Telling the Maniacs to Bugger Off

From ENDA Blog:

Every group attracts the maniacs.

Transsexuals have the HBS/Classic Transsexuals who tried to take over the label Women Born Transsexual, but were rebuffed from that action back when the meme represented a mailing list and not a blog.  They managed to pollute the meme because some people insisted on associating WBT with the HBS/Classic Transsexuals set, even though we opposed the transphobia and homophobia as well as the right wing rhetoric that is the stock and trade of the HBS/CT set.

When I started this blog I was denounced for being supported by Andrea James by people Andrea James had exposed as trolls and frauds.  I was denounced for supporting the efforts of Andrea James and Calpernia Addams.

I made it clear from the start that I did not like the HBS movement, particularly since it was originally and quite appropriately  titled the “BS Movement.”

When Tina and I started WBT, it really had nothing to do with transgender at all.  It was a way of saying we thought the ideas presented by Bailey, Blanchard et. al. were a pile of BS and that we were born this way.  BTW Lady Gaga has a song based on that idea.

Of course there are dogmatic maniacs among transgender folks as well.  Ever on the alert for any deviation from the party line.  I called them the Transgender Borg and while they were offended very few transgender activists friends from Facebook defriended me.

I can’t for the life of me see why my being (identifying as) transsexual or post-transsexual should be a problem for someone who is (identifies as) transgender.  I don’t feel compelled to get in that person’s face and argue that they can’t use the label transgender to describe themselves.  One would think it not too much to expect the same courtesy in return.

Yet the maniacs that make up the Borg element found in the transgender communities are like the HBS people i.e. politically correct trip pushing assholes.

Even though I am in total agreement with Monica Roberts about there being a lot of racism in and among the entire range of communities represented by the queer alphabet I blew up over the disparaging of post-op women’s cunts. Vanilla scented Cootchies…  WTF? First of all not all post-ops are white or rich.

Now as an old left wing hippie chick, I am pained to admit we have our own share of maniacs.  Lately they are suggesting we sit the election out and refuse to vote for Obama.  But even though he disappoints me on a regular basis I love Obama.  Some have pointed out that I show highly questionable judgement when it comes to loving men, going for smart men with good taste in music.

But I remember 1968 and how fucked sitting out the election turned out and any Democrat who isn’t a blue dog is better than any Republican.  Hell even a lot of the blue dogs are better than Republicans as long as they aren’t Dixiecrats.

I’m a feminist.

Just not that kind of feminist.

I was beat up and bullied a lot when I was a transkid.  When I came out I was treated a whole lot better, particularly when I passed as a normborn female.

But that didn’t blind me to  the fact that being treated like a woman instead of an obvious transkid was still being treated like a second class citizen.

I remember the first time I got pictures back from the lab and they weren’t snapshots but photographs that said something.  The first photograph I took in almost no light and captured  a portrait that was mostly shadow with just a sliver of light showing my friend, Stephanie’s face.

I remember having to deal with the sexism and people who couldn’t understand why I would rather be behind the camera than in front of it.  I even had to deal with friends who didn’t understand that when it came to expensive presents I’d rather be given a camera body or lens than an expensive piece of jewelry.

I could see how hard it was to get taken seriously as a woman in other fields to.  Like computers.

I was a natural feminist because I love the idea of equality.  Because I am deeply offended by injustice and unfairness.

Yet I had to listen to certain feminists tell me how I couldn’t be a feminist for all sorts of bullshit reasons.

Then it seemed a bunch of them slipped over into the realm of radfem insanity.

As a WBT I took their bullshit seriously.  It felt directed towards not only me but my other transsexual sisters.

I could see that their bigotry was based on lies and fiction.

I saw how they turned their wrath upon other feminists and lesbians who supported us.  Even going so far as to damage the feminist movement in pushing their bigotry

What kind of feminist tells another feminist she can’t be a feminist because of something she was born?  Who says the transsexual or transgender feminist is the enemy no matter how pro-woman and pro-feminist her politics are?

What kind of feminist ostracizes other feminists and viciously attacks them for having the audacity to say TS/TG women aren’t a bunch of monsters?

It doesn’t matter to the maniacs of RadFem Hub and GenderTrender how good a feminist you are all that matters to them is the level of transphobic bigotry one is willing to display.
As for me…

I’m tired of maniacs.  We are in the midst of so many crises I can barely keep track of them.

Every single group of people I hold dear are under attack by the forces of the right wing and the religious fanatics.

I think it is time to reflect on the old Black Panther Party Slogan…

If you aren’t part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

The maniacs are not part of the solution, they are part of the problem.

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