“Crazy Trannies” Invade Ladies Room! MTPC Dispels Common Myths

Gee thanks a fuck of a lot Edge, for calling us “Crazy Trannies”

Who wrote that headline for you?  Focus on the Family or perhaps the RadFems?

From The Edge: http://www.edgeboston.com/news/local/features/135657/crazy_trannies_invade_ladies_room!_mtpc_dispels_common_myths_#discussion

by Antoinette Weil
Friday Aug 3, 2012

As part of a move to dispel the myths and stereotypes around the transgender community, the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) introduces the addition of four new video stories to its public education campaign, I AM: Trans People Speak.

The new videos, featuring staff members of The Theater Offensive (TTO), aim to promote public awareness and understanding of the transgender community, and to dispel commonly held misconceptions surrounding the trans community.

“One is that all transgender people access medical surgery, and if you don’t you’re not trans. The second is that transgender women will invade women’s spaces (restrooms, for example) and harm women. And the third is that we are all mentally ill,” said MTPC Executive Director Gunner Scott, about the top three stereotypes faced by transgender people.

Scott, who led the concept development of this video project, said that in truth, transgender women are using women’s restrooms already and more often they are the ones experiencing violence, discrimination and harassment.

The Trans People Speak campaign shoots to break down these stereotypes by exposing the public not only to transgender individuals and their unique stories, but also to their friends, allies and family members, who help to make this subject universally relatable.

“It’s hard to argue with someone’s mom,” noted Scott. Right he is. It is also hard to argue against a peer undergoing the same pressures and struggles as you are.

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4 Responses to ““Crazy Trannies” Invade Ladies Room! MTPC Dispels Common Myths”

  1. Teresa Ellen Reeves Says:

    The most commonly used misconception is the one here that confounds the vulgar perjorative term “tranny” with “transgender” and then reduces it down to “trans” then turns it around to reference people who are transsexual:

    — “One is that all transgender people access medical surgery, and if you don’t you’re not trans”.

    I am a woman of transsexual history, but it is history as my transition ended with sex reassignment surgery (SRS) 35 years ago and I haven’t “transed” since. My mother understood me when I told her I was born of a female mind in a male body and I had a neurobiological imperative to seek a congruence of mind and body to correct that birth defect. My mother would not have understood why a person born of such a female mind would want to retain a male body and sexual function. Therefore if a person doesn’t need a congruence of mind and body and sees being a woman as nothing more than a state of mind and a gender role played– and that person does not want to have surgery to correct that disparity then that person is certainly not “transsexual” and not changing sex.

    It is arguable that male-bodied women have changed gender role (transgender) but they have not changed sex (transsexual). It has been the policy since the beginnings of LGBT “transgender” inclusion to forcibly shove all transsexual persons under an all gender-variant inclusive “Transgender Umbrella” along with crossdressers, drag queens and others who express gender on a part-time basis short of an identity. These are the people who are most often associated with the “tranny” term as being short for the once popular word “transvestite”– yet Gay media often hires drag celebrities like Ru Paul as pundit experts on being transgender and being a woman– one who likes the word “tranny” despite the fact that he neither identifies as transgender nor does he want to be a woman.

    And there has been a deliberate effort by GLAAD, LGBT and transgender organizations to eradicate the word “transsexual” in service of a majority of “non-op” transgender women who don’t want the surgery and a disparaging and denigration of those transsexual women who do want surgery. They do so by saying that “SRS is unnecessary for transgender women to be women”. They are implying that SRS is unnecessary for all transsexual women as they want to label gender variance as normal but the desire to change physical sex as abnormal and as a mental illnerss.

    None of what I have said has anything to do with the lack of affordability of SRS for many– or health , social, occupational , familial , legal or other obstacles that preclude some from having surgery. It is the intention to change sex that defines a person already female (male) in mind that surgery merely provides an end as completeness and congruence. And there are the excuses made by those who really don’t want surgery even if it were available to them for free or at a low cost. My only problem is with those who think that male sexuality is an adequate substitute for female sexuality as they claim to have changed sex while engaging in what used to be called gay sex.

    But almost all transsexual and transgender people know how to behave in restrooms and they are fine as long as they are not trying to call undue attention to themselves. It is relatively rare but restroom use becomes problematic for those whose gender presentation is extreme and provocative as in the exaggerated caricatures of women created by drag performers or by gender outlaws who want to thumb their noses in a clownlike mocking portrayal of cissexual and cisgender people.

