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When this story first started popping into my mail box my first reaction was,”Beauty Pageant?  They still have those?  How fucking retro and reactionary is that?”

You see I forget we live in a world that declared feminism dead and started pushing gender over sex.

I try to ignore the “Mad Men” mania.  I was a kid in the 1950s.  They sucked and women were seriously treated like shit.

Beauty Pageants are sooo 1950s, so retro and so majorly sucky that I thought the only people who took part in them were sick fucks, who pimp-out their toddler in skank drag.

Seriously beauty pageants are these totally piggish events where women are paraded around and graded like pieces of meat.

I thought feminism drove a stake through the heart of this bullshit in the late 1960s.

Oh… I keep forgetting I’m one of those humorless second wave type feminists.

After all the embrace of gender relegitimized sexism…

I’m supposed to view this sort of extremely oppressive bullshit with irony.

View with irony…

May I unpack that one a bit?

STFU that was a rhetorical question.

Telling people they are humorless or just don’t get it is a way of silencing people, usually women and minority groups, who have legitimate critiques of the entire endeavor, in this case beauty pageants, but beauty pageants are only a subset of process of objectification.

The entire beauty and fashion industry is oppressive.  From the peddling of anorexia to beauty(sic) treatments and clothes that only the wealthy can afford.

When man is used as a synonym for humanity woman becomes but a subhuman and erased secondary object.  Something to be possessed and never the legitimate agent of her own life.

The modern beauty pageant resembles nothing so much as the prostitute displays in the whorehouses of early Twentieth century Storyville, the red light section of New Orleans.

Women parade like prized beef to be chosen by buyers(judges).

Not a particularly pretty sight.

At least drag beauty pageants added the value of camp in their parodying of this heterosexual institution.

That is far more than one can say about beauty pageants in the early Twenty-first century.  Now they are anachronistic dinosaurs run by aging misogynists like Donald Trump.

Now Planet Transgender was all a buzz about Jenna Talackova, a post-transsexual woman competing in that pig’s (Trump) meat display.  Now they are all in a tizzy that the pig acted like the pig that anyone with firing neurons should have realized he is.

Give me a break.  Did anyone with functioning brain cells actually expect Trump to let her compete?

Do people really think transsexuals competing in the slightly upscale flesh market of beauty pageants is some sign of progress?

Winning a Nobel prize in anything, a Grammy, an Oscar, a Pulitzer, something like that is a million times more important than having a bunch of retro pigs fetishize you for your “beauty”.

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Aggressive atheism : Pat Condell

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Hate Groups Roster Grows Again, From 26 to 32

From Southern Poverty Law Center:

SPLC’s list of anti-LGBT outfits, published earlier this month, has been expanded from 26 to 32.

One previously missing group has been restored (#7 below), and five other organizations – which SPLC inexplicably classifies under “anti-LGBT” but not under “hate” – have been added.

SPLC may not see the five additional outfits as hateful enough to get certified, but the extent of long-term, TV-networked harm that they do every year far exceeds many of the first 27 groups, several of which are relatively small and quiet.  Key among these newest five are:

  •  National Organization for Marriage – Runs customized, multi-million-dollar campaigns against marriage equality nationwide.
  • Liberty Counsel – Files lawsuits to repeal LGBT rights and make America into a Christian theocracy.
  • Concerned Women for America – Opposes open military service, employment non-discrimination, contraception, pornography, more.

Anyone concerned about LGBT human rights – or just their own survival – should keep both lists taped to the refrigerator.

