Radfems, Cotton Ceilings and Being Treated like a Replicant

I was ten years post-op in 1982, the year the film “Blade Runner” came out.

I found myself identifying with Pris, the replicant played by Daryl Hannah. I found a perfect metaphor to describe how transsexuals were treated not only by the doctors but by a lot of society as well.

We looked human and acted like humans.  Some of us even tried to create fictional pasts and happy normal childhoods for ourselves.

Others spoke of the doctors who did their surgery in term that sounded almost like those the replicants used for their creators.

We didn’t need the doctors to tell us that passing improved the way we were treated and up graded our status from replicant to human.

In the film there was one Replicant, Rachael, who was one of the most perfect replicants ever.  they had a version of one of those multi-phasic personality tests that the Normies used to root out Replicants.

It usually took 20-30 questions to unmask a replicant. It took 120 questions to unmask Rachael.

I’ve known sisters like Rachael, so perfect in every way with a loving supportive family.

I’m far too defiantly punk to be bothered with trying to be so deep stealth, too sure of my own validity, too willing to say I am not a replicant even though I had sex reassignment surgery.

In 1982 Dr. Laub gave me the ten year follow up questionnaire. I found some of the questions dehumanizing and told Judy Van Maasdam what I thought of those questions. I said I know you really consider us replicants and not really human.

Judy was shocked  that I thought they treated us like replicants, experiments and not like ordinary humans.

She chastised me for calling myself a replicant. I said, “Replicant is the polite term, the cruel term is “skin job.”

I was pretty battered by 1982.

That year I had marched in the Pride Day with what was the only lesbian contingent that welcomed post-transsexual women, the S/M contingents, Samois and the Outlaws.

I wore leather and marched topless. I had a bad attitude and was filled with contempt for the radfems and the book banning, anti-sex followers of Dworkin and MacKennon.

My leathers were more punk than S/M but my attitude towards the the radfem/anti-sex transphobic bigots was real.

I didn’t tell Judy half of the shit post-transsexual women were being put through, because between the reactionary right wing crap the psych establishment was pushing in order to pathologize us and the hateful bigotry of the radfems it was hard to remain functional and not become so depressed suicide or substance abuse seemed like the only alternatives.

How could one explain to a Normie what it felt like to have your legitimacy as a human being treated as something open to debate.

How feminist groups had so many categories that we treated as meriting special consideration and how words like disabled were being banished from the language, even when used as an unthinking adjective. Except being or having been transsexual meant that you were fair game for the vilest sort of verbal and emotional abuse.

I opted for isolation, withdrawing into myself.

I also got the hell out of the snake pit of the San Francisco “Lesbian Community.”

Hey I’m bisexual.  I don’t need this shit.

I’d rather hang out with people who make music, paint, do photography.

I’d rather go to concerts with gay male friends.

Anything to avoid the bigotry of the radfem shits.

I moved back to LA  where the Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center was nothing like what had been going on in SF.

But I had learned my lesson.

It took me a long time to own my body. To feel good about my cunt and not give a shit about lesbian scum who would reject me because my cunt has surgical scars.

Over the years I stopped going to lesbian bars.  Usually the ambiance sucks and the attitudes toward Ts/TG women suck even worse.

Yeah you have a right to not sleep with us. Just like you have a right to sleep only with white, blonde, northern European women who are Catholic.

But the fucking cotton ceiling isn’t about that.  No one gives a shit about what your personal sexual preferences are.

Don’t insult us by pretending your hatred of TS/TG people isn’t bigotry.

It is and transphobia is a real word.

Radfems need to buy a fucking clue.  Their screaming about the terror and harm being inflicted upon them by transsexual and transgender women is both bigotry and has all the appearances of a pathology.

One tenth to one quarter of one percent of people who are among the most despised and deprived, powerless people on earth aren’t much of a threat to anyone.  Particularly when so many of them are caught up in inner struggles trying to make sense of why they are TS or TG.

Particularly when that tiny percentage of people is generally speaking at or close to the bottom of the socioeconomic and political power ladder.

Most TS/TG people aren’t all that economically advantaged.

Unlike tenured radfem academics and lawyers whose firm represents Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan.

The cotton ceiling isn’t about your personal preferences in sexual partners.

It is about creating a climate of hate that pathologizes, delegitmatizes and demonizes our genitalia and our entire beings.

We do not go into the Pleasure Chest and buy our vaginas from the shelf like they are the dildos so many lesbians seem to be into.

Our bodies, ourselves…

Despite the blood libel of the radfems I colonized no one’s body.  I took control of my own.

My taking female hormones altered the chemistry of my own body and the shape of my body became that which it is with an estrogen based body chemistry.

As for the “powerful drugs” I take, they aren’t all that different from the early birth control pills.  Indeed one of the early medications I took was a birth control pill.

As for my surgeries and scars…

You have no idea the level of contempt I hold you in when you abuse your Normie privilege by treating my body as something to sneer at and abuse.

I just bet you are a bundle of laughs when it comes to other differently abled people.

Oh I forgot.

They are sacred.

