Self-important Cis-Moron Sez: ENDA first, restrooms last

Gaia, I love it when Normies think trans-lives can be treated like bargaining chips.  When a Normie thinks our dignity and safety is a trivial matter.

I hope this one’s partner realizes how little this person thinks of her and her dignity.  I only hope the sex with this woman is worth it because she is one nasty piece of bigoted work.

Note how this person shares the common radfem trait of hiding behind an alias.

I also think she is lying about having a trans-girlfriend.  But maybe not because I’ve had a couple of abusive cis-girlfriends.

From Daily Kos:

Aug. 3, 2012

The right for a transgendered person to use a gender-appropriate restroom is an important right, but freedom from job discrimination is a more important right, and fighting for restroom rights will slow down the fight for ENDA.  It will also slow down the fight for other basic rights:  being able to enter restaurants, clubs and shops without discrimination, stronger hate crime legislation, better treatment within the judicial system, and the right to have medical procedures covered under health insurance.

It is my opinion that putting the matter of restroom rights first delays the progress on the other rights.  Trans women using women’s restrooms is a hot button issue that many people have a visceral reaction to.  I acknowledge and agree that it’s unfair, but I think this reaction will change over time as the other rights are gained and more transsexuals, crossdressers, queer folk and other people on the transgendered spectrum are out in society.  In the case of equal rights, familiarity is what has helped the progress in gay rights, and I have high hopes that it will do the same for transgendered rights.  Putting the main focus on restroom rights causes a strong reaction, a line in the sand for many people who would think rights against job discrimination and protecting the transgendered from hate crimes are perfectly reasonable.

From a personal point of view, I’m cranky.  I am especially invested in seeing ENDA passing, and more general tolerance of transgendered people being out in society.  I know I don’t have a right to complain.  Transsexuals must face discrimination every day, 24×7.  Crossdressers have a choice.  But I’m tired of the ones in my life always making the same choice, from fear of society’s disapproval and fear of job recriminations.  I want to go out to a dinner and a movie with my girlfriend, goddamnit, without it being such a big fricking ordeal!

I don’t see the problem with both trans men and trans women using men’s restrooms.  I am a cis woman and I use men’s restrooms when the line has been too long in the women’s room and I’ve never had a problem.  The answer always is that trans women are in danger of being beaten, raped or murdered simply from using a men’s restroom, and my thought there is if the men’s room is really that unsafe, the entire venue is unsafe and not fit for mixed company, or for that matter, anyone at all.

I know my view is politically incorrect and while I wanted to explain myself further in another diary’s comments, I didn’t want to be a dick.  So I’m being a dick here in my own diary.  Feel free to bring it to me hammer and tongs in the comments.  Convince me I’m wrong.

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