North Carolina pastor supports violence against gay children

From Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters:

By Alvin McEwen
May 1, 2012


The following is just plain sick. Pam Spaulding describes the scene:

There are many, many people of faith, progressive houses of worship fighting out and proud against Amendment One in solidarity with their LGBT neighbors who will be hurt by it, should it pass. On the other side? A man reveling in shooting up an anti-amendment sign, and now this news of a pastor in Fayetteville, Sean Harris, of Berean Baptist Church, whose loving message for parents of a child who might be gay — just beat it out of him.  Sickening. (Via JMG and Good As You):

For video follow link:

Transcript (courtesy of Jeremy Hooper):

“So your little son starts to act a little girlish when he is four years old and instead of squashing that like a cockroach and saying, “Man up, son, get that dress off you and get outside and dig a ditch, because that is what boys do,” you get out the camera and you start taking pictures of Johnny acting like a female and then you upload it to YouTube and everybody laughs about it and the next thing you know, this dude, this kid is acting out childhood fantasies that should have been squashed.

Can I make it any clearer? Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. Man up. Give him a good punch. Ok? You are not going to act like that. You were made by God to be a male and you are going to be a male. And when your daughter starts acting to Butch you reign her in. And you say, “Oh, no, sweetheart. You can play sports. Play them to the glory of God. But sometimes you are going to act like a girl and walk like a girl and talk like a girl and smell like a girl and that means you are going to be beautiful. You are going to be attractive. You are going to dress yourself up.”

You say, “Can I take charge like that as a parent?”

Yeah, you can. You are authorized. I just gave you a special dispensation this morning to do that.”

You may hear folks laughing in the background, but this is hardly funny. Perhaps Harris (I refuse to dignify this sick man by calling him a pastor) should read about children beaten and murdered for being gay or suspected of being gay,

Pay attention particular attention to the story of Ronnie Harris:

Ronnie Paris Jr. was a three-year-old boy who died after repeated abuse from his father, who feared that the boy was gay. The abuse that eventually led to the death started as early as when the boy was one year old. In May 2002, Paris was removed from his parents’ home after the Florida Department of Children and Family Services found him malnourished and with a broken arm.

More than two years later, Paris was returned to his birth parents and the abuse continued. Just six weeks after he was moved back into his parents’ home, Paris slipped into a coma while the parents were at a bible study. The child remained on life support for six days before the support was removed and he died.

Paris’ mother, Nysheera Paris, told authorities that the boy’s father, Ronnie Paris Jr. abused the boy because he was afraid that the son would grow up gay. This conversion abuse involved father-son boxing matches to toughen up the child but was nothing more than slapping and hitting Paris until he would cry and shake.

If Amendment One passes, that would mean North Carolina would supposedly “save marriage,” right?

Then who is going to save our children from the supposed “defenders of marriage?”

(Editor’s note – if this makes you mad, then good. But I implore you not to trade evil for evil. Do what you can to bring attention to this awful mess. Blast this all over!)

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Transgender Man Beaten In Memphis

Some times it really pays to not post every story of an attack or assault immediately.  This story sat in my tray for a couple of days.

Sunday night I saw a bunch of outrage over the “misgendering” and thought, “Well I knew I was going to have to rewrite this one.”

I also wondered why The Advocate, an LGBT paper that should have a little sensitivity basically dragged and dropped the original story.

Good thing I had a bunch of other stuff I ran instead because it turned out the victim actually was a transgender man, as in a brother.

From The Advocate:

BY Josh Hinkle
April 28 2012

A Memphis transgender man was taken to a nearby hospital with bruises and a concussion after being beaten Saturday night.

A suspect in Memphis, Tenn., faces aggravated assault charges after sending a transgender man to Methodist Germantown hospital with bruises and a concussion.

Eighteen-year-old Chase Mason Kelley attacked the man Saturday night, punching him repeatedly until the victim was unconscious reported WREG. The police report says the brother of the perpetrator also tried to hit the victim with his Jeep, but failed.

The victim is expected to make a full recovery WREG reports. Kelley, however, could face more charges. “If a hate bias based on gender identity can be proven, the attacker may be subject to stronger penalties under the Matthew Shepard, James Byrd hate crimes law that passed in 2009,” Jonathan Cole of the Tennessee Equality Project told WREG.

UPDATE: To clarify, the news report on the victim’s gender by WREG seems to be inaccurate. Our information on the assault victim’s gender was obtained by a screenshot of the police report, featured in the video. We apologize for any confusion.

