Rapist acquitted in Sweden because intended female victim turned out to be transgender

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By Lexie Cannes
July 3, 2012

Reposted with Creative Commons permission

THE GUERRILLA ANGEL REPORT — Örebro (Sweden) District Court Judge Dan Sjöstedt acquitted the rapist because the transwoman had no vagina, the planned rape would have been impossible to carry out. [I’m constructing this from a Swedish translation into English]

The attacker brutally beat the victim and ripped off her pants in an attempt to rape her. A witness rushed to the scene and intervened. The police came and arrested the attacker.

While the Örebro District Court is convinced the man was trying to rape the woman,  they ruled that it was in fact a woman the man wanted to rape, not a ‘physical man’ and although the fact that the victim had undergone hormone therapy to change gender was considered, the court ruled there was no completed rape.

The attacker may be (or is being) charged with a much lessor charge, the translation isn’t quite clear.

While obviously this is not a good precedent for trans people, I am hoping that international transgender organizations look into this incident.

If you know Swedish or become aware of an English news report of this incident, (there isn’t one as of this writing), please post in the comment section below so we can correctly follow this story.

(My thanks to Johanna for the tip!)


na.se/nyheter/orebro/1.1721191-valdtaktsforsok-blev-misshandel – Translator.

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