Sandeen’s Desexing of Post-Transsexual Women

Autumn Sandeen wrote a comment to “The Crashingly Boring Christine Jorgensen.”

My first reaction was, “What the fuck?”

Seriously Autumn you got to stop taking bad acid or speed or what ever it is that you are on.

As someone who has twelve stepped away from drinking.

“Stay away from the keyboard after you have started drinking.”

But you own this misogynistic anti-woman pile of reactionary crap you deposited in the comments section of my blog.

Politeness, respect and proper use of pronouns isn’t a magic pill that turns a dick into a cunt.

WPATH isn’t a bunch of wizards waving magic wands that turns a dick into a cunt.

Legal recognition and laws protecting gender identity are a matter of human decency that protect transgender people.

But that doesn’t change the fact that when I take a shower or have sex I have a cunt and am female while you have a dick and are physically male.  Even if you have legal papers and I’m a decent person who out of respect tries to catch the misgendering of you that come through the comments on my blog.

I defriended you on FaceBook over a year ago due to your using Pam’s House Blend as a platform to attack Ashley Love.

I consider you an out of control  bully.

When you work to desex transsexualism in your Borg like attacks on transsexuals you threaten people’s right to choose to have sex change operations.

While others have taken all sorts of cheap shots at you I’ve ignored you rather than feed your egomania.

While ignoring you I discovered something really interesting.  You and your positions are just as marginal as those of the sisters of transsexual purity.

You are the one who has become irrelevant.

Your World of Transwarcraft is of interest to you, Williams and the sisters of transsexual purity.

People are learning to say transsexual for transsexuals and transgender for transgenders.

It isn’t all that hard, particularly when both transsexuals and transgenders have high rates of  unemployment and the Social Support structure of the country is being threatened.

As for my irrelevance.  I’ll let my book do the talking.

Some people are interested in the actual history of that era rather than William’s attempts to rewrite that history, and are very supportive of my efforts.

BTW I have numerous issues of Tapestry from 1982 to 2000 as well as newsletters of Renaissance in Los Angeles during the 1970s among my reference materials.

Autumn your egomaniacal seeking of attention is tired.

Give it a rest.

The hidden history of transsexual Paris: Intimate portraits documenting the lives of the red light district’s ‘ladies of the night’

Documenting our past makes it harder for people to erase that past.  Our history helps prevent the manipulation of myths to serve present day agenda driven people.

From The Daily Mail UK:

Exhibition features intimate portraits of the lives of transsexuals

By Kerry Mcqueeney
8 May 2012

For ten years Swedish photographer Christer Strömholm lived alongside the transsexual women occupying the red-light district of Paris, documenting their struggles to exist as women,

And after a decade documenting their lives, the fruits of Strömholm’s labour are to be displayed in a photography exhibition.

Christer Strömholm: Les Amies de Place Blanche – an exhibition described as raising profound issues about identity, sexuality, and gender – features 40 photographs, historical publications, and ephemera documenting young transsexuals  in the heart of Paris’ red-light district in the 1960s

For more images and to continue reading go to:

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