The “Die Cis-Scum” Meme: A Gut Check for NormBorn Privilege

As forty years post-op and long post-transsexual old hippie woman, I assimilated into the dominant culture a long time ago.

Unless you are reading my writings, meet me at a conference, LGBT/T center or demonstration/event I’m presumed normborn and generally have normborn privilege extended to me, albeit privilege that is impacted by my being a visible lesbian.

As a left wing, anti-racist living in Texas my white skin, education, and normborn appearance permits me to listen in on the private thoughts of many very bigoted people.

I was working at a big box store during the 2008 elections. I had to listen to some really vile racist crap regarding Obama.  The presumption was that I shared their ultra right wing politics and would never consider voting for a Democrat, when in reality I’m far to the left of the Democratic Party and would vote Democratic Socialist or Socialist if we had a real Socialist Party as an alternative.

I worked my way up to assistant manager of my department.  Along the way I had to listen to racism directed towards African-American people Asians, Latinos.  Anti-Muslim bigotry was particularly intense, this in a store where 10-15% of our customer base was Muslim.

How does this apply to “Die Cis-Scum”?

I pass as cis-sexual/cis-gender.  Now I’ll admit that I’m not all that fond of those terms.  Mostly because I don’t view the world in black/white binaries.

But having passing privilege means bigots aren’t afraid to spill the hatred in front of me.  They whip out their invisible KKK/Aryan Nation membership card right in front of me and spew, never realizing that I’m Antifa and donate to the Southern Poverty Law Center when ever I can.

Passing privilege means I see the contempt normborns show towards gender-queer or obvious  TS/TG folks.  Hell over the last 40 plus years I have taken numerous TS/TG sisters on their first public walk.

I’ve been able to observe second hand the rudeness and meanness directed at at gender queer as well as non-passing TS/TG people.

When I lived in Hollywood and San Francisco where people almost feel obligated to read you to your face I too was subjected to it.

The sort of in your face transphobia that  gives normborn people the sense of entitlement that permits them to get in your face and call names is identical to the sort of racism that lets white supremacists get in the faces of African-Americans and scream the “N-word” at them.

Normborn privilege gives you the sense of entitlement that permits you to discuss TS/TG people like they are sub-human.

Only gender queer punk rock types of people are going to be militantly anarchistic enough to get back in your face and tell you we hate your overly privileged attitudes and sense of entitlement.

Most of us aren’t that militant, especially if we are assimilated.

We just make notes and remember the scummy bullying behavior you showed to the obvious TS/TG/gender queer person.  You may have even expected us to laugh in tacit approval of your behavior and have been upset when we told you, you were rude to a customer shopping in our department.

This gut check on radfem normborm privilege has been interesting because it has revealed the cult like thinking and how it parallels that espoused by the homophobic radical right.

Here is something for a bunch of feminist studies majors, radical feminists to ponder:  If your parents sent you to private school, you attended an elite university, worked an unpaid internship one summer, spent another summer traveling in Europe, and have the money to fly to England to attend the RadFem Hate Fest you are not a fucking oppressed minority.  You are an overly privileged member of the dominant culture.

I remember the social engineering feminism pulled in the early 1970s making it sound like only one metric was important for measuring oppression and that was sexism, that women were the most oppressed class.

It sounded good.

Just as long as no one said WTF?

As long as no one said, “I went to shitty schools and making it in life is getting promoted to night manager at Micky Ds, while you went to the finest schools and got a Ph.D. and tenure, how are we part of the same class and equally oppressed?”

So people came up with intersecting oppressions.

Now a bunch of radfems are spewing a bunch of crap about TS/TG people, both T to F and T to M people.

I know how the radfem bullies think they are being cute when they call us M to Ts or F to Ts, but they are a bunch of bigoted assholes,  normborn scum if you will, who like to be bullies, but hate it when the bullied fight back.

They sound like the right wing creeps, who love using the “N-word” for African Americans, but think they are being persecuted when African Americans call them honkies.

The ones who get every fucking advantage in the world and make sure that members of minority groups have it harder than anyone else;  the same group that cries bloody murder when a member of a minority group over comes all the obstacles and makes it.

You fucks make TS/TG people and gender queers lives miserable from the time we are in the cradle.

Especially if we were obvious as kids.  No one stands up for us.  Many of our parents turn their backs on us.

And you shit heads channel Focus on the Family/Jan Raymond  at us.

Oh, but we aren’t supposed to hate you back because you can’t accept that you are bigots and bullies.

We aren’t supposed to insist on our rights or our dignity.

When we are murdered, normborns make excuses for the murderer and let him off.

