Confidential court papers reveal anti-gay NOM’s dirty racial strategies, ‘sideswiping Obama’ plot

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Scott Wooledge
March 27, 2012

National Organization for Marriage’s dirty little secrets continue to spill out. When they failed to appropriately disclose their donors in 2009 to state elections officials, they found themselves in court, squaring off with the state of Maine. And they lost, in trial court and appeals, and recently the Supreme Court declined their appeal. Now, for NOM the post-litigation document dump is looking like it’s going to be a real public relations nightmare for them. It arrives courtesy of Human Rights Campaign’s NOM Exposed project.

Their confidential document, “National Strategy For Winning The Marriage Battle,” has been released to the public and it’s a doozy. Dated Dec. 15, 2009, the group appears heady after their Prop 8 victory. They speak in grandiose terms of how they’ll roll back marriage equality progress in Iowa, New Hampshire and DC. Well, that clearly hasn’t gone their way.

They describe a “Faces of Victims” rapid response team with a goal to feature the heart-wrenching stories of people harmed by marriage equality, in pictures, video and media appearances. That seems to have been a non-starter, still waiting for them to post the tearful videos the rapid response team creates. Perhaps in two and half years, since they are still searching furiously for a victim to feature? It certainly hasn’t turned into NOM’s version of “It gets better” share-your-story, watch-it-go-viral social media sensation.

They plot to recruit glamorous celebrities to serve as spokespeople. Well, they found Kirk Cameron, Stephen Baldwin (the washed-up one, not the funny one on 30 Rock; he supports marriage equality). And they rallied around Carrie “Miss Opposite Marriage” Prejean until, well, video evidence surfaced that she might actually enjoy sex. Then they scrubbed every mention of her from their website.

One thing they have followed through on is their own version of the Southern Strategy, this time with anti-gay bigotry. To anyone paying attention, it has been obvious that National Organization for Marriage has been doing their best to stoke division between communities of color and the LGBT community. Jeremy Hooper at GoodAsYou blog has lots of evidence, 13 examples in this post alone.

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