What’s in a name?

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NEWS / Trans students want their chosen names used on post-secondary documents

Jacques Gallant
Friday, April 27, 2012

Ben Boudreau would simply like to have his professors call him by his name, but this is proving to be far more difficult than he envisioned.
Boudreau is a transgender student at Montreal’s Concordia University. He’s been fighting with the registrar’s office and ombudsperson there to have his preferred name used on official university documents.
For now, the legal name he is trying hard to distance himself from still appears on his transcript and on attendance sheets distributed to his professors.
The second-year sciences student was recently offered a compromise by the university. He was told his legal name would have to remain on official documents, but the registrar would contact Boudreau’s professors to explain his situation, so they would not call out his legal name in class. They also told him they would print the letter “B” next to his legal name on his student ID card.

“The thing with the card was useless, because my legal name is still on it, and as for the registrar, I’m not sure if they ever followed up with all of my professors, because there are still slip-ups in class,” Boudreau says, noting that it takes time for a legal name change to be processed. This is why he is trying to get Concordia to modify its policy on preferred names.

Services Quebec’s website indicates it can take up to four months to study an application to change a resident’s legal name. It takes even longer for trans individuals wishing to have their genders legally modified.
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