Sikh temple shooting: at least six worshippers killed in Wisconsin

I’m getting tired of the Domestic Terrorism of berserk gunmen killing large numbers of people in public settings.

This one appears to have been racially motivated.

From The Guardian UK:

Suspected gunman shot dead by police officer who was critically wounded amid initial fears of a second gunman

in New York, Sunday 5 August 2012

At least six people were killed and more wounded when a gunman opened fire on worshippers at a Sikh temple in the US.

The shooting took place shortly before 10.30am local time at a place of worship in Oak Creek, south of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Police said the gunman was shot by an officer who engaged him in fire immediately after arriving on the scene. The officer was hit several times, but was able to return fire. The suspect is believed to have died, and the officer was taken to hospital, where he is critically ill.

Emergency teams found the bodies of four victims inside the temple. Three more corpses lay outside the building, apparently including that of the suspect. A police spokesman said the officer who arrived on the scene was able to “put down” the gunman.

The officer was taken to hospital and was admitted for surgery. It is thought he is one of three people said to have been left in a critical condition as a result of gunshot wounds. There were no confirmed reports of the total number of people injured, but early reports put the figure between four and up to 30.

Police said Sunday afternoon that the situation was contained. There had earlier been fears that a second gunman remained at large and was holding worshippers hostage. A cordon was placed around the temple on Sunday afternoon – leading to conflicting initial reports as to how many people remained inside, and the extent of their injuries.

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Self-important Cis-Moron Sez: ENDA first, restrooms last

Gaia, I love it when Normies think trans-lives can be treated like bargaining chips.  When a Normie thinks our dignity and safety is a trivial matter.

I hope this one’s partner realizes how little this person thinks of her and her dignity.  I only hope the sex with this woman is worth it because she is one nasty piece of bigoted work.

Note how this person shares the common radfem trait of hiding behind an alias.

I also think she is lying about having a trans-girlfriend.  But maybe not because I’ve had a couple of abusive cis-girlfriends.

From Daily Kos:

Aug. 3, 2012

The right for a transgendered person to use a gender-appropriate restroom is an important right, but freedom from job discrimination is a more important right, and fighting for restroom rights will slow down the fight for ENDA.  It will also slow down the fight for other basic rights:  being able to enter restaurants, clubs and shops without discrimination, stronger hate crime legislation, better treatment within the judicial system, and the right to have medical procedures covered under health insurance.

It is my opinion that putting the matter of restroom rights first delays the progress on the other rights.  Trans women using women’s restrooms is a hot button issue that many people have a visceral reaction to.  I acknowledge and agree that it’s unfair, but I think this reaction will change over time as the other rights are gained and more transsexuals, crossdressers, queer folk and other people on the transgendered spectrum are out in society.  In the case of equal rights, familiarity is what has helped the progress in gay rights, and I have high hopes that it will do the same for transgendered rights.  Putting the main focus on restroom rights causes a strong reaction, a line in the sand for many people who would think rights against job discrimination and protecting the transgendered from hate crimes are perfectly reasonable.

From a personal point of view, I’m cranky.  I am especially invested in seeing ENDA passing, and more general tolerance of transgendered people being out in society.  I know I don’t have a right to complain.  Transsexuals must face discrimination every day, 24×7.  Crossdressers have a choice.  But I’m tired of the ones in my life always making the same choice, from fear of society’s disapproval and fear of job recriminations.  I want to go out to a dinner and a movie with my girlfriend, goddamnit, without it being such a big fricking ordeal!

I don’t see the problem with both trans men and trans women using men’s restrooms.  I am a cis woman and I use men’s restrooms when the line has been too long in the women’s room and I’ve never had a problem.  The answer always is that trans women are in danger of being beaten, raped or murdered simply from using a men’s restroom, and my thought there is if the men’s room is really that unsafe, the entire venue is unsafe and not fit for mixed company, or for that matter, anyone at all.

I know my view is politically incorrect and while I wanted to explain myself further in another diary’s comments, I didn’t want to be a dick.  So I’m being a dick here in my own diary.  Feel free to bring it to me hammer and tongs in the comments.  Convince me I’m wrong.

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Go there to give her a piece of your mind.

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Late Saturday Night Cabaret: Calpernia Addams

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Jenna Talackova dishes on posing nude for PETA and role model duties

I’m not a fan of PETA.  I don’t like their sexism and I don’t think they do much to benefit animals.

From Metro News Canada:

By Phylicia Torrevillas
August 2, 2012

From “wild child” to equality rights poster girl, Jenna Talackova is taking on her new responsibility with pride.

The transgender beauty queen made international headlines after she was booted out of the Miss Universe Canada pageant earlier this year for not being “naturally born female.”

The 23-year-old Vancouverite successfully fought the decision with the help of famed American civil rights attorney Gloria Allred. The Donald Trump-owned Miss Universe Organization not only re-instated Talackova, but also allowed all transgender women to compete in its worldwide competition.