 32 Anti-LGBT Outfits (per SPLC Senior Fellow Mark Potok, 8 March 2012)

 27 Certified Hate Groups

1.       Abiding Truth Ministries

2.       American Family Association

3.       American Vision

4.       Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

5.       Bethesda Christian Institute

6.       Chalcedon Foundation

7.       Dove World Outreach Center

8.       Faithful Word Baptist Church

9.       Family Research Council

10.   Family Research Institute

11.   H.O.M.E. (Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment)

12.   Illinois Family Institute

13.   Jewish Political Action Committee

14.   Mass Resistance

15.   Mission: America

16.   Parents Action League

17.   Public Advocate of the United States

18.   Save California

19.   Sons of Thundr [sic] / Faith Baptist Church

20.   Tom Brown Ministries

21.   Traditional Values Coalition

22.   Traditional Values Coalition

23.   True Light Pentecost Church

24.   United Families International

25.   Westboro Baptist Church

26.   Windsor Hills Baptist Church

27.   You Can Run But You Cannot Hide

5 Other Notable Anti-LGBT Organizations

28.   Christian Anti-Defamation Commission

29.   Concerned Women for America

30.   Coral Ridge Ministries

31.   Liberty Counsel

32.   National Organization for Marriage

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World’s largest Christian TV channel ‘funds owners’ exorbitant lifestyle’

From The Guardian UK:

Lawsuit brought by family members claims Trinity Broadcasting Network founder and his wife bought their jets with sham loan, Friday 23 March 2012

The world’s largest Christian TV channel, the California-based Trinity Broadcasting Network, has become embroiled in a multimillion dollar financial scandal after members of the family that founded it alleged widespread embezzlement.

The claims – by Brittany Koper, whose grandfather Paul Crouch founded TBN, and by Joseph McVeigh, another family member – describe exorbitant spending on mansions in California, Tennessee and Florida, private jets and even a $100,000-mobile home to house the dogs of Crouch’s flamboyant wife, Janice.

The network, which claims to broadcast in every continent except the Antarctic and has 18,000 affiliates, was set up by Crouch in the 1970s and preaches a so-called “prosperity gospel” which promises material rewards to those who give generously.

Two years ago it declared a net worth of over $800m (£504m) although in recent years it has faced increasing financial problems.

Details of the claims are contained in cases filed with the California courts by McVeigh, who says he was targeted by the network, and 26-year-old Koper, who was fired in September.

According to the lawsuit, reported in a number of US newspapers, Paul Crouch Sr obtained a $50m luxury jet for his personal use through a “sham loan”, while church funds – many of which come from donations during events like its “Praise-a-thons” – paid for the mobile home housing his wife’s dogs.

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Taliban Christian Movieguide Warns ‘The Hunger Games’ Will Lead to an American Hitler, Has ‘Homosexual and Cross-Dressing Implications’

From Right Wing Watch:

by Brian Tashman
on Fri, 03/23/2012

The Religious Right’s go-to movie review group, Movieguide, is not happy with The Hunger Games. Movieguide, a website dedicated to offering “in-depth analyses of current movies from a biblical perspective,” is also politically active. At May Day 2010, for instance, its president Ted Baehr urged conservative Christians to take the societal “mountain of arts and entertainment” and insisted that in order to reverse the “homosexualization of the culture,” politicians who support marriage equality should be tried and punished.

In its review of The Hunger Games, Movieguide wasn’t just upset about the violence in the PG-13 film but also worried about its “homosexual and cross-dressing implications” and characters who act “effeminately.” The group seems to completely miss the movie’s messages about societal oppression and how people can become desensitized to violence, even claiming that the dictatorship at the center of the film is not rebuked “strongly enough”:

Strong but not extremely explicit or very overt humanist worldview with some Romantic elements, plus light moral elements such as protagonist protects her younger sister, some strong elements suggesting opposition to totalitarian dictatorship, and some homosexual and cross-dressing implications where men in a large city wear makeup and gaudy outfits and a minor character acts effeminately; three profanities and five obscenities; very strong violence includes children kill children with knives, swords, bows and arrows, not always shown but with blood implied, girl is burned, youngest child is killed by bow stabbing right through her, adults get into fights and destroy buildings, mutated dogs eat boy, girl beaten against wall, and girls fight and one gets slashed on cheek; no sex scenes but some kissing and kissing on cheek, plus some homosexual cross-dressing where men of large city are in makeup and gaudy outfits; no nudity; drinking and drunkenness; no smoking or drugs, but bug stings girl and she hallucinates for two days; and, dysfunctional family implied as mother has left children and father is not alive, lying, mentor for children is an alcoholic, government plays propaganda, and a dictatorship but it’s implicitly rebuked though not strongly enough.