When one of us defends herself against thugs with swastika tattoos and kills one of her attackers, she goes to prison.

And all y’all are upset because a gender queer punk with a pissed off attitude challenges your bigotry with a tat of “Die Cis-Scum”

Maybe you need to really engage in some self examining of your own bigotry and stop sounding like a member of Aryan Nation, who is offended at getting called a Nazi.

Maybe we would have less cause to hate you if you took your jackboots off of our necks and noticed our humanity.

Remember it is hard not to hate some one who has their boot on your neck and a lot of us don’t chant Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Dalai Lama when we are being abused.

Before complaining about TS/TG rhetoric perhaps you should look at the radfem rhetoric that calls for our being  subjected to the final solution.

10 Responses to “The “Die Cis-Scum” Meme: A Gut Check for NormBorn Privilege”

  1. Christina-Xena Says:

    Very poignant message about the truth of the situation between radfem-borgs and those in the trans-community. I especially like the points about how how the cis-privilege trans-haters attack the trans-condition and those with non-normative trans birth, expressions and identity then act like they are victims of unjustified hate and disdain from the trans-community. What hypocrites they are!

    In some ways I think if they didn’t have another minority group to attack, and get negative responses from, that they would fear that they would become even less relevant and noticed then they already are in the feminist movement and in general society. Their hate really serves to further marginalize themselves, and they’re grasping at straws to even keep their outdated thinking even alive.

    “Haters gotta hate”….cause without those negative interactions going on they don’t even exist in the current world. No one would be paying them any mind at all. A sad bunch of really pathetic people, and wouldn’t be worth the time to even respond to them except they try to spread their hate and mind-fuck to others in society. When I argue with them it’s not to try to change their minds, an impossible task, but to neutralize their message of hate that may be read by others.

    Fact is that these bigots/haters wouldn’t have much of any public image or appear to be relevant in any meaningful way without the trans-community to spat with. Well, it’s time to twist their dirty little boots off the t-community and fight back, which some activist and supporters are now doing, and I applaud them for their historical knowledge, insights into the radfem-bot thinking and tactics, plus their willingness to engage them at critical events, or planned ones.

    BTW, I think your terms “normborn,” which seems to combine cis-sexual and cis-gender meainings, is useful (been looking for a one-word term for this) but I don’t know if I go completely for the “normal” part of it. Perhaps the word “cis-born” might convey the same meaning but without implying that other people aren’t “normal”? Besides I like the fact that “cis” really ticks off these radfem-borgs! LOL!

    Thanks again for some great clarity to this ongoing messy war started and continued by the rad-fem nuts.

    • Suzan Says:

      Actually they have a laundry list of people they hate. Including sex positive lesbians, femmes, “fun feminists” sex workers.

    • Suzan Says:

      BTW Sophie Siedlberg is the one who coined “normborn” Tina and I are the coiners of Women Born Transsexual and by extension Men born transsexual and I guess “born transgender” too as being a way of saying hey we were born this way.

      “Normborn” had a trace of contempt about it and could be used by anyone born different to describe the privilege of not being born different whether trans or say differently abled.

  2. Indi Kelly Edwards Says:

    people who label others Borgs fall into the same category as redfems

    • Suzan Says:

      Some people are Borg because they are dogmatic asshole who don’t allow others the freedom to think for themselves that goes for Taliban Christians and that goes for certain Transgender Folks, mainly on line who all seem to be quoting from some liturgy.
      Turns out they aren’t particularly representative of most trans activists I’ve met.

  3. Samantha Shanti Says:

    Back in the 70’s I had largely the same reaction to feminism when I got deeply involved. Seemed there wasn’t a place for lesbians then any more than now. HATE is a mental illness, one that spreads through teaching HATE and not teaching people to think. It was then, it is now.

    To be honest I find labels of any kind demeaning, pointless and insulting. All of them. Whom I love is less important than the fact that I am capable of love. Lesbian, Trans whatever, Cisstupidity, they are ALL ways of othering people.

    Being an educated woman, an OLD educated woman, one that has studied sciences and arts with equal alacrity, I KNOW for a FACT that “Trans” and “Cis” are not, NOT, NOT words, but prefixes that are Latin in derivation. Trans means to pass from one side to the other, and cis means on the same side. You can only be Trans for a fairly brief period of your life. Once you reach the point when inside and out, you are more or less the same person, you lose and reason to call yourself Trans.

    For example, four years ago I moved from Colorado to Ohio. During the move (what the hell was I thinking) I was Transstated. As in moving from one state to another. Once my mail started here, I registered my car, traded in my drivers license, that was it, I was a Buckeye. An Ohioan, regardless of the fact that I have ever intention of moving back to Colorado, hopefully next year. I could, as I know some women to do, argue that I’m still TransState, but that’s not reality, it’s and identity that diminishes me and everyone else.