Do you ridicule women who have had hysterectomies or mastectomies?

When you argue chromosomal level essentialism, have you had your own chromosomes examined to make certain they are perfect?

Besides which, doesn’t that chromosomal level essentialism reify patriarchal ideas regarding the essential differences between men and women, a proposition that is a slippery slope to male supremacy and female inferiority.

Or is it just our cunts that offend you?

Is it the scars?

It must be nice to be a Normie supremacist and be able to look down on skin jobs like me.

It must be nice to be a Normie and sneer at and ridicule the bodies and lives of TS/TG replicants.

Do you have any idea the level of privilege you expect when you demand the “right” to discriminate and legally deny us our equality and our human rights?

Some TS/TG people have spoken as to how they hate you for your sense of superiority.

You expect us to have the same hatred for ourselves, that you hold for us and are surprised when we don’t.

It must really blow your minds that we are no longer good little replicants cowering in hurt from your abuse.

It must fuck with your cosmology for us to organize and stand up for our rights, even if our existence offends you.

You want to be separate, be separate.  You do not speak for most women.  Or, considering how much progress TS/TG sisters have made within the lesbian feminist communities, even for most lesbians.

And if we treat you like Aryan Nation or the KKK it is because you are like Aryan Nation and the KKK, bigots with nothing to offer but hate.

9 Responses to “Radfems, Cotton Ceilings and Being Treated like a Replicant”

  1. Sharon Sinéad Gaughan Says:

    It really is helpful to remind the RadFems of a simple, but powerful, scientific fact: sex is not chromosomal; at minimum, sex is genomic. They are very far behind the curve — and all of mine (;->

  2. tinagrrl Says:

    Reminding the radfems of scientific fact moves then as much as it moves the rabid-religious-right. They work on a form of “faith” — facts and science they do not like mean nothing to them.

  3. Roz Kaveney (@RozKaveney) Says:


    The surgeons left me with a patchwork cunt
    stitch-marks and scars, and smooth skin flayed from thigh.
    I bled. I oozed. With speculums, I’d try
    to burn new keloids off. I’d grope and hunt

    for small hard bits I’d missed. That now are smooth.
    Things levelled out. You’d never know the sore
    torn places that were there. For an old whore
    it’s sweet and neat and innocent as truth.

    I paid in blood and pus. Here’s what I got.
    Not some mere hole, but tenderness. A maze
    of flesh love’s fingers have explored for days
    and found its spring, gushing and furnace hot.

    I dared not hope. Yet my reward was this –
    to hang in ecstasy on sweet girl kiss.

  4. Suzan Cooke Nails It! | Ehipassiko Says:

    […] So, check out Suzan’s new post HERE. […]

  5. Vandy Beth Glenn Says:

    Why do you even care? Why do any of us care? The radical feminists introduced fascist “speech codes” on college campuses in the 1990s. They are sex-negative, anti-male, anti-pornography, and they make up silly neologisms like “womyn” and “herstory.”

    They are not to be complained about. They are to be disregarded, like the religious right, Adam Carolla, and everyone else with nothing useful to say.

  6. hypatia's child Says:

    I actually agree with Vandy. Well, mostly. The radfem dogmas about trans people have just enough of a kernel of truth that some non-radfem normborns find them reasonable, though they’re based on watered-down biology that completely ignores the nuances of reality and rejects whatever doesn’t fit their preconceived ideas. That’s true of the ideas that come out of most cults and it’s why they’re dangerous. But the worst thing we could do is confront them in anger. The incident in the NYC Dyke March was bad… very bad. Unless there is a more balanced video out there, but the one I saw looks unedited and it really makes Cathy Brennan look like a saint. And the letter to Firebrand from Jamison Green and Dallas Denny protesting a book by Sheila Jeffreys that hasn’t even been published yet?? Whatever were they thinking? I say publish the book, shine the light of reason and open debate on whatever she has to say. The most dangerous ideas are the ones you try to suppress. I have no doubt that it will be more of what we’ve come to expect from her, but please… no calls for censorship. All they do is make US look bad.

    So maybe not disregard completely, but avoid making them a bigger threat than they really are. Debate their ideas in public fora. The last time that was tried (I’m blanking on the forum name at the moment), Jeffreys didn’t even bother to show up and try to refute the scientific evidence. The radfems who did show up were unable to. THAT is how to fight them.

  7. Natacha Kennedy Says:

    The fact is that RadFem2012, by permitting only “women born women living as women” is being as essentialist as it is possible to be.

    Feminism is built on a wholesale rejection of essentialism, right from Simone De Beauvoir and as far back as Cartesean dualism.

    In other words the RadFem2012 crowd are not feminists.

  8. Laura Says:

    I find it insane that that radfems whine about the cotton ceiling yet had no problem in colonising the lesbian movement for themselves. Yet by don’t call it out go the enslavement and cultural gang rape tat it truly is.

    The laughable thing is IF they had any ethics and permitted transwomen equal rights, they’d see how tiny that community is, how little of a threat it is, and what good allies transwomen are.

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