    Attendees of the Southern Comfort Conference are accused of going into stalls to urinate standing up. This “transgender” formerly known as a “crossdresser” conference may have seen the women’s restrooms there as a “comfort” zone where they are free to do this– but most women do not want transgender women to do this in a women’s restroom. I have witnessed a drag performer who when “he” couldn’t wait for an stall to open, proceeded to use the sink in a women’s room as a urinal. And a transgender woman who lived in a homeless shelter with me who was eager to “accidentally” expose her “maleness” to everyone.

    There really shouldn’t be a problem with female-identified people using a restroom. It is the desire of the part-time gender expressionists and those who are binary defiant genderqueer to use women’s room’s because they fear homophobic or transphobic violence in men’s rooms.. But why must this become a women’s problem? We sex segregate women and girls from men and boys because of a real danger of violence including molestation and sexual assault. But men’s restrooms should be safe for all men, for gay men and trans men as well. If you want to solve the problem, just make restroom violence a felony with severe punishment. Those who desire gender neutral restrooms are not going to see special facilities built for those who can’t choose between male and female– but notwithstanding there is no good reason to sex segregate single person restrooms when that could leave people waiting unnecessarily.

    • Suzan Says:

      As you know I’ve been around a long time and I’m not particularly a goodie-goodie.

      Fuck the radfems. As a woman I feel threatened by their presence in the women’s room.

      For that matter shouldn’t lesbians be required to use a different (but equal) rest room for the sake of straight women’s safety from predatory lesbians.

      As for Drag queens and some TS/TG women presenting an exaggeratedly sexist stereotype. I agree and I think the radfems should go after them right after they have finished policing cis-sex/gender women who dress and behave in a manner that perpetuates exaggeratedly sexist stereotypes.

      Southern Comfort was/is a conference of TS/TG/TV folks. Having been to Forward Motion I rather suspect that people are rather loose in the safety of such conferences.

      I will not mouth the words of RadFem right wing bigots or even consider any points raised by them to be valid.

      Life is too short and I honestly don’t give a shit what they think nor do I want to be part of “The Lesbian Community,” especially the community which tolerates the anti-TS/TG bigotry espoused by so many of its members.

      I don’t need it. I’d rather go to a peace march and be part of the general hip left.

      I honestly can’t see any difference between the radfems and Focus on the Family or the American Family Assn.

  2. hypatia's child Says:

    “The Lesbian Community” is made up of individual lesbians. Some are anti-trans bigots, like so many in the straight community. But many more are not. There are many women in my local community who support opening lesbian-only and lesbian focused events to bi women, T to F women, and even to gay men. There are also many who desire more narrow criteria for inclusion, including all women, all natal women, all queer women, etc. The community is very diverse and there are many opinions on all sides of issues of inclusion vs exclusion. What upsets me the most is when narrow-minded, bigoted individuals show their narrow-minded, bigoted attitudes in group settings, expecting that everyone will agree with their backward attitudes because we are all sisters. When this happens in my presence I will NOT remain silent, I will say that this is NOT acceptable. You are correct Suzan that there is more tolerance for anti-trans bigotry in our community than there should be in this day and age. No one would tolerate comments berating African Americans, Jews, Native Americans, or any other racial minority. Somehow when it is people with disabilities or trans people who are the target, it is difficult to speak out against bigotry and feel that one has the support of everyone in the room. It is not that one feels that the others share the opinions of the bigot, it is more a “don’t make waves” sort of thing, we don’t need all this drama. But the only way things will change is if more women are willing to say something, whether it’s someone referring to a T to F woman as an “it”, or a woman behaving rudely and abusively to another woman who has had a stroke.

    • Suzan Says:

      I’m in a relationship with a woman.
      But I’m also an old hippie lefty.
      Honestly the Lesbian Community is boring. I don’t drink, I don’t go to bars. I don’t want a motorcycle or to play softball. I like the general LGBT/T communities as a whole better than the “Lesbian Community”
      I haven been to the Austin SXSW Festival but it sound like a hell of a lot more fun than the MWMF. So does the Rainbow Tribal gatherings.
      Over the last year the radfems have donned their sheets once again. I went through this thirty years ago and I know which side I’m on.
      I am long time post-transsexual but I also hate bullies and bigots so I take the side of TS/TG people and even the often maligned drag queens, hell I will even stand up for heterosexual transvestites if they are being falsely accused of shit and abused as a class.

      I don’t like bigotry and I can’t tell the difference between the abuse the radfems are laying out and the abuse the right wing Nazis and Christo-fascists are dishing out.
      If the HBS/CTs think they can curry favor from the radfems by dishing out the same poison the radfems dish out they are mistaken. There is no future in being a Sonderkommando.

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