Misuse of the Term Misgendering with regards to Transsexual and Transgender People

I dislike the idea that we should all embrace the term transgender as an umbrella.

Trans would make more sense and wouldn’t force people to take a label they don’t want to wear for any number of reasons, some legitimate and some sketchy.

When I came out in 1969 “transgender” wasn’t a word yet or if it was it wasn’t in general circulation outside of a small set of people.  I first heard the word in 1976 at Renaissance, a Trans group in LA.  It had a limited meaning.

When I came out one was either a transsexual or a queen.  Transsexuals had sex change operations, queens kept their original genitalia.

Neither group had a problem with extending the courtesy of the feminine pronoun to members of the other group.

Indeed failure to do so could result in fights that might involve broken beer bottles and knives.

Then came the David Bowie glitter kids and a mixed used of pronouns.  They were sort of the gender queer kids of their day.

The point is people have different identities and it is rude to try and force them to wear your label.

That is the same thing the bigots do.  They lump us into a dehumanized group and try to make us wear their label.

It is just as rude and stupid when progressive allies do it in the name of identity and unity.

It is not misgendering or malgendering.  Misgendering or malgendering is what HBS shitheads do to Autumn Sandeen and Monica Roberts.  Of course they do it on line and not to their faces because  doing it to their faces might result in the above mentioned bar fight scenario being played out.

Misgendering or malgendering is the deliberate usage of the wrong pronouns or titles in contradiction to a persons presentation and identity.

It is not using transgender instead of transsexual or transsexual instead of transgender.

When GLAAD uses transgender as an automatic adjective for all trans-people it isn’t misgendering.  It might be rude.  It might be the result of the pushing of identity politics to the point where peoples’s personal identities are either erased or disrespected but it ain’t fucking misgendering them.

I’m tired of all the energy various representatives of the melange of different trans-communities pour into attacking people who are allies or activists working to further our individual rights.

While you are fighting over labels and in the process are disrespecting each other and the people doing the heavy lifting of activism, shits like Cathy Brennan, the radfems and their allies the Christo-Fascists/radical right are hard at work trying to undo the rights of all transsexual and transgender people.

Then we will all be misgendered/malgendered as a matter of public policy and we will find our papers restored to those of our birth sex.

So go ahead pick fights with the organizations that are fighting to defend our rights.

Just do the rest of us a favor and use your real names when you are doing this because the activists that are hard at work furthering our rights are.

And they are way too busy working for those rights to troll blogs and engage in the endless game of World of Transwarcraft.

3 Responses to “Misuse of the Term Misgendering with regards to Transsexual and Transgender People”

  1. Carolyn Ann Says:

    May I curtsy in your direction? 🙂 Well said, well said indeed.

    We may not agree on much, but I sure as heck do agree with you on this.

    PS How are you? Both? I was thinking about you and your car crash and wondered.

    • Suzan Says:

      Our Jetta did just what it should and crumpled like an accordion, leaving us shaken with very minor injuries other than soreness. We were stopped and sandwiched.

      Thank you for your concern. And I’m glad you liked the piece.

  2. Bear Falcon Says:

    JESUS Suzan, you are so on point I can’t even deal with all this realness!

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