Crazy Christo-Fascist Bigotry, Radical Feminist Bigotry and Transsexual Sisters of Purity Apologists for Bigotry

A Comment left the other day

If you can let go of old issues and leave the repainting of all things into black and white, them vs us for just for a moment…if you can do that and you stop and actually listen to the “rad-fem’s.” They like you, once the anger is spent tend to get down to the real issues fueling their anger.

Their reasons, while I will agree at times seems more about that tired refrain that transsexuals cannot exist cause they are evil! Come down to two other and rather concrete things, one an old issue, one a new issue

The first, is, that just as you too have noted, the “we are all trans-like it or not-activists” such as Autumn Sandeen, as well as the legions of crossdressers come/trans they speak for are actively trying to rewrite what a woman is from a flesh and blood reality into a bit of really bad two dimensional performance that turns a man in drag a woman!. Have panties, will travel! This is misogyny at it’s worst and is just as much an attack upon a;; women as is the Republicans making all women’s uteri public commons! This really is men actually invading women s space and it is wrong!

The second is that there is, for lack of a better word, an “epidemic” of trans-manhood that is rampaging through the college campuses in the ranks of those who are (were?) lesbian. I would think it hyperbole from the insane had I not seen it with my own two eyes!

Friend’s daughter, a misfit in high school, still searching for who she is, and that might mean she is lesbian, goes off to college. First thing, she joins the college lgbt group looking for kindred spirits, only there are NO lesbians in the L-gbt group to compare with or to learn from! NONE! Honestly NONE! Instead she finds only gay men and trans-men! The latter whom quickly convince this young and very impressionable young woman that her feelings of being at cross purposes with the world and only marginally attracted to men means she too is a trans-man!

This girl had never once shown the least bit of desire to be male! There is NOTHING about this girl that is even remotely manish other than she likes math and playing video games, as if those things had a masculine gender! So she, like most of these young girls, bottom line, being uncomfortable with the social roles that are being put upon them… Rather than fighting back against the roles. She and all these others are so inculcated with the concept that woman is inherent bad and male is inherently good, that they too want to shed the bad and be male too! Well kinda, as long as their version of maleness ends up being more about them really being butch lesbian but called male than any semblance of actual manhood.

That would be fine and perhaps even a good thing in breaking gender role constrictions, were it not for the cheering sections of other just like them and the ease with which these young girls can get testosterone! These girls have not a clue the damage they are doing to themselves. but they, like the transvestites gone terminal on the other side know all the right things to say, having heard them endlessly on the net once they were stolen from folks such as you! So having said them to each other so often they half believe it, and with that cheering second behind them. They set out to convince a therapist! Not a hard thing to do these days! So now with paper in hand they “start transition” Only when their version of the pink fog wears off, they will find along with the many other unpleasant things that all MtT know by heart, their voices will be gone, their hair partially gone or just plain gone! They will have a full beard, and so much more! All of which is irreversible without heroic efforts!

So Susan, you asked the question and this was the answer albeit not the one you hoped for, It is these two things which are bottom line fueling the resurgence of the anti trans sentiment in this faction. Sadly the rad fems have coupled these real things with the old hate and why not? Because they having heard it a million times so they draw the same conclusion as do most these days… “We are all transgender! We are all the same!” So yes you, as a woman with a transsexual past who is a lesbian gets tarred once again for something which has less than nothing to do with you!

Let’s leave Sandeen out of this as being one of those totally irrelevant red herrings dragged across stage to stir anger and confuse the issues.

The next line is a flat out apologetic for bigots.  Sort of like saying the only reason the KKK exists is to celebrate Southern Heritage.

Whip out the transvestites.  Ooooh the disgusting men in dresses…  Fuck it I honestly don’t give a shit.  I’m an old hippie I don’t live in fucking Disney World.  In the real world there are an awful lot of fucking odd people who all seem to be getting their own reality TV Shows.

Who knows maybe I’ll get offered one of those shows after my memoir comes out.

The point is we don’t live in this fantasy land of Christian conformity and white picket fences.  People come in all sizes, color,s cultural heritages, and sub-cultural interests.

