Right-Wing Racism: Past, Present—and Future

From The Nation:  http://www.thenation.com/article/166524/right-wing-racism-past-present-and-future

Eric Alterman
February 29, 2012

Does Barack Obama look like a “skinny ghetto crackhead” to you? Did Whitney Houston’s death inspire the thought that Representative Maxine Waters needs to “step away from the crack pipe?” If so, then Fox is the cable network for you. (The quotes belong to Media Research Center president Brent Bozell and Fox News host Eric Bolling, respectively.) But if you prefer your news by radio, then perhaps you’d best stick with Rush Limbaugh, who explains that President Obama “talks honky” around white folk, while his wife feels entitled to abuse public funds as payback for centuries of white oppression of black people. And finally, if you like your racism live and in person, then no doubt you would have been right at home at the recent CPAC convention, where Ann Coulter told the assembled crowd, “Voters with forty years of politically correct education are ecstatic to have the first black president. They just love the idea of it, even if we did get Flavor Flav instead of Thomas Sowell.”

Comparing the president of the United States and the most senior female black member of the House of Representatives to rap artists/reality-TV clowns and drug addicts is apparently unremarkable for conservative media personalities, but presidential candidates need to be more subtle. When Newt Gingrich, for instance, calls President Obama America’s “food stamp president” and promises to “talk about why the African-American community should demand paychecks and not be satisfied with food stamps,” he is engaging in similar signaling, though one with built-in deniability. For Gingrich this has the added benefit that when he pretends this is not the case in the face of media questioning, he gets to attack yet another enemy of the Tea Party types whose confused causes he professes to represent.

It has become a depressing ritual of American politics that when one is confronted with evidence of one’s racism, the proper response is to insist that while old-fashioned Bull Connor–style racism has disappeared, liberals and journalists—and rarely is any distinction made here—remain obsessed with this now-imaginary phenomenon as a means of persecuting conservatives for telling it like it is. For instance, Coulter insists that “liberals and white supremacists are the only people left in America who are neurotically obsessed with race.” Bozell complains of the alleged (Clarence Thomas–style) “high-tech lynching” of Herman Cain by those who accurately reported what the former candidate actually said and did. And, um, ditto Limbaugh, who responded to the same reporting and commentary of Cain’s actions by knowingly explaining that it “tells us who the real racists are.”

The upside of this (barely) coded racist discourse for Fox, Limbaugh, Coulter, Gingrich, etc., is apparent on several levels simultaneously. First and most obvious is its appeal to the unreconstructed and unashamedly racist among us. It’s impossible to know how large this number is since even most racists know not to admit their true beliefs to a pollster, much less a reporter. But if, say, the first 5,000 or so comments on FoxNews.com on Whitney Houston’s death are any indication, their ranks remain considerable.

Continue reading at:  http://www.thenation.com/article/166524/right-wing-racism-past-present-and-future

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Amsterdam News: Anti-Black Journalist Andrew Breitbart Dies Suddenly

The Amsterdam News, founded in New York City in 1902 is one of the oldest operating Black newspapers in America.

I agree with their take on that racist scumbag Breitbart.  The moment he died the world became a tiny bit better.

I love how they didn’t try to find something nice to say about him.

From The Amsterdam News:  http://www.amsterdamnews.com/news/national/anti-black-journalist-andrew-breitbart-dies-suddenly/article_05f15d3a-63d5-11e1-8633-0019bb2963f4.html

By Curtis R. Simmons Amsterdam News Executive Editor
Thursday, March 1, 2012

Conservative journalist provocateur Andrew Breitbart died suddenly Thursday morning. He was 43.

Breibart was an internet journalist who produced content regularly for the Drudge Report and was a regular on the Fox News Network and other media outlets. In recent years he founded his own sites including Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, and Beitbart.com.

Breibart made his reputation by attacking liberal organizations and public officials as well as people of color.

He was most famous for attacking former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod who was fired from her job by Obama administration officials after he posted a video that implied that she had denied helping white farmers who needed her help. Later it was revealed that Breibart had skillfully edited the video to leave out additional comments Sherrod made explaining how she ultimately helped the farmers.

Complete article at:  http://www.amsterdamnews.com/news/national/anti-black-journalist-andrew-breitbart-dies-suddenly/article_05f15d3a-63d5-11e1-8633-0019bb2963f4.html

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Friday Night Fun and Culture: Veronica Klaus

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No More Fun and Games. No More Being Polite to Misogynists, Racists, Bigots and Other Right Wing Scum

I an so totally filled with rage I’ve started and trashed what I am about to say several times.

Whenever I’ve started it, I start channeling Bill Hicks or The Rude Pundit.

