Senate Democrats Defeat Blunt Amendment, Protect Women’s Health

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Andrew Breitbart, Ultra Right Wing Propagandist and Liar is Dead

Maybe there is a god and maybe she’s had enough of these Nazis.

I know it is supposedly wrong to gloat over the death of an un-American enemy of the common people, but Breitbart was the worst kind of right wing propaganda whore and I am glad the evil bastard is dead.

Now if only a few more of them would slough off this mortal coil perhaps real Americans could get the country back to being a place where hard working people and the poor have a chance at having a decent life. Return America to being a land of equality willing to struggle with bringing that equality to all.

And before you tell me about his “good qualities” remember Hitler was a vegetarian and loved dogs.

From The New York Times:

March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart, a conservative blogger and activist who became well known for publishing undercover videos and revealing photographs aimed at liberals and Democrats, died Thursday. He was 43.

Among Mr. Breitbart’s targets was a New York congressman, Anthony Weiner, who ultimately resigned over explicit photographs he sent to women via Twitter and Facebook that were published on Mr. Breitbart’s Web site.

Lt. Larry Dietz, watch commander for the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office, confirmed Mr. Breitbart’s death on Thursday.

Ed Winter, a spokesman for the coroner’s office, said Mr. Breitbart was found “evidently collapsed” but would not say where. Paramedics responded and transported him to the U.C.L.A. Medical Center, which reported that Mr. Breitbart had died just after midnight.

“He does have some medical history issues, but he hadn’t seen a doctor in the last year or so,” Mr. Winter said. He would not say exactly what those medical issues were, but said the coroner’s department was investigating and he would probably have more information later in the day.

Mr. Breitbart’s father-in-law told The Associated Press that he was walking near his home in Los Angeles when he collapsed.

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One other thought…

I wonder if Fred Phelps and the Westboro Gang will picket Andy’s funeral?


Before you attack me for being glad Breitbart is dead you should remember.  I am not a pacifist.  Also you should be aware of the sweet things Breitbart said about Senator Ted Kennedy when he died.

From Robert Sobel @Examiner:

When Ted Kennedy passed away on August 5th, 2009, Americans across the country mourned. Though Kennedy had been involved with controversy of his own in the past, Kennedy was given a second chance and made the best of it. A successful senator from Massachusetts, Kennedy almost defeated Jimmy Carter in the 1980 Democratic primary. Kennedy spent the rest of his years in Washington fighting for Americans and died with good intentions. When the news hit the media reacted. Breitbart decided to chime in with his thoughts about Kennedy and what he said was disgusting.
Breitbart took to his twitter account to spew disgusting thoughts about the former senator. Breitbart called Kennedy a “villiain”, a “prick”, “a big ass motherf***er,” and a “duplicitous bastard.” Breitbart even called Kennedy a “special pile of human excrement.” While it’s respectful to handle someone’s death kindly, Andrew Breitbart handled the death of Senator Kennedy in the most disrespectful way possible. Breitbart never took into account the feelings of the Kennedy family or gave respect to Kennedy himself. Andrew Breitbart made a name for himself smearing the names of others, and at times lying in the process in order to get his face on TV and name in the media.
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Why is Rick Santorum Pining for the Pilgrim/Theocrat days?

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Naomi Klein: ‘If You Take Climate Change Seriously, You Have to Throw Out the Free-Market Playbook’

From Common Dreams:

Naomi Klein on ideological impediments to addressing climate change and how to move forward

– Common Dreams staff
Published on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 by Common Dreams

In an interview with Solutions, author and activist Naomi Klein discusses how market-based solutions are not going to meet the needs required to address climate change and how ideologies have hampered both the left and right in climate action. She also states that the Occupy movement has been “a game-changer.” There is a way forward, Klein says, and it involves “changing the mix in a mixed economy.”

Throwing Out the Free Market Playbook: An Interview with Naomi Klein

from Solutions

Perhaps one of the most well-known voices for the Left, Canadian Naomi Klein is an activist and author of several nonfiction works critical of consumerism and corporate activity, including the best sellers No Logo (2000) and Shock Doctrine (2007).

