Victory for Transgender Woman at University of Arkansas

I know there are no doubt some Transsexual Sisters of Purity out there who will mouth the radical right/radical feminist party line about how wrong it is for “men” to use the lady’s room.  Conveniently failing to mention what restroom they used as pre-ops.

I won’t do that.  I started using the women’s room when I had to pee as soon as I started going out in public during the process of getting on hormones.

I didn’t make a scene of it.  didn’t hang around primping.  I just went in, peed, washed my hands and left.

From The Advocate:

Jennifer Braly scores a win.

BY Neal Broverman
May 25 2012

After the Department of Justice applied pressure, the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith will now allow a transgender woman to use women’s restrooms.

Jennifer Braly has been fighting for the right to use women’s facilities at UA. Braly, 38, was a guest lecturer at the university as well as a student; she says she was banned from lecturing because she challenged UA’s bathroom policy.

The school is now allowing Braly to use the facilities, but only after the Department of Justice sent a letter to the school. Read more here, but be warned that the article continuously refers to Braly’s anatomy.

From Inside Higher Ed:

Restroom Choice

Mitch Smith
May 25, 2012

The University of Arkansas at Fort Smith is changing its policy regarding restroom use by transgender people after a student complained to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Jennifer Braly, a 38-year-old UAFS junior who is a transgender woman, was upset after being instructed to use only gender-neutral restrooms on campus. Braly had used women’s restrooms and gender-neutral restrooms until another student complained.

Braly is again allowed to use women’s restrooms, said R. Mark Horn, a vice chancellor. He said that the decision was made this spring after the Justice Department sent a letter to the university system’s lawyers. The university wouldn’t make that letter available, citing federal privacy laws. Justice Department spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa confirmed that a letter had been sent informing the university of the complaint, but Hinojosa said the letter did not direct the university to take any specific action. Hinojosa wouldn’t say whether an investigation is ongoing. A conservative blog, the first national outlet to report on the issue, accused the Obama administration of forcing the issue.

Read more:

For the Radical Right/Radical feminist take on this one can go to the Right Wing Extremist Blog Townhall

The Bully Administration

Kevin McCullough
May 27, 2012

What was the great injustice that the University of Arkansas Fort Smith was committing?

They had refused to allow a 38-year-old male student to use any and all female facilities on campus. So per the communication from the administration, Eric Holder, Barack Obama and company, and acting on the hopes the DOJ would play nice, they caved.

And now the 38-year-old anatomically male student, who goes by the name Jennifer Braly, and refers to himself as a “transgender” (instead of transvestite) has been given campus wide permission to enter any and all female facilities.

Since the university had initially denied the access, I’m sure you’re pondering how the DOJ got mixed up in this to begin with. According to Mark Horn, the Vice President of university relations it was pretty simple.

Complete article at:

4 Responses to “Victory for Transgender Woman at University of Arkansas”

  1. HBM Says:

    What you are clearly ignoring in your egalitarian appeasement to the TG Borg is that clear, and easily discernable difference between genuine, surgery tracked pre-ops and those full time or part time CD’s who have adopted that intentionally ill-defined fabrication so popular with the transvestites, “trans*gender”.

    What you have in this instance is yet another clear example of the bully tactics of your socialist leader using his DOJ to stomp on the rights of women in furtherence of his utopian ideology.

    • Suzan Says:

      Fuck you Nazi. Herr Bockman, you can just go goose step off a fucking cliff and die. I honestly don’t give a shit about your opinions. Too bad the Russians didn’t kill more of you Nazis.
      My socialist leader? You are a total moron if you think Obama is left wing. He’s about as left wing as Reagan.

  2. tinagrrl Says:

    Herr Bockman?? Gee-golly Sir, why are you so sure the President of ALL AMERICANS is some sort of “Socialist”? Can you please point out how his policies are any more “socialistic”, than let us say. Reagan?

    Didn’t Reagan actually save Social Security? How about this from his Statement on Signing Social Security Legislation on Dec. 29th 1981: “There is no more important domestic issue on which we have to have a national consensus than social security, because it affects just about all of us either as current beneficiaries or current taxpayers.
    Continuing the minimum benefit for present beneficiaries reflects a bipartisan consensus, which I strongly support.”

    Did he suggest ending Social Security when faced with that reality? Didn’t he actually RAISE TAXES when it was clearly necessary?

    “Egalitarian appeasement”?? Oh — I get it, does that mean attempting to expand equal rights to some of the despised human beings in our society? Do you realize our wonderful “Radical Feminists” are now attacking actual “surgery tracked pre-ops”?

    How does that fit in to your “Radical-Right-Wing-not-very-different-from-the-Radical-Religious-Right-Wing” ideology?

    Well, I guess it doesn’t matter — you are going to think whatever it is you want to. Even if it makes no sense.

  3. tinagrrl Says:

    Here’s something I do not exactly understand — given that many of our “conservatives” constantly speak of “The Founding Fathers”, and “Our Founding Documents” (The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution, among others) when and HOW does “egalitarian” become a “bad word”? When did our “Conservatives” forget The Preamble of The Declaration Of Independence?

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,[75] that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed ……”

    Do they now believe that only “certain” people are actually “human”? Are the rights of Citizenship limited by Race, Religion, gender, or sex? Does a “trans” prefix in how YOU describe THEM mean they are neither equal nor human?

    Can someone please explain how “egalitarian” became a “bad word”?

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