Rush Limpdick pushed me to this point.

It is time to cut his mike cord and send him off to the free speech zone of Bloggerville.

Along with the rest of his Nazi ilk.

It is time to stop playing nice The Nazis, the Dominionists, Aryan Nation and the KKK are the Republican Party.

It is time to stop being polite.  History has shown that making nice to Nazis always ends badly.

They do not have a point of view that merits anything other than ridicule, scorn and contempt.

It is pointless to try and debate them as though they are fellow Americans with a political philosophy that should in any way shape or form be considered as having anything to do with American Ideals.

It is time to stop the pacifist fucking whining about how calling them the same sort of filth they call us makes us just like them.

If you think that, you are a part of the problem and not part of the solution.

It is time to start referring to them as the Nazi Party, formerly know as Republicans.

If you think I am being too harsh it is time to kill your TV and smash your pad or pod with a brick.  Or at the very least turn off the corporate advertising crap.  Tune out the reality shows and start living in the real world.

Any woman, person of color, older person, working class, poor or LGBT/T person who thinks the  Nazi Party nee Republicans have their back is a total fucking idiot and should commit suicide or sterilize themselves with a rusty razor blade to prevent the further spread of their stupidity.

Go jump off a fucking bridge.  Blow your brains out.  Just do it.

It is time to stop treating these self-proclaimed Christians as though they are actually Christians.  They aren’t.  They are Dominionists and con artists who have perverted religion to use to further their vile ends.

Since Anita Bryant they have been using “Religion” as a cover for their bigotry.  After all no one is supposed to call them bigots if they raise their cross or Bible as a sword and shield.

Who else used the Bible and Cross as a shield to hide their racism?  The fucking Klu Klux Klan, that’s who.

Yet there are all sorts of Black preachers crawling into bed with these Klansmen acting like everything is peachy dandy and they too can be part of the gang of bigots.

Is the check from the right wing so much that you would sell out to people with a history of racism?

This goes for all the churches.  I’m old enough to remember when being a Christian meant standing for social justice, opposing the war, opposing bigotry.

I remember when Rev Cecil Williams threw open the basement of Glide Memorial and welcomed those organizations who represented the poor and the down trodden.

I’m tired of listening to Nazis who pollute  95% of talk radio and 100% of Fox News carry on about the “Liberal Media”.

Yeah right like there is really a liberal media outside of Bloggerville and the alternative press.  Don’t fucking cite the New York Times, the advertising rag of Wall Street and the corporations who sold not only the war in Iraq but every war that I can remember from Vietnam on.

It is time to take off the gloves and deliver the message to those who pay the salaries of pigs like Rush the Junkie Limpdick that aren’t going to be any more fun and games.

Time to target their businesses. Banksy suggested that we take back and repurpose their advertising.  Perhaps people should make sure consumers know who their purchases are funding.  Picket lines.

Spring is here and Occupy is back.

No more letting LGBT/T people off the hook when they say they are conservative because of economics and small government.

Anyone who says that is a fucking idiot.

The Nazis, nee Republicans want no regulation on corporations and an entire industrial Judicial/Police/Prison Complex examining your bodily fluids and controlling every women’s uterus.

Nazis nee Republicans are economic disasters who crash the world economy.  Their economic policies aren’t conservative, they are fucking insane.

In California, Der Groppenfuhrer, Arnold left a 26 billion dollar deficit and Jerry Brown, the man the Nazis called Governor Moonbeam reduced that deficit to 6 billion.

When Chimpy the lesser came in to office Clinton handed him a surplus, which he managed to turn into an economic disaster.

For over four years now I have listened to Nazis who pride themselves on their “values” spew racism at the Obama family.  When they start spewing their filth I want to reach for a gun.

Instead I smile and say I think Obama is the best President we’ve had in a long time.  He is in so many ways the Black JFK and his wife and children are beautiful too.  Actually I short change Barrack by comparing him to JFK, I think he is smarter than Kennedy and I doubt he’s screwing around the way JFK did.

Am I disappointed in his not being all that progressive? Yes but You just got to know I will support him and I adore him if for no other reason than how he sends the racist Nazis into a state of apoplexy.

Black Madam busted in another toxic butt injection

Where is the fucking cry of outrage in the Transgender Community that this monster is being allowed to walk around free mutilating people?

Everything including words are a hate crime yet there is no huge outpouring of rage that this transgender person is preying on her sisters.  Mutilating them and yes murdering them.  One person is dead already and another put in critical condition.

Many people she shot garbage into will die premature deaths do to this monsters hate crimes.

I’m tired of the fucking excuses about it being a class issue and these people are only doing what they can afford to do.

