You Don’t Need the Permission of RadFems to be Yourself

In mid-June of 1969 I started living full time as a woman.

I didn’t ask anyone for permission. I figured out how to make it happen even though I was living in abject poverty.

I traveled across the country and established a situation where it was a viable option for me to come out.  The Bay Area had a support network including organizations and doctors.

No one told me I was transsexual.  I told them.  I seized agency and took the steps to alter my body.

It is my fucking body and if you don’t like my taking the agency to determine what my body looks like you can go fuck off.

I don’t give a shit what you think about me or my body.

You don’t fucking own me.  I am not your fuck slave.  You don’t get to act like a radfem dick  and dictate to me what sorts of surgeries I can or cannot have.

You don’t get to act like the strong arm thugs of the femmephobic, misogynistic patriarchy and dictate crap like “God doesn’t make mistakes and if God intended for you to be a woman she would have made you one.”

You just sound like a bunch of religious fanatics peddling right wing bigotry when you try to lay that shit on me.

Laying that shit on me makes me want to run the red and black flag up the mast and point out to you a simple anarchistic truth.

I have the same fucking freedom to do with my body what pleases me as you expect to have to do with your body what pleases you.

If I wanted your fucking  post-modern word salad I’d go back to school and major in Gender Studies.

I don’t give a shit what Daly, Raymond or Jefferys has to say.  Any more than I care what Hagee, Barton and Goebbels have to say. Daly is dead.  I’m glad. I wish Barton, Raymond, Jefferys and Hagee were too.

I’m not asking for your permission to do anything.  Your ideas of how I should live my life or how I should tell my sisters and brothers to live their lives are totally meaningless.

I tell them, don’t listen to the bigots.

Smash the bigots.  Fight them, not allies like the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, GLAAD or even HRC.  Imperfect though they may be they are not the enemy.

RadFems are a fascistic right wing enemy of not only TS/TG people but of LGB folks as well as mainstream feminism.

The ultra radical agent provocateurs always come out of the fucking wood work to create dissension on the left when ever the left needs to unite to protect what they have or to push back against the radical right.

You almost wonder if they are a bunch of Kochsuckers getting paid by the rabid right to sow hatred and disorganization among those on the left.

Why do RadFems hate the idea of people having control over their own bodies?  Couldn’t their exact same argument be used against women having access to abortion.

Oh wait it is:

Doctors encourage transsexualism and transgenderism because they make money off the treatments.

Where have I heard that one before?

Oh yes, “Doctors (Planned Parenthood) encourages abortions because that is how they make lots of money.”

The RadFems are calling for there to be a “Final Solution” for transsexual and transgender people, as though we won’t show up again next generation, just like gay and lesbian people.

We do not need their permission for anything.

Not for how we live. Not for how we organize. Not for what we think. And not for how we fight their bigotry.

Denise shares her story of employment discrimination

Published on Jun 4, 2012 by

Did you know you can be fired in more than half the states just for being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender? Passing ENDA (the Employment Nondiscrimination Act) can help make this a thing of the past.

The Task Force has been working tirelessly to get ENDA passed. On June 12, 2012, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee will hold hearings on ENDA. The following story describes one person’s experience with employment discrimination.

Have you experienced discrimination in your place of employment? Share your story with us at

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American Apparel features its first transgender model, GLAAD staff


by Seth Adam
Friday, June 8, 2012

Clothing giant American Apparel has teamed up with GLAAD on a new line of equality tees, just in time for LGBT Pride Month. And in a company first, AA is featuring an openly transgender model in its ad campaign! GLAAD worked alongside American Apparel in casting for the new ads, which will run online and in print.

Former America’s Next Top Model contestant and openly transgender model Isis King is among those donning the Pride shirts in ads that will appear online and in print across the nation. Joining her in the ad campaign are four current and former GLAAD staff members, among others.

Fifteen percent of all proceeds from the shirts benefits GLAAD’s work to share stories that build support for equality.

American Apparel employees will also join GLAAD staff in LGBT Pride marches across the country, including in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Participants will each receive an AA tee, courtesy of American Apparel. Click here to find out how you can join us!

“We’re super proud to support LGBT Pride again this year and partner with GLAAD in these events. It’s time for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, to accept each other and thrive in harmony. We hope everyone comes out and joins us,” said Marsha Brady, a creative director for American Apparel.

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Where Will CeCe McDonald Serve Her Time? The Devil is in the Details

From Color Lines:

by Akiba Solomon
Friday, June 8 2012

When I first heard that Crishaun “CeCe” McDonald—the 24-year-old black transwoman prosecuted for surviving a white supremacist and transphobic assault—would be housed as a man at the Minnesota state prison at St. Cloud, I felt panicked and pissed.

I wasn’t alone. On Twitter, The View’s Sherri Shepherd declared it “cruel punishment.” A Shepherd follower responded, “No no now, this is AWFUL! Seems like a definite death sentence for CeCe.” And the poet Ursula Rucker shouted (virtually), “There’s alot going on here…racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia…all equals one big fat INJUSTICE!!!”

