Sandra Fluke Speaks On Rush Limbaugh, Women’s Issues And Her Next Steps

From Huffington Post:

Posted: 04/ 3/2012

Rush Limbaugh’s personal attacks on Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke’s character may have taken the nation aback, but Fluke says she wasn’t shocked by much of what the talk show host had to say about her.

“Perhaps I am a cynic, because [Limbaugh’s] attacks were not that surprising to me,” Fluke told a small audience of New York movers and shakers at an intimate dinner following a gala event for the Women’s Campaign Fund to benefit female politicians and their causes. “They were outrageous, obviously, but we’ve seen this [sort of tactic] before. This is an old trick out of the old boys’ playbook, to try to silence women.”

What Fluke was surprised by, however, was how Limbaugh’s remarks seemed to touch a particularly sensitive nerve for so many women — and men — across the country.

“I almost felt that the groundswell of support for me was more surprising,” Fluke said, noting the numerous messages of support she’s received in recent weeks. “I’m so grateful that Americans proved me wrong on that one, and reacted so supportively in those moments.”

Support may be in abundance for Fluke these days, but sleep certainly isn’t. Fluke is, on some level, living something of a double life at the moment — attending galas, lectures, and political events on the side while attempting to maintain her studies at Georgetown.

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