Are ‘gay gene’ studies a waste of money?

I’ve been saying for year now that finding physical proof for what ever causes TS/TG people to be TS or TG is pretty meaningless as it will do nothing to change the hearts of bigots.

From Gay Star News:

We would be better off investigating what makes people homophobes or transphobic, rather than studying the origins of sexuality

By Tris Reid-Smith
01 August 2012

‘Know thyself’ were the words inscribed above the temple of the oracle at Delphi in ancient Greece and Plato says it’s this phrase that motivated Socrates in his dialogues.

So it’s natural that as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people we should be fascinated by why our sexuality or gender identity is different from the majority of the population.

But those questions also frustrate me for two reasons. Firstly, what difference can the answer possibly make? And, more importantly, is it a distraction from a more important question?

Plenty of scientists have secured wodges of research cash to investigate ‘what makes us gay’ but far fewer have bothered to investigate what turns people in to homophobes.

Lets assume that casual homophobia in the media, in schools and in the home play a part. If that was proved statistically through a proper psychological study, the effect would be revolutionary. It would mean governments and the media could be forced to take these issues much more seriously. And it wouldn’t be difficult to provide more scientific evidence about the harm that this does to LGBT people, society at large and the homophobes themselves, further powering a fundamental shift in attitudes.

Researchers could also do more to study and categorize the most effective strategies for tackling anti-gay hate. Armed with this information, campaigners could push for real investment in education, awareness building and more.

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  1. Syrra Says:

    Nothing that many of us haven’t thought a million times over…only far more articulate than I. The article was great read. Thank you for reblogging this.


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