Sandeen’s Desexing of Post-Transsexual Women

Autumn Sandeen wrote a comment to “The Crashingly Boring Christine Jorgensen.”

My first reaction was, “What the fuck?”

Seriously Autumn you got to stop taking bad acid or speed or what ever it is that you are on.

As someone who has twelve stepped away from drinking.

“Stay away from the keyboard after you have started drinking.”

But you own this misogynistic anti-woman pile of reactionary crap you deposited in the comments section of my blog.

Politeness, respect and proper use of pronouns isn’t a magic pill that turns a dick into a cunt.

WPATH isn’t a bunch of wizards waving magic wands that turns a dick into a cunt.

Legal recognition and laws protecting gender identity are a matter of human decency that protect transgender people.

But that doesn’t change the fact that when I take a shower or have sex I have a cunt and am female while you have a dick and are physically male.  Even if you have legal papers and I’m a decent person who out of respect tries to catch the misgendering of you that come through the comments on my blog.

I defriended you on FaceBook over a year ago due to your using Pam’s House Blend as a platform to attack Ashley Love.

I consider you an out of control  bully.

When you work to desex transsexualism in your Borg like attacks on transsexuals you threaten people’s right to choose to have sex change operations.

While others have taken all sorts of cheap shots at you I’ve ignored you rather than feed your egomania.

While ignoring you I discovered something really interesting.  You and your positions are just as marginal as those of the sisters of transsexual purity.

You are the one who has become irrelevant.

Your World of Transwarcraft is of interest to you, Williams and the sisters of transsexual purity.

People are learning to say transsexual for transsexuals and transgender for transgenders.

It isn’t all that hard, particularly when both transsexuals and transgenders have high rates of  unemployment and the Social Support structure of the country is being threatened.

As for my irrelevance.  I’ll let my book do the talking.

Some people are interested in the actual history of that era rather than William’s attempts to rewrite that history, and are very supportive of my efforts.

BTW I have numerous issues of Tapestry from 1982 to 2000 as well as newsletters of Renaissance in Los Angeles during the 1970s among my reference materials.

Autumn your egomaniacal seeking of attention is tired.

Give it a rest.

6 Responses to “Sandeen’s Desexing of Post-Transsexual Women”

  1. deena17 Says:

    Suzan, a book? Soon? Please let us know more when it gets close to market. Thanks.

  2. marilynpierce Says:

    I am thankful that you speak your mind and let the sparks fly. I’m coming up on 28 years post-op, and you have captured the reality perfectly. Those who think that what we have lived through is only about gender and expression of gender really don’t have a clue.

    I can get behind the transgender borg and support their need to express themselves in anyway that they see fit, but don’t for a moment think that they can speak for me and my body. Call me a separatist, call me a exclusionist, they can call me whatever they like, but I will not for a moment let them speak for me. I respect their struggles and I’ll even fight with them for their safety and dignity, but I am not like you, sorry.

    Every morning, I thank the Lord I wake up and I DON’T have to re-orient myself and deal with something that doesn’t belong. I am female-bodied (despite what a very vocal radfem blogs), and that has saved my life. Bottom line.

    Gender expression is just what happens as I live my life. Gender expression is not the reason for my life.

    • Suzan Says:

      The Transgender Borg don’t really represent the majority of transgender people. The Borg are the same sort of extremists as some of the transsexual sisters of purity.

      I think we should ignore those two extremes, be reasonable people and work with reasonable people in a spirit of mutual respect.

  3. Terri Says:

    Blah Blah Blah Blah! I’m to tired to even begin to try and make since out of these obvious identity issues, and need for seperation so you can feel more “Female” But I will say this Ladies. If your not Part of the LGBT community why are you still considering yourself as transsexual? Your female now right, so move it along I don’t think we need to hear from you anymore. Oh wait, that’s right, you may not be “passable” , oh and there is that whole thing about still having to tell the guy or gal your interested in that you are in fact a trans Person, hmmm I guess you still don’t really fit in the female box huh? So that’s why your still here. Well as long as we are clear, pull up a chair lets see if we can stop acting like bitches and seperate your identity issues from the actual cause! FYI I may not be female, but I am a woman, and if/when I decide to have surgery it won’t be because I have identity issues and need closure. It will be because I have accepted myself for who I am, and the step of surgery just makes sense. So stop pretending like your line in the sand is for anyone other than your own personal issues. Get off your “I’m more female than you horse” pick up a sign and stand in line with the rest of us trying to bring justice to the many TransWomen murded all over the world everyday! Because they aren’t “female” enough!

    • Suzan Says:

      You have come to the wrong blog to pull this crap out. I cheerfully say fuck you to both the Transgender Borg Dogmatists, and the Sisters of Transsexual Purity.

      That said Sandeen is as big a joke as many of those sisters of transsexual purity and Cristan Williams is the transgender version of David Barton.

      I’m going to assume from your comment that you have probably read one fucking post here. Otherwise you would have noticed that while I may miss some stories about anti TS/TG violence that goes on in the US I do regularly cover such stories.

      BTW I’ve also attacked the radical right bigotry against LGBT/T people since the first day this blog went up. I also have attacked the transphobia of the radical feminists.

      But you are too fucking engrossed in your goddamned game of “World of Transwarcraft” to notice.

      I won’t even go into the coverage I give to Occupy, the general economy or environmental issues because you probably can’t think about anything out side of the Transgender Borg world.

    • Suzan Says:

      Also 12 of 43, you Borg have been running your blacklist and attempts to shut up anyone who doesn’t preach your gospel for 15 years now. It doesn’t seem to be working.

      While you’ve been wrapped up in World of Transwarcraft the majority of us have moved on and are actually working together on constructive projects while trolls like you are just keyboarding away, lost in your own private world.

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