“Radical Feminist” Bigots

Y’all just gotta know that I can sniff out certain kind of bigots by the weaselly “code words” they use.

Every set of bigots has their own set of code words they use that allow them to pretend they aren’t really bigots.

I’ve been running into the bigotry of the self  anointed “radical feminists” since 1969 and listening to their bigotry couched in concern for the harm a very small minority group represents  to biological women.

Who knew the power of a tiny minority made up of perhaps one person in a thousand.

Who but a bigot would think that the only reason women born with transsexualism or transgenderism, who have been victimized and abused by sexism and misogyny from the cradle would think feminism is a good idea and would want to be part of the feminist movement is so they can rape unsuspecting lesbians?

Who but a bigot would listen to a class of people tell the stories of their lives, of the pain endured, the abuse and then turn around and say, “That is all a lie, you only want to destroy the women’s movement.”?

Last night I posted a piece about the LAPD finally creating separate housing for transgender arrestees.  The article lacked details and used the incredibly vague “transgender”, but my incredulity regarding the story is that an announcement of their finally doing this means that for over 50 years they haven’t had special accommodations for people who are now called transgender.

Something San Francisco had in 1968.

Now of course one of the “Rad Fem” trolls tried to weasel a snide comment in.  May I suggest people unpack the following attempt at ill concealed bigotry.  “This sounds like good news, like it will be a good way to keep both transgender people and biological women safe. I don’t like the idea of biological men being in cells with women. I think it puts the women in danger.”

First of all:  What the fuck is a biological man or a biological woman?

I know what males and females are, based on the hole or pole form of sexing.  The method used sexing for every thing from humans to farm livestock.

But a ten year old male isn’t a man nor is a ten year old female a woman.

“Biological” is fraught with even more issues.  What determines that “biological”?  Christo-Nazis and Radical feminists want it to be at the chromosomal level, which is pretty absurd since the vast majority of people have never had their DNA tested to the level that would determine their sex chromosomes.  Even the common test used in the Olympics, prior to their discontinuance due to its inaccuracy, wasn’t really set up to accurately determine chromosomal sex.

“Rad Fem” speak is kind of like NOM speak, a cover for sociopathic levels of bigotry.  Fears of contamination by the transsexual and transgender impure.

Are anti-discrimination rules based on “gender identity” and “gender expression” really vague on what those terms actually mean?  You bet, and I think that sort of looseness of language is making the passing of those measures considerably harder than more concrete definitions might.  That debate should be internal to the groups pushing for those measures.  But it is also the language transsexual and transgender people have used in pushing measures protecting TS/TG people from hate crimes.

What can’t be mistaken is how the “radical feminists” are not really allied with mainstream feminists, who are focused upon the Right Win/Religio-Fascist war on women.  Instead they are allied with the Right Wing, the Christo-Fascists, NOM, Concerned Women of America and the Independent Women’s Forum.

I’ve always thought one should decide where a group is coming from by their friends and their choice of enemies.  When your main focus is a laser beam of bigotry aimed at a tiny minority group then you are a hate group not and are not part of a progressive movement aimed at advancing the freedom and rights of all people including the despised and the dispossessed.

When You sound like a fascist and a bigot your posts wind up in the trash can.

Then you get to go complain on your blog how horrible I am for not allowing your bigotry on my Blog.

BTW when I was scoping out that particular little spoonful of hate coated with a veneer of concern I noticed the poster had said some nasty stuff about one of my friends.

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LAPD to house transgender arrestees in separate section

For way too long being pre-op transsexual or transgender and being arrested has put one in extreme danger

From The LA Times:  http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/04/lapd-jail-transgender.html

April 12, 2012

The Los Angeles Police Department will begin housing arrested transgender men and women in a women’s jail by the end of the month, making it what administrators believe is the first police department in the country to do so.

The announcement came Thursday night from Capt. Dave Lindsay, commander of the department’s jail division, speaking to a meeting in Hollywood of transgender people with police Chief Charlie Beck and members of the city’s Police Commission.

The department will open a women’s module at its Metropolitan Detention Center downtown. One of the sections within the module will be reserved for up to 24 transgender people, Lindsay said.

“This is a major change,” he said, that will allow for “an environment that’s safe and secure, as there’s been a history of violence against transgender people” in jail.

“We’ve pushed for this,” said Karina Samala, director of the Transgender Working Group, which has been discussing changes in police policy and regulations with LAPD officials since 2007.

Continue reading at:  http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2012/04/lapd-jail-transgender.html

Chinese supertankers boost Iran crude fleet ahead of oil embargo

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Save the Bees — Ban Neonicotinoid Pesticides

From Mother Earth News: http://www.motherearthnews.com/honeybees-beekeeping/neonicotinoid-pesticides-zb0z1204zlon.aspx

By Cheryl Long

MOTHER EARTH NEWS’s sister magazine Utne Reader has just published an excellent report on new evidence that the systemic neonicotinoid pesticides widely used to grow corn are one of the reasons so many honeybees and other pollinators are dying. One study has shown that neonicotinoid pesticides are so potent and persistent that residues are present in high fructose corn syrup that is sometimes fed to bees by commercial beekeepers.