While the “big fat INJUSTICE!!!” part remains a give-in among people with common sense progressive observers and advocates, I was surprised to learn that McDonald’s local supporters are in wait-and-see mode regarding her placement.

“So far, CeCe is doing pretty [well]. She has a relatively positive attitude and she’s been excited to see the support around her remaining throughout the process,” says Katie Burgess, the executive director of the Minneapolis-based Trans Youth Support Network. Burgess maintains constant contact with McDonald and she serves as a key strategist in what has become an international support campaign.  

“People tend to think about how CeCe identifies as a woman and say she should be able to go to a women’s facility. But there’s really no history of transgender people being placed according to their gender identity. So once CeCe is placed in a permanent facility, she’ll look around and decide if she feels safe there. If she doesn’t, she’ll move forward with a civil suit against the Department of Corrections to be relocated to a safer place. That may or may not be a women’s prison.”

At the moment, the larger issue for McDonald is the state’s evaluation process. Over the next month, says Burgess, an ad hoc committee of prison health officials and wardens will form to determine McDonald’s gender (you read that right), whether or not she’ll continue to receive the hormones she’s been prescribed in the past and if she’ll be placed in administrative segregation, which is really just a glorified version of solitary confinement.

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The Bible, Biology and Bigotry

From Ms Magazine:

June 8, 2012

In 1964, when I was 13 years old, my family’s summer vacation consisted of a drive from our home in New York to the apartment my grandparents had just bought in Miami Beach.  That’s right, along with hundreds of other Northerners streaming south for Freedom Summer, my family decided that it might be a fun family event to drive our Cadillac, bookended with New York license plates, through the rural South.

Along the way, we stopped at countless diners, gas stations and motels (receiving about a dozen bogus speeding tickets in speed traps along the way). Being a New Yorker, I’d never seen segregation up close–the separate water fountains, the uncleaned “colored” toilets, the signs that said “whites only.” Segregation, once an abstraction, was suddenly as visceral as it was visual.

Shaken, I asked my parents how people could possibly justify such cruelty, such inequality. They explained that segregationists relied on the twin pillars of racism–religion and biology. African Americans were considered to be biologically different, genetically inferior and marked by God as inferior. Thus, even slavery had been legitimate because “they” really weren’t human beings.

How could this be? The Bible I read in Sunday School, the Moses I quoted at my Bar Mitzvah, the Jesus whose Sermon on the Mount I’d been studying, would never have justified such treatment.

As a teenage amateur historian, I came home and did the mid-20th century version of a Google search: I went to the library.  Sure enough, my parents were right. Slavery “was established by decree of Almighty God,” said Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America. “It is sanctioned in the Bible, in both Testaments, from Genesis to Revelation…it has existed in all ages, has been found among the people of the highest civilization and in nations of the highest proficiency in the arts.”

A quarter of a century later, as a young professor, I began researching men’s responses to the demands for gender equality. It seemed obvious, and obviously wrong, that inequality based on gender stifled women’s voices and also disfigured men’s lives. What sorts of justifications could possibly reduce half the human race to second-class status?

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Broken Shards of My Heart: The US in Decline

From Common Dreams:

by David Michael Green
Published on Saturday, June 9, 2012 by Common Dreams

I could tell you that my heart was broken by what happened in Wisconsin this week, but in truth that’s not quite accurate.

I grew into political awareness and maturity in the middle of the 1970s. For people my age, then, our entire adult lives have been one long witness to the dismantling of that which we grew up taking for granted as a foundation for any further progress that might come. We lived in the relatively egalitarian country of the New Deal and the Great Society, with its robust middle class and a measure of earnest compassion for the poor. Today, that seems like a foreign country, if not a remote planet.

Over the course of our adult lives:

We watched in shock and horror as the country turned to a Hollywood washout, who was literally a national joke candidate five years earlier, and made him president, following him down every path of joyful self-destruction and absurd deceit.

Our jaws dropped in the 1990s at the visage of New Gingrich, the most overtly petulant and destructive piece of self-loathing to ever occupy a human body, as he was elevated to the highest position in the United States Congress, and pioneered the basest politics and the shattering of our government that remains our inheritance today. As if that weren’t shameful enough, at the same time Gingrich’s buddy down at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue was destroying the meaning of the Democratic Party, aping the Republican sell-out to corporate thieves and the abandonment of the public interest – especially the poor, the first to be thrown under the bus.

And, despite the fact Bill Clinton deserves to rot in hell for the damage he did in exchange for his personal joyride in the White House, we were nevertheless forced to watch in horror the relentless and destructive lunacy of the president’s impeachment for the high crime of lying about a blow-job.

We had to endure the travesty of Bush versus Gore, one of the most egregious tramplings of democratic practice imaginable, then watch the sickening product of that judicial rape: the swaggering wars based on lies, the torture, the doubling of the national debt, the environmental depredations, the economic melt-down, and the raison-d’etre for it all: the radical shifting of wealth from the 300 million of us to the one-tenth of one percent who own everything in sight.

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Anonymous – Internet rebels

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