But Wait there is yet another update

This time from From The Transwomen’s Anti-Violence Project:

Correction: Trans man bashed in Memphis Saturday before last

WREG Memphis news broadcast and website reported last week that a man was attacked by two teenage cis brothers, one identified in the report as 18-years-old Chase Mason Kelley, after the bothers learned that the victims was a trans man. While the story correctly identifies the victim as a male and uses the appropriate pronouns, the anchor in the video from the TV broadcast wrongly says, “the motive for the beating: the victim’s decision to change from a man to a woman.” This is twisted, as the victim identifies as FTM, not the other way around. Adding to the confusion, headline for the news story originally read, “Teen Charged With Beating Transgender Male,” but male was changed to “person” about three and a half hours after it was originally posted.

The Advocate also posted a report on the bashing this past Saturday, a week after the man was attacked. The Advocate’s story follows closely on the WREG report and correctly identifies the victim as a trans man.

Unfortunately, the inconsistencies in the original report seem to have led the Transadvocate blog to wrongly identify the victim as a trans woman while referring to the two previously mentioned reports as “transphobic.”

The Trans Women’s Anti-Violence Project was contacted by an individual familiar with the case after reposting the information from the Transadvocate. This person confirmed that the victim is in fact a trans man who was intentionally targeted by two cis brothers and their cis sister. The two brothers severely beat the victim causing a concussion, extensive bruising and injures requiring a visit to an ER and numerous stitches.

The post with the incorrect information has since been removed and I apologize for not originally fact checking this story better.

Is there a lesson in all this?

Maybe the idea that we need an all inclusive term is more problematic than if there are different terms for the different groups represented under this imaginary umbrella.  Transman would have been much clearer than transgender man was.  Just as transwoman is much clearer when used to describe either a pre-op transsexual or transgender person living in the gender associated with females.

Get over the dogma arguments and address the problems.


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The Internationale

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Expect Us!

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Friends say murder of transgender woman in Oakland was a hate crime

As is too often the case the victim was a woman of color.

From LGBTQ Nation:

Monday, April 30, 2012

OAKLAND, Calif. — A transgender woman was shot to death in downtown Oakland, Calif., over the weekend, and friends believe her killing was a hate crime.

According to a witness, Brandy Martell, 37, was sitting behind the wheel of her car around 5:15 a.m. Sunday when one or two men walked up and began a conversation, reported KGO-TV.

The witness told KGO-TV the conversation was cordial, but then a few minutes later, one of the men became angry and fired into the car where Martell was sitting.

Watch a report from KGO-TV:

Go to the article to see the video:

Until late last year, Martell worked as an outreach worker at a health center in Fremont, Calif., which serves the transgender and transsexual community.

Community organizations have said they believe the shooting was motivated by hate. According to Oakland Occupy Patriarchy, a branch of Occupy Oakland, Brandy was shot by a man who had “become enraged and shot her when he realized she was trans,” reported the SF Weekly.

“When you don’t provide a space in society for people who you think are the other or different, especially transgender women, especially transgender women of color, when you don’t provide spaces for them to be in a safe environment or a safe space, whether it’s socializing or services, this is what happens,” said Tiffany Woods, a friend of Martell’s.

Police are still investigating the murder and said it could be considered a hate crime if they find out that the assailant was motivated by Martell’s actual or perceived gender identity.

Gay marriage: Pope representatives calls for Catholic alliance with Muslim and Jewish groups

From The Telegraph UK:

The Pope’s representative in Britain has urged Roman Catholic leaders to form a united front with their Muslim and Jewish counterparts to oppose gay marriage.

27 Apr 2012

Archbishop Antonio Mennini, the Apostolic Nuncio, called for closer co-operation with other faiths as well as Christian denominations to put pressure on the Government over its plans to allow same-sex couples to marry.

In an address to Catholic bishops from England and Wales, he echoed the recent comments of Pope Benedict who said the Church faced “powerful political and cultural currents” in favour of redefining marriage.

His comments come after a series of high-level interventions by some Muslim and Jewish leaders last month after the Equalities Minister, Lynne Featherstone, launched a national consultation on how same-sex marriage might be introduced.

Last month the Muslim Council of Britain voiced opposition to the plans, describing it as “unnecessary and unhelpful”.But, as the Islamic faith in Britain does not have the same hierarchical structures as Christian Churches, much of the Muslim opposition has been voiced through local alliances.

In Scotland, the Council of Glasgow Imams recently agreed a joint resolution describing same-sex marriage as an “attack” on their faith and fundamental beliefs.

Continue reading at:

Save the Rich (Official Video) by Garfunkel and Oates

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