The leggy blond — who began taking hormone therapy at 14 and had sex re-assignment surgery at 19 — said she never expected to be hailed a hero by the transgender community, but she’s proud to have sparked a debate worldwide and inspired others to embrace their sexuality.

“I’ve received weekly mail from people in South America and Asia telling me that they’ve finally came out to their families because of my story so it has made an impact,” said Talackova, who is one of three grand marshals for Sunday’s Vancouver Pride Parade.

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“Crazy Trannies” Invade Ladies Room! MTPC Dispels Common Myths

Gee thanks a fuck of a lot Edge, for calling us “Crazy Trannies”

Who wrote that headline for you?  Focus on the Family or perhaps the RadFems?

From The Edge:!_mtpc_dispels_common_myths_#discussion

by Antoinette Weil
Friday Aug 3, 2012

As part of a move to dispel the myths and stereotypes around the transgender community, the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) introduces the addition of four new video stories to its public education campaign, I AM: Trans People Speak.

The new videos, featuring staff members of The Theater Offensive (TTO), aim to promote public awareness and understanding of the transgender community, and to dispel commonly held misconceptions surrounding the trans community.

“One is that all transgender people access medical surgery, and if you don’t you’re not trans. The second is that transgender women will invade women’s spaces (restrooms, for example) and harm women. And the third is that we are all mentally ill,” said MTPC Executive Director Gunner Scott, about the top three stereotypes faced by transgender people.

Scott, who led the concept development of this video project, said that in truth, transgender women are using women’s restrooms already and more often they are the ones experiencing violence, discrimination and harassment.

The Trans People Speak campaign shoots to break down these stereotypes by exposing the public not only to transgender individuals and their unique stories, but also to their friends, allies and family members, who help to make this subject universally relatable.

“It’s hard to argue with someone’s mom,” noted Scott. Right he is. It is also hard to argue against a peer undergoing the same pressures and struggles as you are.

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From Change.Org:

Elsevier’s journal Social Science Research published Mark Regnerus’s deceptive submission allegedly — (but not actually) — on “same-sex parents” child outcomes, WITHOUT having put Regnerus’s submission through ethical and appropriate professional peer review.WE REPEAT — the Regnerus submission was published WITHOUT having gone through ETHICAL AND APPROPRIATE professional-level peer review.THEREFORE, we, the undersigned, DEMAND that the Editorial Board of the Elsevier journal Social Science Research immediately retract Mark Regnerus’s invalid, defamatory, anti-gay submission titled “Findings from the New Family Structures Study.”

If the submission is to be published at a later date following retraction, it MUST first go through ethical and appropriate, professional peer review and revisions, which were glaringly and appallingly ABSENT before the first publication.

Furthermore, we express a TOTAL lack of trust and confidence that SSR editor-in-chief James Wright would act in good faith, were he charged with overseeing any future, eventual, ethical and appropriate professional peer review of the Regnerus submission.

The obvious scientific failings of the defamatory, anti-gay Regnerus submission are widely recognized by experts, including some SSR-linked sociologists and EIGHT MAJOR PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS including the American Medical Association. Also widely known, is that the Social Science Research editor VIOLATED scientific publishing ethics in publishing the invalid, defamatory, anti-gay Regnerus submission.

SSR Editorial Board Member Darren Sherkat’s audit of the publication process revealed that 1) the peer review process FAILED; 2) editor-in-chief James Wright violated SSR’s own editorial procedures, in order to rush the defamatory Regnerus submission into publication; 3) the peer reviewers were NOT EXPERTS in LGBT matters generally, still less in gay parenting, the purported topic of Regnerus’s submission 4) some of the peer reviewers are anti-gay-rights BIGOTS; 5) some of the peer reviewers had CONFLICTS OF INTEREST, including that i) they were paid consultants on the Regnerus submission, and that ii) they have long-standing personal connections to Regnerus.

At the same time that Sherkat reports mountainous editorial failings, he says that he may well have made all of the same editorial decisions as James Wright. That HARDLY builds public confidence or trust in the journal Social Science Research.

A look at SSR’s “PEER REVIEW POLICY” page on the SSR website shows that the journal’s own PUBLICLY PUBLISHED POLICIES were shockingly VIOLATED in order to rush the invalid, defamatory Regnerus submission into publication.

Whereas James Wright DID NOT BOTHER to find peer reviewers 1) without conflicts of interest who also were 2) experts in the field of gay parenting studies, the SSR “PEER REVIEW POLICY” page says that wait times between submission and review can be “SUBSTANTIALLY LONGER” than 2 – 3 months —


By contrast to that OPENLY PUBLISHED SSR SCHEDULE for SSR’s peer review for submissions on esoteric topics — (AND GAY PARENTING IS AN ESOTERIC TOPIC) — Regnerus’s invalid, defamatory submission was submitted on February 1, 2012 and accepted on March 12, 2012.

