Friday Night Fun and Culture: Macy Gray and Esperanza Spalding

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Grayson Bashes Romney

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Transgender attacks on the rise in Mission District

Hey Y’all Be Careful! We don’t need more people’s names on that yearly list..

From San Francisco ABC:

Vic Lee
April 26, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — There’s been a disturbing increase in the number of attacks on transgender people in San Francisco, especially in the Mission District.

“We are developing a trend here that we have not seen before,” San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon said. “About a third of all hate crimes we’ve seen this year have been focusing on transgender women and that’s very, very concerning for us.”

A security camera caught two suspects who police say committed one of the more brutal attacks when they beat a transgender woman with an iron pipe outside a Mission District restaurant.

Mia Tu Mutch was a victim in another attack. In April of last year, she was assaulted by two men, also in the Mission.

“They made a lot of derogatory and hateful comments and then proceeded to beat me and kick me in a very crowded public way,” Tu Mutch said.

She was then sexually assaulted by a third man who had no connection with her attackers.

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Cut world population and redistribute resources, expert urges

From The Guardian UK:

Nuclear disaster or plague likely unless population shrinks and natural resources are reassigned to poor, says Prof Paul Ehrlich, Thursday 26 April 2012

The world’s most renowned population analyst has called for a massive reduction in the number of humans and for natural resources to be redistributed from the rich to the poor.

Paul Ehrlich, Bing professor of population studies at Stanford University in California and author of the best-selling Population Bomb book in 1968, goes much further than the Royal Society in London which this morning said that physical numbers were as important as the amount of natural resources consumed.

The optimum population of Earth – enough to guarantee the minimal physical ingredients of a decent life to everyone – was 1.5 to 2 billion people rather than the 7 billion who are alive today or the 9 billion expected in 2050, said Ehrlich in an interview with the Guardian.

“How many you support depends on lifestyles. We came up with 1.5 to 2 billion because you can have big active cities and wilderness. If you want a battery chicken world where everyone has minimum space and food and everyone is kept just about alive you might be able to support in the long term about 4 or 5 billion people. But you already have 7 billion. So we have to humanely and as rapidly as possible move to population shrinkage.”

“The question is: can you go over the top without a disaster, like a worldwide plague or a nuclear war between India and Pakistan? If we go on at the pace we are there’s going to be various forms of disaster. Some maybe slow motion disasters like people getting more and more hungry, or catastrophic disasters because the more people you have the greater the chance of some weird virus transferring from animal to human populations, there could be a vast die-off.”

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Jon Corzine Is the Original George Zimmerman

From Rolling Stone:

By Matt Taibbi
April 24, 2012

So the Senate Banking Committee is beginning hearings todayon the MF Global scandal, hearings entitled, “The Collapse of MF Global: Lessons Learned and Policy Implications.” Apparently the government has already moved to the reflective, introspective, South Park-ian, “You know, I learned something today!” stage in its examination of the scandal, despite the fact that the government’s official “response” hasn’t even started yet, i.e. authorities have yet to arrest a single person in this brazen billion-dollar theft story.

To make an obvious comparison: Much like the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, the outrage here goes beyond the fact of the horrific crime. An equally profound insult in both cases lay in the fact that that serious crime obviously had been committed, and yet authorities refused to act for months. This situation with former Goldman chief and U.S. Senator Jon Corzine and the officials of MF Global involves a less physically savage offense, but the authorities’ refusal to act is every bit as incredible.

Nobody disputes the fact that MF Global officials dipped into customer accounts and took over $1.6 billion of customer money. We not only know that company officials reached into customer accounts, we know they brazenly lied to bondholders, ratings agencies and investors about the firm’s financial condition (“MF Global’s capital and liquidity has never been stronger,” wrote the CFO of MF Global’s holding company, on the same day Moody’s downgraded it to junk status).

We even know that eighteen days before the firm went bust, company officers discussed how quickly to return money to customers, and even contemplated, in writing, the possibility of not returning the money right away. This is from a risk-assessment document prepared by company officers entitled “Break the Glass”:

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In Honor of Women

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Trillion Dollar Crisis: The Case for Student Loan Forgiveness

From Huffington Post:


The financial tidal wave of 2008 left millions of American homeowners “underwater,” owing more on their homes than their properties are worth.

This has decimated consumer demand and destroyed countless dreams.

Yet homeowners are not the only group of Americans who find themselves “underwater.” After decades of skyrocketing tuition and stagnant wages, American students and graduates now often owe significantly more on their student loans than their degrees are — in dollar terms — worth.

This week, President Obama took a decisive stand for students, fighting to prevent a three-point hike in interest rates on federally-subsidized Stafford loans. Over the past several months, he has also proposed an accelerated income-based repayment program and new incentives for states to contain costs. These are steps in the right direction. But we need more decisive action to get America’s “underwater” students and graduates back on dry land.

The ever-growing cost of getting a degree is at the heart of the problem. Public institutions, where a majority of students are educated, have steadily increased tuition as public financing has declined. Amidst unprecedented state budget cutting, average public tuition increased by an astounding 8.3 percent in 2010 alone.

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