Voter-ID trial puts trans, elderly constituents on stand

From The Philadelphia Gay News:–elderly-constituents-on-stand

by Jen Colletta
Aug. 2, 2012

The showdown over Pennsylvania’s new voter-identification law made it to court last week.

A Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court trial began July 25 in the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania suit against the state over the new measure, which will require voters to present state-issued ID at the polls starting this November. The trial is expected to last through the end of this week.

Ten plaintiffs are involved in the case, including a transgender man, who testified last Friday.

Asher Schor told the court that he fears his PennDOT-issued license will not be accepted at the polls this fall.

The 23-year-old Pittsburgh resident presents as a male but his license bears his female name, a female gender marker and a photo that depicts him before he began his transition.

Schor testified that the testosterone regimen he began last November has made a marked difference in his appearance — with the growth of facial hair and redistribution of body fat.

He also told the court that, earlier this year, a U.S. marshal questioned the card when Schor, a legal assistant for a prisoners’ advocacy agency, presented it for a work visit at a courthouse.

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