We should all write to the Environmental Protection Agency and demand that they cancel all registrations for neonicotinoid pesticides immediately.

Utne’s report doesn’t tackle the huge question raised by this discovery of pesticide residues in corn syrup — What about the effects on humans who eat huge amounts of food containing corn syrup and many other corn products? Persistent, systemic pesticides simply have no place in food production. The reasons to grow your own food just keep growing.

Here are abstracts from three recent neonicotinoid toxicity studies.

1) “In Situ Replication of Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder” abstract:

The concern of persistent loss of honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) colonies worldwide since 2006, a phenomenon referred to as colony collapse disorder (CCD), has led us to investigate the role of imidacloprid, one of the neonicotinoid insecticides, in the emergence of CCD. CCD is commonly characterized by the sudden disappearance of honey bees (specifically worker bees) from hives containing adequate food and various stages of brood in abandoned colonies that are not occupied by honey bees from other colonies.

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Gay ‘conversion’ therapies give moral authority to bullies, says ex-missionary

From The Guardian UK:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/apr/13/gay-conversion-therapies-bullies-missionary

Former Pentecostal Christian Peterson Toscano says his life was ruined by his church authorities’ attempts to alter his sexuality

guardian.co.uk, Friday 13 April 2012

Peterson Toscano, a 47-year-old American, underwent gay ‘conversion’ therapies for 20 years as he struggled to reconcile his Pentecostal Christianity with homosexual attraction. It devastated his life, cost him tens of thousands of dollars and left him needing a decade of counselling and therapy, he said.

He now lives happily as a Quaker and is in a gay relationship but in 1996 he was in crisis. He had been married for five years and was working with his wife as a missionary in Zambia, when he was forced to leave the project and his wife because of his struggles with same-sex attractions. He found himself in the Worcestershire town of Kidderminster and attended a community church where another experience of an attempted gay conversion began.

“This is how it always works out,” he recalled. “Someone in the church knows you are struggling through people sharing prayer requests about you or talking behind your back. One way or another some church authority finds out about it and they say: ‘listen, let’s help you brother’. The treatments are varied.

“One person will try and cast out demons, the other will take you through a 12-step programme. In essence they are saying it is wrong to be gay, it is not natural and you have to change. If you don’t there are direct consequences in this life and the next.

“The mission I worked with connected me with a counsellor at True Freedom Trust [a charity that offers gay Christians counselling to overcome their homosexual feelings]. We went for walks two to three times a week to chat about the issues and we would meet in his office. It was very grandfatherly and in many ways very sweet. But on the other hand he reinforced the idea that I needed to change and while I still may have the same desires, I was making the right choice in denying them.

Continue reading at:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/apr/13/gay-conversion-therapies-bullies-missionary

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Expect Controversy: Assange’s The World Tomorrow to premiere on RT

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ALEC Annoyed at Losing Sponsors? It Breaks My Heart

From Dissent:  http://dissentmagazine.org/atw.php?id=731

Mark Engler
April 12, 2012

It is a myth that Gandhi said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” But that old saying nevertheless carries a lot of truth when it comes to social movements. And it is always a pleasure to see a worthy target of activism move from disregard or mockery to going on the attack.

Therefore, I was happy to see the right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) release a half-defiant, half-pathetic statement bemoaning the “coordinated and well-funded intimidation campaign against corporate members of the organization.” Its statement reads:

ALEC is an organization that supports pro-growth, pro-jobs policies and the vigorous exchange of ideas between the public and private sector to develop state based solutions. Today, we find ourselves the focus of a well-funded, expertly coordinated intimidation campaign.Our members join ALEC because we connect state legislators with other state legislators and with job-creators in their states. They join because we support pro-business policies that promote innovation and spur local and national competitiveness. They’re ALEC members because they’re more interested in solutions than rhetoric….

At a time when job creation, real solutions and improved dialogue among political leaders is needed most, ALEC’s mission has never been more important. This is why we are redoubling our commitment to these essential priorities.  We are not and will not be defined by ideological special interests who would like to eliminate discourse that leads to economic vitality, jobs and fiscal stability for the states.

After about the third reference to “job creators,” it’s hard to miss that this is an operation nestled snugly within the depths of the far-right echo chamber, never passing over a chance to frame tax cuts for the top 1 percent as a moderate, bipartisan path to common bliss. In fact, far from sticking to promoting “improved dialogue,” ALEC has (with troubling effectiveness) advanced a slew of reactionary measures in statehouses throughout the country. Stand Your Ground? Check. Prison privatization? Check. Right to Work? Check. Discriminatory Voter ID laws? Check. The list goes on and on.

Continue reading at:  http://dissentmagazine.org/atw.php?id=731

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