I’m sick and tired of the dehumanizing of people, just because they are different and don’t conform to the sort of Mormon uniformity they do in some Wonder Bread place like Utah.  Except I’d be willing to bet Utah has it share of freaks and weirdos too.

Then Mizknowitall goes into this utterly bizarre gender panic/trans-panic Christo-Nazi idea that being exposed to trans-men will cause a college age young woman, who may or may not realize she is a lesbian to suddenly become so enchanted with idea of joining a pariah minority class of people that she will make the mistake of becoming transgender.  This girl who has never shown any inclination in that direction to start with.

What  fucking  drugs are you taking? Maybe you should stop taking them.

Transkids know from the cradle and people start trying to cure them or beat it out of them from the cradle.

And Trolls like Mizknowitall wonder why they are on permanent moderation.  I actually barred this person from commenting then unbarred her.

This is the same sort of shit one finds on ultra right wing Christo-Fascist sites like “Renew America” which has nothing to do with getting rid of corporate fascism or the Republicans who have been trashing out America for the last forty years.

Former transgender warns of skirting marriage laws by same-sex couples

How come the exact same lies and bullshit are coming from the Neo-Nazi right wing, the Christo-Fascists and the Radical Feminists?

As for the sisters of Transsexual Purity they are nothing more than the flip side of the coin from the Autumn Sandeens and Monica Roberts of this world.

So caught up in the “World of Transwarcraft” they miss out on how we are facing the decline of oil production, the end of this type of capitalism all while dancing on the brink of global economic collapse.  Oh did I mention climate change?

I opted out of the idiocy.  There are too many TS/TG folks as well as LGB people who aren’t part of this circus, who are concerned about other issues besides the transwars and abusing people who aren’t like them.



The Rise of the New Economy Movement

From Common Dreams:

Activists, theorists, organizations and ordinary citizens are rebuilding the American political-economic system from the ground up

by Gar Alperovitz
Published on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 by Alternet

Just beneath the surface of traditional media attention, something vital has been gathering force and is about to explode into public consciousness. The “New Economy Movement” is a far-ranging coming together of organizations, projects, activists, theorists and ordinary citizens committed to rebuilding the American political-economic system from the ground up.

The broad goal is democratized ownership of the economy for the “99 percent” in an ecologically sustainable and participatory community-building fashion. The name of the game is practical work in the here and now—and a hands-on process that is also informed by big picture theory and in-depth knowledge.

Thousands of real world projects — from solar-powered businesses to worker-owned cooperatives and state-owned banks — are underway across the country. Many are self-consciously understood as attempts to develop working prototypes in state and local “laboratories of democracy” that may be applied at regional and national scale when the right political moment occurs.

The movement includes young and old, “Occupy” people, student activists, and what one older participant describes as thousands of “people in their 60s from the ’60s” rolling up their sleeves to apply some of the lessons of an earlier movement.

Explosion of Energy

A powerful trend of hands-on activity includes a range of economic models that change both ownership and ecological outcomes. Co-ops, for instance, are very much on target—especially those which emphasize participation and green concerns. The Evergreen Cooperatives in a desperately poor, predominantly black neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio are a leading example. They include a worker-owned solar installation and weatherization co-op; a state-of-the-art, industrial-scale commercial laundry in a LEED-Gold certified building that uses—and therefore has to heat—only around a third of the water of other laundries; and a soon-to-open large scale hydroponic greenhouse capable of producing three million head of lettuce and 300,000 pounds of herbs a year. Hospitals and universities in the area have agreed to use the co-ops’ services, and several cities—including Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Washington, DC and Amarillo, Texas are now exploring similar efforts.

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn accuser adds gender violence to civil lawsuit

From The Guardian UK:

Nafissatou Diallo uses recent New York law to argue alleged sex attack by former IMF head reflected his hatred towards women

Staff and agencies, Tuesday 22 May 2012

Dominique Strauss-Kahn‘s accuser in a sexual assault lawsuit has filed new claims that the alleged attack amounted to gender violence.

Strauss-Kahn was arrested in May 2011 after maid Nafissatou Diallo said he tried to rape her and forced her to perform oral sex in his Manhattan hotel suite. The married Strauss-Kahn, 63, has said what happened was consensual but represented a “moral failing”.

