A Little Drinking Music for St Patrick’s Day

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President O’Bama Hits Pub on St. Patrick’s Day

White racists’ heads explode.

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Transgender Borg Passive Aggressive Concern Trolling

I just love it when a transgender, particularly someone who pulls out the Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Dalai Lama pacifist number, engages in this particularly nasty act of passive aggressiveness.

Many of you no doubt have heard it or been subject to it, particularly if you are a post-transsexual woman who has “abandoned the community” i.e. avoids the Transgender Borg like the plague.

If one of the Borg figures out you are one of those evil “transsexual elitist/separatists”, who considers the “Community” to be filled with self-destructive folks with bad habits like substance abuse and street prostitution…  Or a culture that has little appeal like drag shows and fashion obsession…

Then the dialogue proceeds as follows:

Yadda, yadda… Of course I support hate crimes laws and trans-inclusive ENDA, non-discrimination laws etc.  But I’ve grown far beyond where I was when I had SRS many years ago.  I have other causes that I’m more involved in, I was never involved all that much in the Transgender Culture because I was involved in other scenes etc…

This goes through the Transgender Borg jargon translator machine and results in the poor pathetic little cult member guilt bombing you with: “So you’ve got your surgery and now it’s fuck off for all those poor unfortunate folks who don’t.”  “I don’t understand how you can be so callous as to not want to devote your entire life and being to the helping of your poor victim Transgender Borg sisters oh um and brothers?”

It may be cold on my part but I had sex reassignment surgery to deal with a very personal problem of having been born transsexual. I had hopes and dreams that didn’t involve obsessing on transsexualism.  Those dreams didn’t involve becoming an unpaid social-worker/missionary for the majorly dysfunctional Transgender Community.

Once upon a time transsexuals had sex change operations to integrate into the world of women or men as the case might be. Now days instead of actually becoming part of women as a class, or men as a class, one is expected to celebrate one’s glorious “gender variance”.

Say what? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?  Doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with the reasons I had a sex change operation.

If one has their surgery and moves on because they can, and because life is easier if you leave your t-shirt that proclaims your transsexual history in the memory trunk rather than wearing it and getting in people’s face about your history; well then you are guilty of exercising “passing privilege.”

Well Yeah…  Dooh…  What you have snidely labeled “passing privilege” is being an ordinary woman or man and is the whole fucking point of getting SRS.

But we never say that because we’re really nice… Well actually no… We don’t throw that extra Molotov because we’ve learned that if we do hordes of bizarre transgender hungry ghosts will haunt us for months, comment bombing our blogs and trashing us on their blogs.

Those of us who have been there and done that know what predictable passive-aggressive club will be used next.

The one that goes:

“I hope you never find yourself beaten and bleeding to death on some dark corner because some transphobe read you and decided to cut your throat.”

Gee… Nice one.  I just love the way you wrapped that nasty little piece of hate in a warm fuzzy concern blanket.

But I had a pretty neat mom, one who was realistic enough about who I was as a kid to teach me to be afraid of being alone on dark street corners and to be extra careful about men I might say yes to.  Then because I more or less shunned Transworld while I was coming out I had natal women friends drive those same lessons home.

Then I had an incident, which I was a knife edge away from being murdered.

I learned.  I studied martial arts and learned.  I carried weapons both legal and sometimes illegal.  But mostly I learned to avoid danger.

But along the way I learned a few other vitally important self defense skills.  One of those is ability to recognize con games and manipulation.

There is something exceedingly nasty about Transgender Borg passive-aggression.  It has some of the worst sex/gender stereotypes this side of the Men’s Rights Movement and it plays on emotional blackmail.

Then the TG Borg guilt trip post-transsexual women who call them on their bullshit.

Right-wing freak out over GLAAD’s project continues

From Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters: http://holybulliesandheadlessmonsters.blogspot.com/2012/03/right-wing-freak-out-over-glaads.html

By Alvin McEwen
Friday, March 16, 2012

Reposted with permission

The religious right freak out over GLAAD’s Commentator Accountability Project continues. I gathered a few comments from anti-pundits on the list:

Michael Brown“I am honored! Jesus told us that people would speak falsely against us because of the truth. GLAAD continues to expose itself as an intolerant group devoting to censoring dissenting views. As I have often pointed out, it should be called The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Disagreement.”

Kevin McCullough“I got to tell you, when you get targeted by the Enemy, and I mean the Evil One, I don’t mean human beings but I mean by His forces, it can be rather earthshaking and then it can be rather deliberatively motivating.”

Peter LaBarbera “This is all about silencing, discrediting and demonizing pro-family voices. I guess GLAAD is so afraid that the truth about homosexuality will be heard that it will go to the extreme of creating a ‘blacklist’ against moral leaders — for a media already disinclined to be fair on this politically correct issue.”

 From the Denver Post : Focus on the Family spokesman Gary Schneeberger called GLAAD’s Commentator Accountability Project an attempt “to stifle freedom of speech and freedom of religion by trying to intimidate the media.”

The irony is that none of these folks addressed the statements that they made regarding the lgbtq community; statements which they don’t repeat in front of the media, which is the reason why GLAAD set up this project.

That is except for one person. Glenn T. Stanton of Focus on the Family, during a back-and-forth  on a blog, said the following:

Yes, I as a Christian believe homosexuality is a particularly evil lie of Satan. There are many. Abortion is one. Pornography is another. Sex trafficing is another. Adultery and divorce are some as well. Because they run contrary to what God created us for. If you have a problem with that, you have a problem with historic Christianity. And yes, I did it literally, but certainly not proudly.

