Time To End the Winner/Loser Binary

Some years back Nike, was one of the Olympics’ sponsors.  They ran an ad campaign that had as it catch phrase “You don’t win a Silver, You lose a Gold!”

Can you imagine any line of thinking much more ridiculous?

It’s an honor to be good enough in your sport to make it to the Olympic trials.

It is an honor to be good enough to compete.

Yet Nike says coming in second best in the world at that competition make someone a loser.

Even without the sweat shop labor and their pouring their money into image creation instead of quality shoe production ad campaigns like that should be enough to cause socially conscious consumers to opt for a different shoe brand like Asics or New Balance who opt out of the celebrity jock endorsements bullshit.

No wonder we celebrate the one percent even as they reduce us to virtual slavery.  We buy into the bullshit that they are winners and everyone else is an undeserving loser.

Last night Jenna Talackova finished among  the top 12 in a beauty pageant she had to fight to be allowed to compete in.  One of the headlines read “Transgender Miss Universe Canada contestant loses”.

Well she isn’t transgender and if anything she is post-transsexual but the press has always gone for the cheap shot. Besides the organizations that love the word transgender, because it is too hard for them to say transsexual and transgender, were the ones who secured her right to compete.

Jenna Talackova wasn’t a loser.  She was among the finalist.  More important, as trivial as beauty pageants are, she established the principle that at least post-transsexual women have the right to compete.

Now most transsexual or transgender women are no more likely to compete in such contests than they are to compete in the Olympics, another right post-transsexual folks have, but these are the sort of odd bars that the bigots set up.

The one that used to go “Well you aren’t a real woman, you can’t compete in the Olympics sort of imaginary barrier.

Some times being a winner is just surviving with your soul intact.  Being a winner is getting up again when the bigots have knocked you down.

Being a winner is staying true to yourself and your ideals no matter the barriers.

Maybe it is time to  get rid of this winner/loser dialectic and realize we are all part of the same tragic global circumstances that were created by the hierarchical structure that creates a handful of winners and reduces the 99% to loser status.

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