We were in a car accident

Yesterday we went to the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth to see the show “Impressionist Paintings from the Clark Collection.”

It was an incredible show of paintings by artists we both love strong on its works by Monet and Renoir but lacking Cezanne.

We thought it well worth the drive.

We were less than five miles from home when we stopped at the rear of a long line of traffic backed up by a stop light.

A Toyota Tacoma  plowed into us from behind driving us into a Ford Edge which was in turn driven into Toyota Four Runner.

Our little Volkswagen Jetta is pretty much totaled.  Crumpled both front and rear.

Every one had insurance.

Tina and I are stiff and sore but otherwise undamaged as the Volkswagen has a lot of safety features.  Surprisingly none of our many airbags went off.

We were pretty shaken up and are sore but not seriously injured.

Our car is a mess  and we aren’t able to just go out and replace it because the Republican Economic Policies that destroyed American Society have taken a serious toll on us.

Fortunately we have a small pick-up truck, which gets crappy mileage but is in otherwise good condition.

Too bad I hate the damned thing.

I have  a couple of pieces I’m working on and one I will have up later today.

9 Responses to “We were in a car accident”

  1. Circé Says:

    Glad to know you are both ok though I’m sure it must have been somewhat traumatizing.

  2. SA-ET Says:

    A real bummer…glads things weren’t worse and you all are OK.

  3. Sharon Sinéad Gaughan Says:

    I am just glad you both came through safe and sound.

  4. Ann Says:

    while any accident sucks, I am left scratching my head at how the economic policy of ANY political party has a thing to do with getting a replacement vehicle insofar as all three drivers were insured. My experience with insurance in Texas-related incidents is that the at-fault party’s carrier is usually pretty quick to get a check out to the victim. This held especially true where one is the middle car of what seems to have been a three-car accordion (was in that position on a 1988 accident and where I had a check within a week- would have been sooner but I held out for more than the initial offer).

    And, even if it was going to take some time to process, they are quick to cough up a rental- Allstate covered 90 days of rental when their soccer-mom insured hit me a few years ago.

    • Suzan Says:

      Dooh Ann thee Republicans crashed the economy. We have been going through some hard economic times due to the policies of Bush and Co. not to mention the right wing obstructionists. We were planning to hang on to that car for several years longer hoping the economy would improve. It was paid for and we had an extended warranty.

  5. carolyn ann Says:

    That sucks. I know it’s quite an experience being in an auto-accident. Glad to hear you’re both fine, though!

    Won’t the insurance of the guy who plowed into you cover replacing the car?

    • Suzan Says:

      Our car was a paid for 2005 Jetta with all the bells and whistles plus an extended warranty out to 100K mile which gave about 20K more miles. I doubt they will give us the money to replace it with a comparable car.

  6. Christina Says:

    Question: What do you call a car accident in which the car driven by a trans-person is smashed between two other cars?
    Answer: A Transwich!
    (okay…that was a take-off of “sandwich”..with a twist…oh, never mind)

    Susan, just glad to hear you weren’t physically hurt, though it had to be a shock to one’s body and sensibilities. I know it did for me when I was involved in a car accident a few years back when some old, very old, driver blew through a red light at 45MPH and I was pulling out in front of him from a side street where I had the green to go. If I hadn’t stood on the brakes like there was no tomorrow he would have t-boned us and no doubt there would have been one death and one with at least major injuries. As it was I just t-boned into him shearing off the bumper and badly twisting the front end, with minor body whipping inside the small truck (his car kept going forwards fortunately). When I think how than less than 1/2 second of response time separated me & my friend from a truly terrible accident, it makes one wish to live life more fully, knowing at nearly any point in time we can be gone. We certainly don’t need others degrading our existence and person-hood in life along this journey when it’s already tough as it is.

    BTW, what was amazing to me was that three, yes THREE, witnesses stopped and offered their name/number to give to my insurance company to state that the old guy was completely at fault, so I was completely reimbursed for my totaled truck and chiropractic services I required in my healing process. That partially restored my faith that there are SOME good people in this world, and we just can’t believe that all folks are disdainers and haters.

    Wishing your a quick resolution of your losses, and any related health issues.


  7. hypatia's child Says:

    Suzan, sorry to hear your Jetta was totaled but glad no one was hurt. I was rear-ended on the way to the doctor about two months ago, not totaled but a hard mess to repair when it’s an orphan car like a Saturn. Luckily insurance took care of it. I hope you have good luck with yours.

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