Stanton’s statement is why GLAAD’s Commentator Accountability Project is needed. Stanton just admitted that he has a personal animus against homosexuality on a blog, which is something he probably wouldn’t admit on national television when interviewed by someone like Dr. Phil when that show is focusing on a gay issue. He would be presented as an “expert” and his personal bias against homosexuality would not be mentioned.

And that is the gist of  the problem.

“Silencing Christians” or “silencing dissenting points of view” are merely weasel phrases. The media should be presented with information which would lead them to question the motivations of someone presenting him or herself as an expert, particularly if said person has not done the work and does not have the degrees but instead has already formed an opinion and has cherry-picked legitimate work to prove that opinion.

Don’t get me wrong. That person should still be allowed to present his/her opinion on said interview or show but the media figure should ask questions about the person’s motivations, statements, and expertise.

That is what GLAAD’s Commentator Accountability Project is all about.

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Guy Who Rented All 94 Rooms of Aspen Hotel for Party Scores Awesome New Goldman Job

Why yes, now that you mention it the rich elite pigs are different from you or I…

From Rolling Stone:  http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/taibblog/guy-who-rented-all-94-rooms-of-aspen-hotel-for-party-scores-awesome-new-goldman-job-20120312

By Matt Taibbi
Mar. 16, 2012

Remember the story about the Wall Street guy who rented out all 94 rooms of an Aspen hotel for three days for his daughter’s Bat Mitzvah?

The main character in that tale was an individual named Jeffrey Verschleiser, a former Bear Stearns executive who was instrumental in helping blow up that venerable firm. Verschleiser among other things was reportedly involved with an elaborate Wall Street version of a merchandise return scam, only instead of taking the proceeds from returned TVs and stereos, his unit was pocketing the cash from crap mortgages sold back to banks on behalf of investors.

Verschleiser also made a bundle burning Bear’s bond insurers, whom he bet against after inducing them to insure his crappy mortgage bonds, nicknamed “Sack of Shit” bonds by one of the funny dudes in his department. Verschleiser reportedly bragged that he made $55 million shorting his own bond insurers in the space of three weeks. Those interested in the whole sorry story should check out reporter Teri Buhl’s excellent Atlantic magazine piece entitled, “E-mails Suggest Bear Stearns Cheated Clients Out of Billions.”

After Verschleiser decided to monopolize the elegant Hotel Jerome in Aspen for his daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, news reports about his identity leaked out, and the event spurred some local controversy in Aspen and plenty of inflamed commentary around the interwebs. But it seems that the negative press has not hurt Verschleiser’s career. This is from Bloomberg today:

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Silencing Occupy

From The Portland Phoenix:    http://portland.thephoenix.com/news/135501-silencing-occupy/

Big protests are planned. So is suppression.

March 14, 2012

Get ready for the protests. Get ready for the warm American spring — and maybe a hot summer and fall. Vast economic inequality has not disappeared and, in a presidential election year, the supremacy of money in politics will be extravagantly displayed.

But if you protest, also get ready for “free-speech zones,” “pop-up” restricted areas, National Special Security Events, and — with the signing on March 8 by President Barack Obama of HR 347 — a suddenly sharper federal anti-protest law. Despite American constitutional rights to speak freely, to assemble, and to petition for redress of grievances, suppression of protest is just as American.

HR 347’s title, the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011, suggests court-house landscaping, but its true impact cuts much deeper. Without debate, it flew through the Senate with unanimous consent. In the House, only three members voted against it, all Republican, most notably presidential candidate Ron Paul. The brief debate featured jokes about the Super Bowl.

But after its February passage, HR 347 caught the attention of lefty and libertarian bloggers. They saw it as the end of the right to protest and the beginning of outright fascism — with Occupy in its crosshairs. Their reaction reflects a political atmosphere in which the Obama administration is justifying assassinating American citizens without trial as a necessary part of the War on Terror.

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LGBT group plans legal challenge to anti-gay ‘religious freedom’ initiative

From LGBTQNation:   http://www.lgbtqnation.com/2012/03/lgbt-group-plans-legal-challenge-to-anti-gay-religious-freedom-initiative/

Thursday, March 15, 2012

DENVER — Statewide LGBT advocacy organization One Colorado is planning a legal challenge to a broadly-written ballot proposal by conservative religious liberty group that could undermine state law protecting LGBT people from discrimination.

The initiative, submitted by the Alliance Defense Fund to the state March 7, would prevent the state from penalizing individuals or religious organizations acting on “sincerely held religious belief.”

Focus on the Family, the Colorado Springs religious organization, is leading the charge to organize support for the initiative.

But One Colorado, partnering with Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains and Interfaith Alliance of Colorado, is hoping to defeat the initiative during the state’s initial review process.

“Everyone has a right to their own religious beliefs, but no one should be above the law,” One Colorado said in an official statement. “This extreme measure would create a two-tiered society where the law applies only to some and not others. The far-reaching consequences of this deceptive initiative are incredibly dangerous for all Coloradans.”

One Colorado Executive Director Brad Clark said the language is deceptive, and as examples said the amendment could allow a pharmacist to refuse to fill a birth control prescription, an employer to refuse to hire based on sexual orientation or gender identity, or a teacher to refuse to teach sex ed or evolution by citing religious convictions.

Continue reading at:  http://www.lgbtqnation.com/2012/03/lgbt-group-plans-legal-challenge-to-anti-gay-religious-freedom-initiative/

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