur in the United States each year, with fewer than half of them being reported. It is one of the most common STDs. Rates are highest among African-Americans and sexually active teenagers and young adults.

—Posted by Alexander Reed Kelly. Follow him on Twitter: @areedkelly.

The Wall Street Journal’s Health Blog:

Since 2007, the CDC had recommended treatment with one class of antibiotics known as cephalosporins, because ever-adaptable gonorrhea had outsmarted all other treatments used against it. That class of drugs includes an oral antibiotic, marketed under the brand name Suprax (cefixime) and an injectable antibiotic marketed under the brand name Rocephin (ceftriaxone). The CDC’s new recommendation means that only the injectable drug is now recommended for regular use, so patients need to get a shot rather than taking pills.

… The new guidelines could be tough for many doctors to follow, given that they don’t regularly stock the injectable drug (it is stocked generally in STD clinics). Many patients prefer pills to shots. And the guidelines also call on clinicians to monitor closely for possible resistance to the shot and make sure patients are cured — meaning they have to return to the doctor’s office.

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Former DHS Analyst Daryl Johnson on How He Was Silenced for Warning of Far-Right Militants

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Erasing W

From Robert Reich

By Robert Reich
Friday, August 10, 2012

As Bill Clinton is resurrected by the Democrats, George W. Bush is being erased by the GOP — as if an entire eight years of American history hadn’t happened.

While Bill Clinton stumps for Obama, Romney has gone out of his way not to mention the name of the president who came after Clinton and before Obama.

Clinton will have a starring role at the Democratic National Convention. George W. Bush won’t even be at the Republican one – the first time a national party has not given the stage at its convention to its most recent occupant of the Oval Office who successfully ran for reelection.

The GOP is counting on America’s notoriously short-term memory to blot out the last time the nation put a Republican into the Oval Office, on the reasonable assumption that such a memory might cause voters to avoid making the same mistake twice. As whoever-it-was once said, “fool me once …” (and then mangled the rest).

Republicans want to obliterate any trace of the administration that told America there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and led us into a devastating war; turned a $5 trillion projected budget surplus into a $6 trillion deficit; gave the largest tax cut in a generation to the richest Americans in history; handed out a mountain of corporate welfare to the oil and gas industry, pharmaceutical companies, and military contractors like Halliburton (uniquely benefiting the vice president); whose officials turned a blind eye to Wall Street shenanigans that led to the worst financial calamity since the Great Crash of 1929 and then persuaded Congress to bail out the Street with the largest taxpayer-funded giveaway of all time.

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Dramatic video: 71-year-old taken to the ground for questioning Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan And His Family To Benefit From The $45 Billion In Subsidies For Big Oil In His Budget

From Think Progress:

By Joe Romm
Jun 17, 2011

Paul Ryan’s budget, which means austerity for most Americans, turns out to mean prosperity for Ryan and his family.

That budget, which the GOP-led House adopted as its blueprint, slashes funding for everyone from seniors to the disabled to students while preserving $45 billion in tax breaks and subsidies for Big Oil over the next 10 years, as has been widely reported.

But what we have only just learned from Ryan’s financial disclosure forms for Congress (here) that were made public this week is “he and his wife, Janna, own stakes in four family companies that lease land in Texas and Oklahoma to the very energy companies that benefit from the tax subsidies in Ryan’s budget plan,” as The Daily Beast reported today.

Ryan’s father-in-law, Daniel Little, who runs the companies, told Newsweek and The Daily Beast that the family companies are currently leasing the land for mining and drilling to energy giants such as Chesapeake Energy, Devon, and XTO Energy, a recently acquired subsidiary of ExxonMobil.

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Romney’s Choice of Paul Ryan Should Scare You

From The Progressive:

By Ruth Conniff
August 11, 2012

It shows just how aggressive the Republicans are that they picked Tea Party favorite Ryan, author of the radical Republican budget plan that targets the poor and elderly with deep cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Progressive groups immediately denounced the choice. Planned Parenthood pointed out that Ryan’s budget would have a devastating impact on women by dismantling Medicaid. Ryan has promised to work to end all safe and legal abortion, with no exceptions in cases of rape and incest, and has supported a personhood amendment giving full constitutional rights to fertilized eggs, Planned Parenthood points out.