We will NOT roll over and play dead in the face of this OUTRAGEOUS transgression against scientific publishing ethics that has resulted in an invalid, defamatory submission being wielded against us as a social and political weapon. History is full of similarly depraved, shameful acts of irresponsible distortions of science being used against minorities, including Jews, African-Americans, Native Americans, Japanese-Americans and others.

We could go into literally hundreds of reasons why retraction of the invalid, defamatory Regnerus submission is imperative. Yet, it suffices — ALONE — that SSR’s “PEER REVIEW POLICY” tells prospective authors that they should expect to wait months – MONTHS — just for expert peer reviewers EVEN TO BE FOUND for esoteric topics – (and again, gay parenting is an esoteric topic) – yet SSR editor-in-chief James Wright approved Regnerus’s invalid, defamatory anti-gay submission for publication in only 5 ½ weeks — WITHOUT having assigned topic experts — with NO conflicts of interest — to the peer review of Regnerus’s submission.

Wright told the Chronicle of Higher Education that he was “EXCITED” about the “ENORMOUS INTEREST” (that the inappropriate, non-expert, anti-gay-rights bigoted peer reviewers with conflicts of interest reportedly told Wright the submission would arouse if published).

Wright said that his excitement may have caused him to be “inattentive” to things he “should have kept a keener eye on.” That is documentably an understatement. SSR’s James Wright abjectly abdicated his responsibility to follow scientific publishing ethics.

He manifestly violated the PEER REVIEW POLICY published ***RIGHT ON*** SSR’s own website.



Wright did NOT use topic experts with no conflicts of interest for the peer review; the peer review FAILED. SSR editor-in-chief James Wright did NOT make a good faith effort to assign the peer review of Regnerus’s study to appropriate topic experts, experts without conflicts of interest. The Regnerus submission absolutely CANNOT accurately be said to have passed through ethical and appropriate, professional-level peer review.

Manwhile though, the malicious, lying anti-gay-rights funders of Regnerus study — who have DOCUMENTED HISTORIES of distorting the scientific record to demonize gay people — are alleging, erroneously — that Regnerus’s submission went through professional scientific peer review.


WE REPEAT OUR DEMAND: immediately retract the invalid, defamatory anti-gay Regnerus submission from publication. Apologize, profusely, to the entire LGBT community for having published the defamatory submission through a reckless, irresponsible and unprofessional peer review process that CANNOT correctly be referred to as ethical and appropriate, professional peer review.

This is a human rights outrage, and a scientific publishing SCANDAL.

If the submission is to be published later, it MUST go through truely professional, ethical and appropriate peer review — (and revisions) — by GAY PARENTING TOPIC EXPERTS who have NO conflicts of interest. And, we reiterate that we have less than no trust in SSR’s editor-in-chief James Wright to oversee eventual future peer review of the currently invalid, defamatory Regnerus “study.”

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Pussy Riot and the Two Russias

From The Nation:

Katrina vanden Heuvel
on August 2, 2012

Pussy Riot is here to stay. International attention has mounted over the months since three members of the punk rock/protest group were imprisoned for a fifty-one-second stunt. All the more so this week, as their trial—on “hooliganism” charges—finally began.

As I’ve described before, members of the group seized the stage of Russia’s iconic Christ the Savior Cathedral just before the country’s March elections, performing (and recording) a musical plea to the Virgin Mary to oust Vladimir Putin. The cadre of Russian artists and activists descended from the performance artists Voina (“War”), who were influenced by the US punk movement Riot grrrl. Its story might have ended there, if not for a truly authoritarian response from the Russian government. Three alleged participants were arrested, threatened with seven years of imprisonment, and placed in a pre-trial detention that’s been extended for months. Now, Pussy Riot is world famous—as is its stunt. The longer they’re in prison, the more attention they get.

It’s been gratifying to see the outpouring of support for these women. It’s come from insiders and outsiders alike, in Russia and abroad. Key Putin backers have broken with him on Pussy Riot. More than 400,000 Russians have signed an online petition protesting their arrest and detention. The Washington Post editorialized in defense of the activists. Punk artists around the world have voiced their solidarity. British writer Stephen Fry has called on his more than 4.6 million Twitter followers “to do everything to help Pussy Riot” and “pressure Putin” in connection with the trial. Amnesty International named Pussy Riot prisoners of conscience; its US activists have planned a guerilla art exhibit and a solidarity concert at the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC.

The crackdown on Pussy Riot is part of a broader attack on dissent in Russia. In recent weeks, we’ve seen the introduction and rapid passage of a quartet of laws that undermine Russia’s democratic ambitions: (Re-)criminalization of “defamation”; a blacklist of “harmful” websites; punitive fines on participants in “unsanctioned” protests; and a mandate that nonprofits declare foreign funding and brand themselves “foreign agents.” Russia, alas, is not the only country cracking down on political freedom. But these broadly worded, swiftly passed laws represent another wave in Russia’s de-democratization, a process started under Boris Yeltsin and continued under Putin.

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