Movieguide’s David Outten and Tom Snyder go on to maintain that the movie and book trilogy will lead to school shootings. Warning that the movie “rejects” and “neglects America’s Christian heritage,” Outten and Snyder say the film will exacerbate America’s cultural degradation. The popularity of The Hunger Games, they write, could even make “a tyrannical leader like Nero or Hitler” become “a distinct possibility for the land of the free and the home of the brave”:

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Shit, with a review like this I’ll have to see it when it hits Pay Per View.

As a side note I checked the book reviews on Amazon and there appears to be an orchestrated campaign against the books.

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U.S. Intelligence: Looming Water Woes Will Add to Global Instability

From Nation Of Change:

By Renee Schoof
Friday 23 March 2012

Floods and water shortages in the next 30 years will make it hard for many countries to keep up with growing demand for fresh water, particularly in South Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, the U.S. intelligence community reported Thursday.

Water problems in the next decade will add to instability in countries that are important to U.S. national security, the report said. Floods and shortages also will make it hard for some countries to grow enough food or produce enough energy, creating risk for global food markets and slowing economic growth.

“I think it’s fair to say the intelligence community’s findings are sobering,” said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who requested the report last year. “These threats are real and they do raise serious security concerns.”

Clinton, speaking at an event to mark World Water Day, announced a new U.S. Water Partnership, made up of private companies, philanthropy and advocacy groups, academics and government. The group will coordinate efforts to solve water problems and make U.S. expertise more accessible.

“We believe this will help map out our route to a more water-secure world,” Clinton said.

The intelligence assessment, drafted by the Defense Intelligence Agency with contributions from the CIA and other agencies, was aimed at answering how water problems will affect U.S. national security interests. The classified version, finished in October, named specific countries expected to have water problems, but they weren’t identified in the unclassified version. The public version said only that analysts focused on “strategically important countries” along major rivers in the Middle East, Central and South Asia and North Africa.
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Wall Street Confidence Trick: The Interest-Rate Swaps That Are Bankrupting Local Governments

From Truth Out:

By Ellen Brown
Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Far from reducing risk, derivatives increase risk, often with catastrophic results. -Derivatives expert Satyajit Das, Extreme Money (2011).

The “toxic culture of greed” on Wall Street was highlighted again last week, when Greg Smith went public with his resignation from Goldman Sachs in a scathing op-ed published in The New York Times. In other recent eyebrow-raisers, LIBOR rates – the benchmark interest rates involved in interest-rate swaps – were shown to be manipulated by the banks that would have to pay up; and the objectivity of the ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives Association) was called into question, when a 50 percent haircut for creditors was not declared a “default” requiring counterparties to pay on credit-default swaps on Greek sovereign debt.

Interest-rate swaps are less often in the news than credit-default swaps, but they are far more important in terms of revenue, composing fully 82 percent of the derivatives trade. In February, JP Morgan Chase revealed that it had cleared $1.4 billion in revenue on trading interest-rate swaps in 2011, making them one of the bank’s biggest sources of profit. According to the Bank for International Settlements:

“[I]nterest rate swaps are the largest component of the global OTC derivative market. The notional amount outstanding as of June 2009 in OTC interest-rate swaps was $342 trillion, up from $310 trillion in Dec 2007. The gross market value was $13.9 trillion in June 2009, up from $6.2 trillion in Dec 2007.”

For more than a decade, banks and insurance companies convinced local governments, hospitals, universities and other nonprofits that interest-rate swaps would lower interest rates on bonds sold for public projects such as roads, bridges and schools. The swaps were entered into to insure against a rise in interest rates; but instead, interest rates fell to historically low levels. This was not a flood, earthquake or other insurable risk due to environmental unknowns or “acts of God.” It was a deliberate, manipulated move by the Fed, acting to save the banks from their own folly in precipitating the credit crisis of 2008. The banks got in trouble, and the Federal Reserve and federal government rushed in to bail them out, rewarding them for their misdeeds at the expense of the taxpayers.

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