Radical Feminist Attacks on Transsexual/Transgender People: Cui Bono (Who Benefits?)

Right now we have the Christo-Fascists and the Ultra Right Wing waging an outrageous “War on Women” attacking their access to both abortion and contraception.  Indeed even attacking women’s right to vote.

We have this same band of Neo-Nazi/KKK types attacking the rights of LGBT/T people.

Lets leave aside all the racism and anti working people stuff.

Why has this dormant band of radical feminist thugs arisen like long undead vampires, coming out of their coffins to attack transsexual and transgender people?

Even when we are all uncomfortably lumped together in an ill defined group we are at best this tiny minority that is so fucking powerless that seeing a post-transsexual sister win legal arguments and get allowed in a beauty pageant feels like a victory to us.

How the fuck did we manage to become the world’s biggest problem/threat to feminism and women  when nearly half of us are unemployed or under employed?

Lumped together or even taking just post-op women and men, the groups arguably most accepted by the straights we still fall into the category Thurgood Marshall described as the “despised and dispossessed.”  Even if they put us together in a sort of ill defined class and view us as a whole, we are still pretty damned powerless.

So why are we suddenly the targets of this group of self proclaimed radical feminists?

Cui bono?  Who Benefits?

Isn’t it amazing how the last time these so called radical feminists went on a rampage attacking both transsexuals and sex positive women was during the late 1970s, when the right wing was waging another war on women?

For those of you too young to remember Phyllis Schlafly raised the specter of unisex bathrooms  “having men in the women’s rest room” as one reason to kill the Equal Rights Amendment.  The right wing used this sort of crap to rally women behind Reagan.

As a result Jimmy Carter, one of the most honest and decent men to ever serve as President, was defeated by that scumbag Reagan, whose policies have brought us to the point where we are in economic chaos.  Republican policies that totally ignored the looming disasters of Climate Change, Peak Oil and the end to growth.

What is happening now?

Who in their right mind would vote for any Republican unless they are part of the one percent?

Bigots will, racists will.

But the tide has shifted on marriage equality.  Hell, Obama became the first President or Presidential candidate to openly proclaim his support for marriage equality.

Many of these LGBT/T issues seem to just be a matter of time.  DADT is gone. Marriage Equality and an inclusive ENDA seem in line to follow.  None of this means an  end to struggle or an end to being a despised minority group but we are gaining the tools to fight discrimination.

One of the things that is forgotten about transsexuals in the Second Wave Feminist Movement is we were there.  Otherwise we wouldn’t have been targeted for attacks.

Just as there were sex positive Second Wave Feminists.

Cui bono?

Why now?

In spite of the endless game of “World of Transwarcraft” transsexuals and transgenders are actually getting along half way decently in both the LGBT movements and the feminist movements.  Hell, people are even learning that some of us prefer the transsexual label or variation on that theme and some prefer the transgender label.  That’s in the real world where people tend to show more respect for each other than they do while playing “World of Transwarcraft.”

Cui bono?

Who benefits from feminists being distracted from the Republican War on Women and the importance to all women to avoid having Republicans who will take away their reproductive rights take over the government.

Who benefits if women get sidetracked in to fighting over the imaginary threat of this small despised minority group having rights?

Stop me if you see a pattern.

Cui bono?

When Black people get suckered into voting for racists who use the N-word when they describe Obama, because it is more important to prevent gays and lesbians form marrying, than it is to prevent racists from taking over the government…

When working people and the poor are convinced by the one percent that the migrant worker who makes less than minimum wage is a bigger threat than the one percent who have raped the working people of this country and reduced them to virtual slavery…

Cui bono.

Who is behind this?

This is a fair question, not one that should cause the knee jerk accusation of paranoia.

Turns out there are all these ersatz grass roots groups out there taking funding from the ultra rich right wing.  They are organizing to disrupt progressive organizations as well as sucker people into voting against their best interests.

So I think it is a fair question to ask.

Who and what is behind this resurrection of  this so called radical feminism, whose main tenet seems to be anti-transsexual/anti-transgender bigotry?