    I have friends with all kinds of history. I have so much history myself. I was a wife, a housewife, a nurse, doctor, a rape survivor, a battered wife, an abused child, yada, yada, yada … Where does the identity politics stop and the living begin? When do I leave my past being me where it belongs and focus on living now?

    I’ve had friends, women with a past, that I’ve had to break contact with, because they were obsessed with identity politics, and their whole life was all about angry activism. I refused to deal with the constant unrelenting drama. Every moment of thier lives was about WHAT THEY WERE, not who they are. Lesbian, Bi, Gay, Trans something or other, victims . . .

    And there we have it, the victim mentality. I don’t go to rape victims groups, they are all about well, being (present tense) victims. I don’t get involved in much of the madness and weirdness out there because these people are not living. People who are on the all trans/cis/norm/whatever channel all the time? They are like the empty shell people at camp divorce.

    Look at all the money and bullshit with GAY INC and equality of the various kinds. Not one dollar spent has done anything other than to make other people rich. SCOTUS is going to rule one day soon on one of the many marriage equality lawsuits out there and it’s going to become the law of the land. All the rest, bullshit, noise and greed. The EEOC ruled on employment and ruled that existing law covered gender identity AND orientation, that existing sex discrimination laws covered EVERYONE. Enda died that instant, NATIONALLY.

    And yet people still bitch, moan, and make a pest of themselves, because they are so busy suffering, and making us suffer, that they don’t even know they are pointless and need to get on with a real life.

    It’s truly sad.

    • Suzan Says:

      Actually I found too many lesbians thought it their right to take over feminism and treat heterosexual women as uncommitted was a far bigger problem. The dogmatists drove the majority of women away.

  4. Padmavyuha Says:

    I was struck by your use of the word ‘assimilated’ – being someone who really doesn’t like the whole ‘stealth’ and ‘passing’ paradigm. As far as I’m concerned, I spent decades ‘passing’ as a man, and I’m done with ‘passing’ now, I’m just me.
    I’m in mid-transition and I’m shocked by how conservative the expectations are from both the cis-public and from trans women too as to how I ‘should’ present as a trans woman. It’s as if everyone thinks I only have a right to transition if I agree to be assimilated into the stereotypical heterofemme look, and people are freaked out by the idea of a trans woman who has no particular investment in being ‘feminine’.
    I’m constantly expected to justify myself, and it’s not a requirement, people. There are billions of kinds of woman, and I’m this kind. End of.

    • Suzan Says:

      You can also be assimilated into the lesbian culture, the academic culture, the music culture, the art culture. Where is it written that assimilated to the being comfortably located in the sex you have been surgically reassigned to requires one to be “feminine or masculine” My friend Jacob Hale has assimilated into the gay male culture to the point where he does drag on occasion is a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

      I get tired of the femmophobia that says pretty and feminine TS/TG people are pandering to stereotypes. Who gives you the right to question their authenticity?

  5. tinagrrl Says:

    “Transgender Borg” refers to the IDEOLOGY of some “transgender leaders” who claim SRS is neither necessary nor called for in any case. They also claim TG includes ALL folks THEY identify as, in any way, “trans”. They do not want to ALLOW transsexual/post-transsexual/WBT folks their right to self define.

    As far as they are concerned WE MUST be a part of “Transgender Inc.” no matter what.

    They can’t even be bothered to say, “transgender and transsexual”.

    When we requested that usage we were first laughed at, then spoken to as if we are little children. When we actually stated our viewpoint again, we were vilified, banned from even commenting on blogs. Every attempt was made to silence us.

    The entire “HBS”, “Classic Transsexual” groups are, in many ways, an outgrowth of the inflexible “Transgender Borg” attitude. Granted, the “transsexual supremacists” have been with us since the beginning of the internet, but they were not an organized force until the push back against “The Transgender Borg” began.

    Both extremes are anathema to me. Both will, occasionally, make good points — but, as a rule both sides take that point and spin it to the point of insanity.

    I am of the opinion that both the “Transgender Borg” and the “transsexual supremacists” are dangerous, and ultimately destroy any chance of there ever being a true alliance between the majority of TG and TS folks.

    Then again, I also believe the TG folks actually fall into the trap of becoming seen as a permanent “third sex” – thus allowing Lesbian, Gay, Rad-Fem, and Conservative groups to set us aside, not accept us as valid members of our reassigned sex, and keep us forever in some ill defined place.

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