Manhattan prosecutors later dropped the criminal charges, saying they had developed concerns about Diallo’s credibility. Strauss-Kahn lost his job as head of the International Monetary Fund and his bid to run for the French presidency.

Diallo, in a civil sexual assault case against Strauss-Kahn, is saying his alleged actions reflected a pattern of misogynistic behaviour. New York City recently passed a law against gender-based violence and there have been other allegations made against Strauss-Kahn by women. Diallo’s lawyers wrote in her latest claim: “Strauss-Kahn’s conduct towards women generally is, and more specifically his sexual assault of Ms Diallo was, motivated by a gender-animus and a misogynistic attitude.”

Strauss-Kahn’s lawyers had no immediate comment.

Diallo, 33, insists she told the truth about the encounter and is now pressing her claims in civil court. So is Strauss-Kahn, who filed a $1m defamation claim against her last week, saying she had sullied his reputation with a “malicious and wanton false accusation”.

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Is Texas Waging War on History?

From Alternet:

Christian-nationalist zealots are rewriting US history, airbrushing slavery and enshrining creationism in Texas schools.

By Katherine Stewart
May 21, 2012

Don McLeroy, chairman of the Texas State Board of Education from 2007 to 2009, is a “young earth” creationist. He believes the earth is 6,000 years old, that human beings walked with dinosaurs, and that Noah’s Ark had a unique, multi-level construction that allowed it to house every species of animal, including the dinosaurs.

He has a right to his beliefs, but it’s his views on history that are problematic. McLeroy is part of a large and powerful movement determined to impose a thoroughly distorted, ultra-partisan, Christian nationalist version of US history on America’s public school students. And he has scored stunning successes.

If you want to see a scary movie about this movement, consider taking in Scott Thurman’s finely-crafted documentary Revisionaries, currently making the festival circuit, which records the antics of McLeroy and a hard right majority on the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) as they revise the textbook standards that will be used in Texas (and many other states).

The first part of this documentary deals with the familiar “science wars”, in which one side seeks to educate children in the sciences, and the other side proposes to “teach the controversy” in order to undermine those aspects of science that conflict with its religious convictions. But it’s the second part of the movie where the horror really kicks in. As I explain in more detail in The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children, the history debate makes the science debate look genteel. While the handful of moderates on the SBOE squeals in opposition, the conservative majority lands blow after blow, passing resolutions imposing its mythological history on the nation’s textbooks.

Cynthia Dunbar, a board member who has described public education as a “subtly deceptive tool of perversion,” and who homeschooled her own children, emerges as a relentless ideologue. During the hearings, she yanks Thomas Jefferson from a standard according to which students are expected to “explain the impact of Enlightenment ideas … on political revolutions from 1750 to the present,” and replaces him with the 13th-century theologian St Thomas Aquinas. Moderate Republican board member Bob Craig points out that the curriculum writers clearly intended for the students to study Enlightenment ideas and Jefferson in this part of the standard, not a mix of Protestant and Catholic theologians, but the resolution passes anyway.

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Nevada governor seeks dismissal of challenge to same sex marriage ban

From Raw Story:

By Eric W. Dolan
Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has asked a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the state’s ban on same sex marriage, the Las Vegas Journal Review.

Sandoval noted that the U.S. Supreme Court had previously turned down same sex couples’ efforts to challenge state bans on same sex marriage. In their 1971 ruling in Baker v. Nelson, the Supreme Court held that Minnesota’s prohibition of same sex marriage did not violate the U.S. Constitution.

“Based upon this precedent, there is no federal question presented in this case because the central question involved – the definition of marriage – is peculiarly and traditionally the right of states to define,” reads the response to the lawsuit, which was written by Wayne Howle, solicitor general in the state attorney general’s office.

Eight same sex couples filed a lawsuit against Nevada in April, alleging that the state’s ban on same sex marriage violated the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Nevada’s Protection of Marriage amendment, approved by 67 percent of voters in 2002, states that marriage is only between one man and one woman. The state provides gay and lesbian couples with nearly all of the state law rights and responsibilities afforded to same sex couples, but withholds the designation of marriage.