Why are they using material and rhetoric that sounds as though it came from the American Family association, Focus on the Family and Concerned Women of America?  All of those groups are ultra right wing extremist organizations.  at least two of them are listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Watch Lists.

Cui bono?

These so called radical feminists need to be investigated to see just who it is that is financing their efforts and who is behind them.

9 Responses to “Radical Feminist Attacks on Transsexual/Transgender People: Cui Bono (Who Benefits?)”

  1. Andrea B. Says:

    I would not stop at investigating where the money comes from for radical feminists.

    I can think of quite a few other groups that need to be investigated.

    Also this is not a recent phenomena. It has been going on for a long time.

    I have noticed this across the board in various types of social groupings.

    • Suzan Says:

      Actually what caused me to consider this possibility was the way the anti-marriage equality NOM was found to be buying the Black Ministers like they were prostitutes to use in the anti-gay campaigns.

      But the whole Anonymous, 99%, Occupy Movement has helped expose all the fake grassroots organizations that are actually funded by the Koch brothers and other ultra rich, ultra right wing fucks.

  2. Ann Says:

    whatever happened to the right of a private group to associated with whom they chose? The problem comes when people insist on shoe-horning themselves in where they have not been invited nor are welcomed. “RadFem” groups are not government entities- there is NO right to demand inclusivity. It is the very male practice of dictating how “RadFems” must conduct themselves that has created the present internet ‘war’ between two distinctly different groups of people.

    One can disagree with the beliefs of the ‘RadFems’ all you want, but adults are supposed to have the ability to disagree with each other while at the same time respecting the opinions of another group. However, when it comes to the ‘trans-activists,’ that seems to be a one-way street- they want it their way all the time.

    As to voting…yeah, I DO vote for some candidates with an R behind their name. I am a politician’s worst nightmare- I vote the candidate, not a party.

    • Suzan Says:

      Perhaps they can get the KKK to rent them space. Or maybe the Catholic Church.

      I hate these people. There isn’t one drop of difference between them and the KKK or the Nazis. They aren’t real feminists and have contributed more to the destruction of feminism than the overt right wing.

      Funny thing is those trans-activists you slur are often nicer people, if one avoids the crazies than are the sisters of transsexual purity.

      I want nothing to do with either faction that is immersed in the endless game of “World of Transwarcraft.”

      And I don’t consider people who vote Republican to be my friends.

  3. Ann Says:

    And yet they have the SAME Constitutionally-protected basis to HOLD their beliefs as you do yours. But posts such as yours come across as saying that only those who agree with you are entitled to have an opinion, never mind protections related to free association and whatnot.

    While I may not care for the message being sent by the KKK, the nazi’s, ANY organized religion or a host of other entities that hold opinions that they disseminate in any variety of methods, they are entitled to their opinion.

    Personally, I don’t view anyone who would dare cast a ballot based upon party affiliation to be a friend either…I prefer friends who look at the individual candidate.

    • Suzan Says:

      I notice how recently you also voiced the opinion that CeCe McDonald’s attacker having a swastika tattooed on his chest should have no bearing on the the case even though he was the one who initiated the attack on CeCe.

      I also noticed how on the other hand you thought every thing about the cross dressers past was relevant to the charges being brought in the recent case.

      It seems as though you support the rights of right wing hate groups but not the rights of people you don’t like.

      How do you know I don’t look at individual candidates and haven’t decided that anyone who chooses to be a member of the ultra Reich wing extremist party show incredibly poor judgement and therefore is not some one I would vote for.

  4. mizknowitall Says:

    If you can let go of old issues and leave the repainting of all things into black and white, them vs us for just for a moment…if you can do that and you stop and actually listen to the “rad-fem’s.” They like you, once the anger is spent tend to get down to the real issues fueling their anger.

