Fuck Racism

I am proud to state this blog is anti-racism, anti-bigotry and anti-fascist.

Some people have a problem with that and say I am too left wing, too radical.

So the bigots call me names for telling the truth about the harm done by hate and bigotry, about how it lessens all humanity.

Many bigots love to claim they are only putting forth the message of a higher power, an imaginary invisible bully who lives somewhere beyond the clouds.

This is bullshit and an abuse of religion as well as a violation of one of their Ten Commandments regarding “taking the Lord’s name in vain.”

Racism is but one form of bigotry for bigotry wears a thousand different masks and goes by many names including xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia.

Hate is a value embraced by those who claim to be conservatives.  Ahh… A Klansman in a suit…  An anti-Semite dressed in Armani, an Aryan Nation member with a silk tie.

Coat the bigotry in euphemism, repeat the lies used as justification so many times people start to think they are true.

Keep your hands clean while the ignorant lumpen proles who listen to Beck and Rush Limpdick do the dirty work.

Preach hatred from the pulpit but cry tears of Niobe when people question the practice of using churches to advance neo-Nazi politics, all in the name of Jesus.

If there ever was a demigod named Jesus and half the things said about him have some truth, then this man-god must be  ashamed of the crimes and bigotry performed in his name.

For over four years now I have listened to the racist abuse leveled at President Barrack Obama and his family, often poured forth by ignorant white people who could never even dream of matching his achievements.

I’ve listened to the vile threats of assassination put forth by a second rate guitar playing  child fucking gun loving pervert.

The only people who stand up and speak out against this racism are liberals and progressives, those reviled left wingers stand up for the real American values of human dignity, equality, justice and human rights for all.

Now is the time for decent people to stand up and speak out against the racism and bigotry.

Now is the time for good white people to stand beside people of color and say, “Racism is utterly morally wrong.  It is un-American.  We will not permit it to continue.  We will not permit it to pollute our world.  We will banish this vile hate speech from our air waves just as we have banished pornography.  We will make racism something to be ashamed of.”

Time to end the Apartheid Nation of private schools for white and minimal funding of public schools for people of color.

Time to end the Police State and the Prison Industrial Complex that exists due to racism denying people of color the economic resources they need to live lives of simple dignity.

Smash Racism.  Smash Bigotry.

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