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Drones to take over America’s sky by 2015?

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Boeing HQ Shut Down by Anti-NATO Summit Protesters to Cap Week of Action

From Truth-Out:

By Yana Kunichoff
Tuesday, 22 May 2012

On Monday, the streets in front of Boeing’s corporate headquarters (HQ) were eerily similar to those in other countries where Boeing operates its defense business: bodies lying immobile on the ground, armed law enforcement ready to bring out reinforcements and the constant shuttering of media paraphernalia.

But the scene wasn’t taking place in Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya. The bodies on the ground were in downtown Chicago, part of a “die-in” and protest outside of the defense contractor’s office as part of the week of action against the NATO summit coming to Chicago, and joined by several hundred police officers that were part of the beefed-up enforcement around protests during the summit.

“Boeing is one of the major corporations that raised money to bring the summit here,” said Micah Philbrook, with Occupy Chicago. “Instead, that money could have been well better spent in our own communities.”

Pointing to the heavy police presence, Philbrook said: “These people that are meant to serve and protect us are here serving and protecting the military arm of the 1 percent.”

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RAW 250,000 Massive Montreal Rally marks 100 days of Student Protests

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Why the Women’s Rights Movement Must Listen to Sex Workers

From RH Reality Check:

by Chi Mgbako
May 22, 2012

Before a hushed audience of over 2000 women’s rights advocates from 140 countries stood Kthi Win, a sex worker and leader of a national organization of female, male, and transgender sex workers in Burma.  With quiet confidence she bravely stated:

“The key demand of the sex workers’ movement in Burma, in Asia and all around the world is simple.  We demand that sex work is recognized as work. But we have one other key demand, specific to certain parts of the women’s movement. We demand that we are not treated as victims.”

This defiant rejection of victimhood by a sex worker, speaking on behalf of the global sex workers’ rights movement, took place at the recent AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights and Development, one of the largest gatherings of women’s rights activists in the world.  It was an extraordinary moment because there’s a tendency by some in the women’s movement to reject sex workers like Kthi because they dispute the monolithic narrative that all people in prostitution seek rescue.

The characterization of sex workers fighting for their human rights as “prostituted women” engaged in futile attempts to “organize the enslaved” is perplexing.  For five years my students and I have worked with and been inspired by sex workers successfully organizing from the margins of society.  Sex workers in India who fight against police abuse, work as safe sex peer educators, and run afterschool programs for their children.  Sex workers in South Africa who are leading a national campaign to decriminalize sex work.  Sex workers in Malawi who had the courage to sue the government and challenge the constitutionality of forced HIV testing of sex workers without informed consent.  And there are countless more examples of sex workers organizing in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America.  To label and disregard these advocates as “victims” who cannot comprehend their true “enslavement” is condescending, disempowering, and untrue.

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Rapid Climate Changes Turn North Woods into Moose Graveyard

From Scientific American:

Moose may disappear from boreal woods as circumpolar regions warm and transform

By Daniel Cusick and ClimateWire
May 18, 2012

ALONG THE GUNFLINT TRAIL, Minn. — If moose disappear from the boreal forest of northern Minnesota, as some biologists predict, they will not exit with a thunderous crash. Climate extinctions come quietly, even when they involve 1,000-pound herbivores.

Experts who have studied the Northwestern moose — Alces alces andersoni — believe they are witnessing one of the most precipitous nonhunting declines of a major species in the modern era, yet few outside Minnesota fully appreciate the loss.

The moose is an iconic species whose existence is woven into the social, economic and cultural fabric of this region. Its elongated head and wide antlers are emblazoned on everything from T-shirts to tire flaps. The 1960s cartoon character Bullwinkle J. Moose and his flying squirrel friend Rocky were residents of the fictionalized town of Frostbite Falls, Minn.

But the animals that inspired Bullwinkle are not what they were. Here, even healthy bulls — whose size, strength and rutting prowess make them the undisputed kings of the North Woods — are dying from what appear to be a combination of exhaustion, exposure, wasting disease triggered by parasites and other maladies.

The biologists are baffled and also helpless.

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