In your cover story for the Nation last year, you say that modern environmentalism successfully advances many of the causes dear to the political Left, including redistribution of wealth, higher and more progressive taxes, and greater government intervention and regulation. Please explain.

The piece came out of my interest and my shock at the fact that belief in climate change in the United States has plummeted. If you really drill into the polling data, what you see is that the drop in belief in climate change is really concentrated on the right of the political spectrum. It’s been an extraordinary and unusual shift in belief in a short time. In 2007, 71 percent of Americans believed in climate change and in 2009 only 51 percent believed—and now we’re at 41 percent. So I started researching the denial movement and going to conferences and reading the books, and what’s clear is that, on the right, climate change is seen as a threat to the Right’s worldview, and to the neoliberal economic worldview. It’s seen as a Marxist plot. They accuse climate scientists of being watermelons—green on the outside and red on the inside.

It seems exaggerated, but your piece was about how the Right is in fact correct.

I don’t think climate change necessitates a social revolution. This idea is coming from the right-wing think tanks and not scientific organizations. They’re ideological organizations. Their core reason for being is to defend what they call free-market ideology. They feel that any government intervention leads us to serfdom and brings about a socialist world, so that’s what they have to fight off: a socialist world. Increase the power of the private sector and decrease the public sphere is their ideology.

You can set up carbon markets, consumer markets, and just pretend, but if you want to get serious about climate change, really serious, in line with the science, and you want to meet targets like 80 percent emissions cuts by midcentury in the developed world, then you need to be intervening strongly in the economy, and you can’t do it all with carbon markets and offsetting. You have to really seriously regulate corporations and invest in the public sector. And we need to build public transport systems and light rail and affordable housing along transit lines to lower emissions. The market is not going to step up to this challenge. We must do more: rebuild levees and bridges and the public sphere, because we saw in Katrina what happens when weak infrastructure clashes with heavy weather—it’s catastrophe. These climate deniers aren’t crazy—their worldview is under threat. If you take climate change seriously, you do have to throw out the free-market playbook.

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100,000,000 workers grind India to a halt in one of world’s biggest strikes ever


by Ramona
Feb 28 2012

One of the world’s largest ever strikes began at midnight on Monday 27th Feb and will end at midnight tonight. Up to 100,000,000 Indian workers from different sectors and industries are calling for a national minimum wage, permanent jobs, and much more.

As reported by libcom blogger working class self organisation in January:


Over a dozen of India’s largest trade unions have called for and signed up to the strike. The strike will affect many sectors, including public sector banks, ports and docks, railways, insurance, road transport, energy workers, miners, and aviation workers.“Recent months have seen a mounting wave of militant worker struggles in India, strikes for union recognition in India’s expanding auto sector, including a two-day occupation of a Hyundai plant, a wildcat strike by Air India personnel, and walkouts by telecom workers and coal miners against the central government’s privatization plans.”

The different unions have a variety of different demands, they include gaining the same rights and protection for temporary and contract workers that permanent workers have, raising and extending the minimum wage, resisting the attacks on trade unions, stopping price rises, the creation of a national social security fund, increase in pensions, and combating corruption.

The workers are demanding a national minimum wage, permanent jobs for contract labourers, social security for informal labourers, pensions for all workers, intervention by the government to stop the rising costs of living, and to end the sell off of publicly owned companies amongst other demands.

Transport, postal services and banking have all been hit by the strike which involves around a dozen unions, with a ‘complete shutdown’ of banking in Mumbai being reported. Police have been deployed to try to prevent ‘unlawful’ picketing, with 100 arrests made this morning for obstructing traffic.

From IBN India:

Trade unions strike: Banking, transport hit across India

Feb 28, 2012
New Delhi: Life has come to a standstill in parts of India due to the 24-hour nationwide strike by trade unions and government employees on Tuesday. In all, 11 trade unions across party lines along with 8 lakh public sector employees with the exception of those in the Railways are participating. Banking, transport and government services have been hit across the country including major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

The main grudges of the unions on strike include rising prices, disinvestment of profit-making PSUs and the violation of labour laws.