But no one has done a better job of shining a light on the immorality of Ryan’s signature initiative–his budget plan–than the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The bishops wrote to Congress to explain that: “a just framework for future budgets cannot rely on disproportionate cuts in essential services to poor persons.”

When Ryan went to speak on the Georgetown University campus, ninety Georgetown University faculty and administrators sent him a letter, quoting the bishops, and taking him to task for his misuse of Catholic social teaching in defending his budget cuts for the poor.

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The Power of Money in Food and Engineered food: coming soon!

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Rogue USDA Allows Chemicals in ‘Organic’ Baby Formula

From Gaia Health:

No cheap trick is too low for the rogue USDA to stoop in support of Agribusiness, even if it means the utter destruction of the term organic in the US. Even ‘organic’ baby formula can contain synthetic ingredients.

by Heidi Stevenson
August 11, 2012

If you think that the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) “organic” label holds any meaning, please think again. It does not. The Cornucopia Institute has produced a damning report documenting collusion between the USDA and the corporations it supposedly regulates in the organic foods industry. The problem is so severe that baby formula labeled as USDA certified organic has been found to contain two synthetic preservatives, which are banned by the The Organic Foods Production Act passed by Congress in 1990.

The preservatives are synthetic beta carotene and ascorbyl palmitate, both of which are used to prevent oxidation and rancidity. Both of these are illegal for use in organic foods. The Director of Farm and Food Policy at the Cornucopia Institute, Charlotte Vallaeys, states:

This is not the first time that the pharmaceutical companies and agribusinesses, that manufacture infant formula, have quietly added to organic formula the same synthetic ingredients that they use in their conventional versions without first seeking the legally required approval for use in organics.

Cornucopia states that more than a dozen such synthetics have been added to baby formulas over the last five years, and they have filed several complaints about it to the USDA. These include complaints about the addition of DHA and ARA oils, which require the addition of the illegal synthetic preservatives, by Royal DSM’s subsidiary, Martek. They state that scientific research has shown that the oils do not benefit infant development and that severe gastrointestinal symptoms have developed in babies that had been fed the formula with the added oils, though they’d had no trouble before their addition.

Apparently, the USDA has let Martek get away with breaking the organic standard that bans the use of any synthetic ingredient if its primary purpose is to act as a preservative. Now the International Formula Council is petitioning the USDA to officially legalize synthetic beta carotene and ascorbyl palmitate in organics by relabeling their functions as “antioxidants” to “prevent undesirable oxidation” and “prevent rancidity”. Of course, this terminology is nothing but an end-run around the term “preservative”. It’s obvious that an agent used to prevent rancidity is a preservative.

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Rate of arctic summer sea ice loss is 50% higher than predicted

From The Guardian UK:

New satellite images show polar ice coverage dwindling in extent and thickness

Science Editor, Saturday 11 August 2012

Sea ice in the Arctic is disappearing at a far greater rate than previously expected, according to data from the first purpose-built satellite launched to study the thickness of the Earth’s polar caps.

Preliminary results from the European Space Agency‘s CryoSat-2 probe indicate that 900 cubic kilometres of summer sea ice has disappeared from the Arctic ocean over the past year.

This rate of loss is 50% higher than most scenarios outlined by polar scientists and suggests that global warming, triggered by rising greenhouse gas emissions, is beginning to have a major impact on the region. In a few years the Arctic ocean could be free of ice in summer, triggering a rush to exploit its fish stocks, oil, minerals and sea routes.

Using instruments on earlier satellites, scientists could see that the area covered by summer sea ice in the Arctic has been dwindling rapidly. But the new measurements indicate that this ice has been thinning dramatically at the same time. For example, in regions north of Canada and Greenland, where ice thickness regularly stayed at around five to six metres in summer a decade ago, levels have dropped to one to three metres.

“Preliminary analysis of our data indicates that the rate of loss of sea ice volume in summer in the Arctic may be far larger than we had previously suspected,” said Dr Seymour Laxon, of the Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling at University College London (UCL), where CryoSat-2 data is being analysed. “Very soon we may experience the iconic moment when, one day in the summer, we look at satellite images and see no sea ice coverage in the Arctic, just open water.”

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