It is a goddamned Transgender Community issue.  I was around in the 1970s and watched a bunch of my sisters get silicone shot into them.  I was getting away from that world at the time because I saw their way of life as being a death trip.

Doctors weren’t ones pressuring to get implants or other surgeries t was my peers.  As responsible people, peers you can pressure people to not let someone do this to themselves.  Mock them and ostracize them if need be but this has to come to an end.

From Philly.com:   http://www.philly.com/philly/hp/news_update/140998583.html

Daily News Staff Writer
Thu, Mar. 1, 2012

‘BLACK MADAM,’ the transgender “gothic hip-hop artist” best known for allegedly administering the illegal butt injection that killed a 20-year-old British woman last year, was arrested last night in connection with another potential deadly injection.

Black Madam, whose real name is Padge Victoria Windslowe, 42, of West Philadelphia, was arrested in an East Germantown home where she was to host a “pumping party,” police said.

She had been walking free for more than a year since Claudia Seye Aderotimi died after receiving a butt injection at an airport hotel on Feb. 7, 2011. Authorities did not charge her in that case because they were still awaiting toxicology tests of the injected substance.

But yesterday, after a 23-year-old woman nearly died of complications believed to be caused by one of Windslowe’s injections a few weeks ago, cops obtained a warrant for her arrest, said Lt. John Walker of the Southwest Detective Division.

Walker said the woman had received an injection from Windslowe at a “pumping party” Feb. 19 in the same East Germantown house where Windslowe was arrested last night. The woman was treated for pneumonia at Temple University Hospital within two days of the injection but began coughing up blood last week.

She landed in Lankenau Medical Center for seven days, where she was treated for a pulmonary embolism, he said.

“It’s similar to the Aderotimi case,” Walker said. “What allegedly happened is Padge Victoria injected her, hit a blood vessel; the substance entered her bloodstream, goes through [and] lands in her lungs.”

Continue reading at:   http://www.philly.com/philly/hp/news_update/140998583.html

Millions of retirees can’t afford basic living expenses

From The Los Angeles Times:    http://www.latimes.com/business/money/la-fi-mo-retiree-living-expenses-20120301,0,2848072.story

By Walter Hamilton
March 1, 2012

More than 9 million retired Americans don’t have enough money to cover basic living expenses, according to a new study.

Of the nearly 20 million older Americans who live alone or with a spouse, about 47% can’t afford everyday necessities such as proper nutrition and medical care, according to the analysis by Wider Opportunities for Women, a nonprofit research firm in Washington.

(Another 20 million seniors live with family members or in group settings such as nursing homes. They aren’t included in the study.)

The research organization used Census Bureau data to calculate median 2010 income levels for people 65 or older. Income came from a variety of sources, including Social Security, pensions and retirement savings.

It compared that to basic living expenses in individual states and determined the gap between the two.

Complete article at:   http://www.latimes.com/business/money/la-fi-mo-retiree-living-expenses-20120301,0,2848072.story

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The World Bank’s Plans for Fisheries Could Destroy Fishing Communities

From Food and Water Watch:   http://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/blogs/the-world-banks-plans-for-fisheries-could-destroy-fishing-communities/

By Meredith McCarthy
February 28th, 2012

Taking care of the oceans is a big challenge that needs the right solutions. That’s why we oppose turning our fisheries into privatized markets through catch shares, filling our coastal waters with environmentally degrading factory fish farms, and forcing controversial private eco-labeling onto fisheries.

Not surprisingly, we were disappointed with the positions adopted by The Global Partnership for Oceans, a new international alliance, coordinated by The World Bank. This coalition of major environmental groups, governments, and private sector interests has a chance to work together to find real solutions to the challenges of sustainably managing the world’s fisheries for the good of the oceans and the people who depend on them. Instead they’re parroting some of the same negative policies we’ve opposed for years.

Although it is an organization tasked with reducing poverty in the world, the World Bank has yet again chosen to align itself with strategies that only increase income disparity. Catch shares consolidate control of fish to a small group of wealthy fishermen, forcing small-scale fishermen into bankruptcy and destroying coastal communities in the process.

In developing countries, poor populations rely on small coastal fish for an important source of protein, but factory fish farming takes unsustainable numbers of these fish to feed to factory-raised fish that are sold in wealthy countries. And the push to expand eco-labeling means that fishermen—who may be fishing sustainably but can’t afford to buy into these pricey private labels—will be locked out of selling their product to grocery stores and restaurants demanding these certifications.

The Global Partnership for Oceans will meet for the first time in April 2012 to set their priorities. We hope they reconsider their advocacy for these broken strategies and instead go about the hard work of finding solutions that work for both the fish and people.

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