I’m Transgender… And thats okay

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  1. Michelle Stanwood Says:

    Well, You are OK! No problem with that at all. Unlike me, you have somewhat of an advantage of being young in the 21st century, and depending on where you live everything may work out well for you, and I hope it does. For my own survival, I’ve had to live two seperate lives with both in “stealth” of each other. That’s complicated to say the least.

    Be Loved!

    • Suzan Says:

      Young? I’m gong to be post-op 40 years in a little over 2 weeks. There are many adjectives one might use to describe me, young is pretty far down on the list unless one is being patronizing towards me or trying to be ironic.

      I describe myself as an old hippie and the economy sucks for older people who aren’t wealthy.

  2. Michelle Stanwood Says:

    OMG, Suzan, how did you manage to look twenty something that way! I sort of think of myself as an “old hippie” as well, but only became one Hippie, that is after my experience in SW Asia back in those days. Not one of these dust-ups in the past half century have been worth getting remotely involved in except for the oligarcs and their political running dogs who certainly made their personal fortunes that way. I have a number of tranz friends who are Nam vets, some of which are post-op as well and they have some challenging struggles with the govt.( VA ) to this day. In any case, I don’t have the financial resources to completely transition at this time or to keep it truely sustainable for the forseeable future, but I do all I can to help others in whatever way I can.

    • Suzan Says:

      This is not me. I don’t do videos very often. do to Word Press my name goes on every video or article I put up.

      I put up a picture of me a few days back that I am using for the cover of my memoir which will be out later this year.

      I wasn’t gender confused before I came out. I caused other people to be confused as to what gender I was. I looked like a lesbian before I came out so at my draft physical I was sent over to the group they wouldn’t take if the Viet Cong were having a banquet in a Chinatown restaurant. (Queens, transsexuals and obvious gay men) They asked if I had sex with men and I told the truth. Maybe too much information for them they never called me again.

      • Michelle Stanwood Says:

        DAMN Suzan, I should have tried that! I probably could have pulled it off, except that it would have only earned me prison time and years of multiple rapes and such disfigurement that there would be no hope for any sort of transition faux or otherwise. No, not in this part of the country and not in 1961.

        • Suzan Says:

          I first came out to my parents in 1962 only they didn’t realize I had. They found my clippings of a serial memoir of April Ashley that was published in one of the tabloids. they had been busting me for dressing up starting in 1960. They held the clippings up and demanded to know if that was what I wanted to be. I looked at them and said, “That’s what I am, isn’t it?”

        • Suzan Says:

          Michelle. Before I came out I was addressed as Miss by sales clerks on a fairly frequent basis. I worried more about the draft than I ever should have. I was a feminine looking person to start with and it was easier to live as a woman than it was to try to convince people I wasn’t a queen.

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