Transgender Patients Find Safe Haven at Bronx Family Practice

From DNA Info:

By Patrick Wall
July 30, 2012

LONGWOOD — With close-cropped hair, a few arm tattoos and an easy smile, Q resembles many other young men his age — which suits him well, except when he has to visit a gynecologist.

Q, who is 26 and lives in Co-op City, was born female but has been transitioning into a man over the past several years.

In March, when Q arrived at a doctor’s office for a scheduled pelvic exam, the staff were so visibly rattled by his male identity that Q fled the clinic.

“They should be a little more compassionate,” Q said recently. “You see an old lady walk in with something wrong with her, you’re not going to look at her any different. So why would you look at us different?”

The experience reminded Q why he prefers Community Healthcare Network’s Bronx Health Center at 975 Westchester Ave.

That center and another location that the nonprofit network operates in Jamaica, Queens, have incorporated a program for transgender patients into their family clinics — an arrangement that the network says is the only one of its kind in the city.

The approach appears to be working.

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