The Connection Between Radical Feminism and Right Wing Christo-Fascism

Have you ever wondered if there was a connection between the Transphobia of the Radical Feminists and the right wing Christo-Fascists?

I have.

When I was in SDS/Weatherman the standard joke was you could always tell the undercover agents, they were the ones who suggested building bombs and killing cops.  Even at the Vegetarian Quakers for World Peace and Harmony meetings.

In the old days of the Communist Party USA the joke was: “How can you tellwho is the FBI/Red Squad member?” Answer: “They are the one who is completely pid up on their dues.”

I’ve grown very suspicious over the years when it comes to giving credibility to those who loudly proclaim themselves more “radical” than the rest of the people in any movement.

Particularly when the self proclaimed radicals use their cliam of purer radicalism to destroy mass movements.

Real ultra radicals don’t do that. Groups like the Earth Liberation front didn’t try to take over Earth First or Green Peace.  They just formed tightly knit cadres and did their acts of vandalism without dragging others into it.

The self proclaimed “radical feminists” show up every single time ordinary women are uniting to fight against the right wing war on women.

T to female people have a vested interest in the liberal version of feminism.  We need that equal pay.  We need the equal access to jobs, housing, credit.  Hell given our circumstances of often being severed from family and living alone without the support that comes from family and institutions we may need it more than many assigned female at birth women.

The mythology regarding transsexuals is that we shunned feminism during the 1970s, that we were all detatched from reality “fembots”.

This distorts history and ignores just how amazingly wide spread pop cultural feminism was in the early 1970s. The Feminist Revolution was being touted and talked about in magazines that you wouldn’t imagine.  Especially looking at today’s version of these magazines.

Even in the 1960s, Betty Friedan’s book The Feminine Mystique was excerpted in a wide array of magazines including McCalls and Ladies Home Journal.

Transitioning to female/woman has always meant being subjected to the same rules and restrictions assigned female at birth women are subjected to.  Plus a whole bunch of crap that non-trans people avoid due to normborn privilege.

Let’s look at the background of some of these transphobic “radical feminists”

Aside from from Robin Morgan, whose main religion seems to be opportunism many of the transphobic bigots appear deeply rooted in Catholicism or some other fanatical religion.

Germaine Greer:  Raised Catholic and attended a Convent School

Jean O’Leary:  She trashed out Sylvia Rivera and was loudly anti-transsexual.  She was a Catholic Nun.

Mary Daly: Catholic Theologian

Janice Raymond: former Catholic Nun

Two Transphobes who might not fall exactly in the category of “radical feminist” but you can’t tell from the beliefs they espouse.

Paul McHugh: Opus Dei

Alice Dreger: Former Nun

Cathy Brennan: College of the Holy Cross (A Jesuit College)

Perhaps this is why these people all seem to be reading a script written by William Donahue or Timothy Dolan.

Now I have to ask what role is the Catholic Church playing in defending women’s reproductive rights in the presenht “War on Women?”

Oh yes they are attacking them.

Cui Bono?

Who benefits if the women’s movement gets side tracked by a superfluous issue that involves less than a third of one percent of humanity.  Because transsexualism and transgenderism is a bout a three people in a thousand issue.

I know we are supposedly capable of great super powers but the way I see it half the time the TG/TS people in any given city are hard pressed to put together a bake sale.

Somehow the idea that we created the patriarchy and are the main source of women’s oppression seems on the level of absurdity one sees in the scapegoating of the Jews for all the evils in the world.

But  feminists fighting over transsexual and transgender people disrupts feminist organizations.

It is strictly a destructive tactic that allows the Catholic Church and the other Christo-Fascist patriarchal institutions to successfully wage their war on women’s reproductive rights.

5 Responses to “The Connection Between Radical Feminism and Right Wing Christo-Fascism”

  1. Debbie Brady Says:

    I agree Suzan.
    Infiltrators are the bane of every movement, as soon as you get big enough for the man to take notice they try to send in infiltrators. I saw it with the VVAW in the 1970’s and I am seeing it now in the various progressive movements I am involved in today. Like you said you can always spot them if you have been around long enough.
    I like your theory, I endured 12 years of Catholic School and who better than the RC crowd to master the art if infiltrating the groups they see as enemies.
    They have a 2000 year history of secrecy, intrigue and deceit, after all.

  2. hypatia's child Says:

    Although it’s possible, there’s a simpler explanation. People who are rigid and narrow-minded and have personalities suited for fundamentalist cults like RF are exactly the kind who are also attracted to conservative, authoritarian religions like the catholic church. It’s not surprising there’s a lot of overlap between the two groups because they tend to attract the same kinds of people. I know of one woman who falls into that category who rejected a very fundamentalist, patriarchal, bible-thumping home schooling right-wing xtian movement after being targeted by other members as (I think it was) a heretic, or some similar charge. She landed in the feminist world, and (no surprise) gravitated toward the RF camp and for a while was one of the most rabidly hateful people I’ve ever run across on the internet. She seems to have mellowed a little bit recently.

    Anyway, yes, these people’s actions benefit no one but the far right, but I don’t think that’s anything more than bitter irony. Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity. Or maybe it’s more like, never attribute to conspiracy what can be explained by people just being people and living out their early programming.

    • Suzan Says:

      Don’t be so quick to dismiss something that looks like a conspiracy that has been used to destroy left wing movements since the 1880s as not being a coordinated attack.

  3. hypatia's child Says:

    As I said it’s *possible*, I don’t completely dismiss it. But there would have to be evidence beyond “cui bono?” for me to believe it. I’m just not a conspiracy theory person. Same way with the WTC attacks. There was never any solid evidence that planted explosives did the damage, and the evidence that was claimed was refuted with very detailed simulations. Yes the shrub administration had motive, and they could have done it. If someone comes up with convincing evidence, I’ll believe it. Until then, it’s not a credible theory.

    • Suzan Says:

      Screw the WTC. Although one has to wonder how all those fuck got box cutters past screening when a friend of mine with a high level security clearance lost a bunch of those tiny Swiss army knife nail file and scissors to air port screening.

      This isn’t that sort of “conspiracy” this is more like a bunch of anti-abortion fucks calling anti-abortion emergency pregnancy “Crisis Centers” Susan B Anthony women’s Helth Centers” when they offer no health services. Or radical right wing Susan B. Anthony Pac.

      Perhaps you are unaware of something called Cointelpro. Or all the red squads that infiltrated and destroyed movements since 1880.

      I am not a conspiracy theorist and the documenting of these things in the past and present isn’t some sort of Alex Jones sort of the Rothschilds run the world bullshit>

      This is Freedom of Information Act Documented.

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