So far, West Bengal seemed to be the worst hit with four flights cancelled and blockades put up at the Asansol Railway Station. Some local trains remained stranded and there were also reports of one bus being destroyed at Salt Lake in Kolkata.

This came even as West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has instructed her ministers to ensure that no Govt employees take part in the bandh which she says is Left sponsored. She has warned of consequences if her orders are violated.

Kerala too, was bearing the brunt of the nationwide strike. The roads of the capital Thiruvananthapuram wore a deserted look as buses and autos were not running.

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Davy Jones, Monkees’ Heartthrob, Dies at 66

I liked rock and roll and couldn’t bring myself to watch the show, but some of the Monkeys’  songs, catch pop numbers were 1960s ear worms that ate into my brain.  When I heard Davy Jones died “Last train to Clarksville” popped up on my mental MP3 player.

From The New York Times:

February 29, 2012

Davy Jones, the pint-size singer for the Monkees perhaps best known for singing “Daydream Believer,” died on Wednesday at his home in Indiantown, Fla. He was 66.

The cause was a heart attack, according to the medical examiner’s officer there and a spokeswoman for the singer.

Mr. Jones, a former jockey and stage actor, was a key member of the first and arguably the best of the pop groups created for television to capitalize on the success of the Beatles. Though they were not taken seriously at first, the Monkees made some exceptionally good pop records, thanks in large part to the songwriting of professional songwriters like Neil Diamond and Tommy Boyce.

Mr. Jones was born on Dec. 30, 1945, in Manchester, England, the son of a railway fitter and a homemaker. He dropped out of school after his mother’s death from emphysema in 1960 and began a career as a jockey, but later quit to pursue acting, appearing in television shows like “Coronation Street” and “June Evening.” He landed a contract with Colpix Records after he appeared in the musical “Oliver!” and performed on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” He was 20 when his first album, “David Jones,” came out.

In 1965, he auditioned for the TV comedy series dreamed up by Columbia Pictures executives who were inspired by the Beatles film “A Hard Day’s Night” and landed the part, along with Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork. Though they didn’t play instruments at first, the group’s debut album the following year yielded three hit singles, among them “I’m a Believer,” “Last Train to Clarksville” and “Steppin’ Stone.” The show was broadcast until 1968.

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On Regaining a Spirit of Defiance: ‘I’m Worried Now but I Won’t Be Worried Long’

From Common Dreams:

by Phil Rockstroh
Published on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 by Common Dreams

The course of action taken by the present day U.S. political class in addressing the era’s rising tide of economic hardship and ecological peril has proven as helpful as tossing an anvil to a drowning man.

The following two, axiomatic headlines reveal much about the dovetailing mindsets manifested by members of both the drowning class and the moral compass-bereft captains of the ship of state:

Nike Foamposite Galaxy Shoe Spurs Frenzy At Malls (Associated Press, Saturday, February 25, 2012)

Mitt Romney: Wife Ann Drives ‘A Couple Of Cadillacs’ (The Washington Post, Friday, February 24, 2012)

Inadvertently, Mr. Romney’s declaration, stated in his own blandly deranged way, captures the As Above/So Below nature of consumer state psychology.

By means of incessant, womb to tomb, commercial propaganda, the corporate class has promoted the idea that an individual’s identity is based solely on the sum total of his worldly possessions. Yet, when young people, denied a decent education and stranded in circumstances where they have been deprived of a means to gain a sense of identity by acquiring the skills and the development of the talents necessary for the pursuit of their individual aspirations, have the temerity to reflect the societal values they have internalized — for example, by acting in an aggressive manner in a mindless pursuit of material items that they have been conditioned to believe will bestow a sense of self worth — then media elites and bamboozled bourgeois should not, as they can be counted on to do, react with consternation, carrying on as if these acts of desperation on the part of the young are wholly devoid of any cultural context.

A defining trait of declining civilizations: A yawning, unbridgeable chasm develops between the ability to connect cause and effect e.g., between the excesses of the privileged and powerful (apropos, a multi-millionaire, presidential candidate’s braggadocio involving the multiple ownership of luxury automobiles) and the causative effect that evincing such an arrogant and self-serving worldview exerts on the actions of the so-called underclasses.

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