    Their reasons, while I will agree at times seems more about that tired refrain that transsexuals cannot exist cause they are evil! Come down to two other and rather concrete things, one an old issue, one a new issue

    The first, is, that just as you too have noted, the “we are all trans-like it or not-activists” such as Autumn Sandeen, as well as the legions of crossdressers come/trans they speak for are actively trying to rewrite what a woman is from a flesh and blood reality into a bit of really bad two dimensional performance that turns a man in drag a woman!. Have panties, will travel! This is misogyny at it’s worst and is just as much an attack upon a;; women as is the Republicans making all women’s uteri public commons! This really is men actually invading women s space and it is wrong!

    The second is that there is, for lack of a better word, an “epidemic” of trans-manhood that is rampaging through the college campuses in the ranks of those who are (were?) lesbian. I would think it hyperbole from the insane had I not seen it with my own two eyes!

    Friend’s daughter, a misfit in high school, still searching for who she is, and that might mean she is lesbian, goes off to college. First thing, she joins the college lgbt group looking for kindred spirits, only there are NO lesbians in the L-gbt group to compare with or to learn from! NONE! Honestly NONE! Instead she finds only gay men and trans-men! The latter whom quickly convince this young and very impressionable young woman that her feelings of being at cross purposes with the world and only marginally attracted to men means she too is a trans-man!

    This girl had never once shown the least bit of desire to be male! There is NOTHING about this girl that is even remotely manish other than she likes math and playing video games, as if those things had a masculine gender! So she, like most of these young girls, bottom line, being uncomfortable with the social roles that are being put upon them… Rather than fighting back against the roles. She and all these others are so inculcated with the concept that woman is inherent bad and male is inherently good, that they too want to shed the bad and be male too! Well kinda, as long as their version of maleness ends up being more about them really being butch lesbian but called male than any semblance of actual manhood.

    That would be fine and perhaps even a good thing in breaking gender role constrictions, were it not for the cheering sections of other just like them and the ease with which these young girls can get testosterone! These girls have not a clue the damage they are doing to themselves. but they, like the transvestites gone terminal on the other side know all the right things to say, having heard them endlessly on the net once they were stolen from folks such as you! So having said them to each other so often they half believe it, and with that cheering second behind them. They set out to convince a therapist! Not a hard thing to do these days! So now with paper in hand they “start transition” Only when their version of the pink fog wears off, they will find along with the many other unpleasant things that all MtT know by heart, their voices will be gone, their hair partially gone or just plain gone! They will have a full beard, and so much more! All of which is irreversible without heroic efforts!

    So Susan, you asked the question and this was the answer albeit not the one you hoped for, It is these two things which are bottom line fueling the resurgence of the anti trans sentiment in this faction. Sadly the rad fems have coupled these real things with the old hate and why not? Because they having heard it a million times so they draw the same conclusion as do most these days… “We are all transgender! We are all the same!” So yes you, as a woman with a transsexual past who is a lesbian gets tarred once again for something which has less than nothing to do with you!

    • Suzan Says:

      I watched the rad-fem thugs destroy second wave feminism. Not just with their attacks on transsexuals but with their attacks on heterosexual women, left wing socialist women and sex positive lesbians.

      Contrary to what you might believe some of their shit included waging boycott campaigns against feminist book stores that had the audacity to stock unapproved titles.

      While transsexuals were viciously trashed by this Reich wing rhetoric spouting mob they were not the only ones trashed.

      In case you were around in those days women who had been good feminists started using the expression, “I am not a feminist but…” to describe their feminism.

      So a bloc of solidly progressive people disintegrated into fighting.

      Cui Bono?

      Phyllis Schlafly and the radical right benefited.

      Women lost by not getting the ERA.

      And America got stuck with that fucktwit, Reagan, who started this country on the road to destruction.

      Now the Reich Wing is waging an all out war on women and gays.

      And a bunch of radfems are at it again.

      Cui bono?

      Surely not women.

      Of course people like you are just so convinced of your own purity and so ready to join lynch mobs just so long as the group you are lynching are the transgenders it doesn’t much matter that these people have a history of totally fucking over post-transsexual women as well.

      That they have a history of being vicious lying bigoted scum that most lesbians and most feminists can’t stand.

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