Medical Coverage

Today a friend of mine told me that the University where she works is going to provide a health care policy for her that covers SRS.

This is common decency and has been something transsexual folks have fought for years to get covered.

Sex Reassignment Surgery isn’t implants and it isn’t facial surgery, things that can honestly be classified as cosmetic.  (Although the cosmetic nature of reconstructive surgery shouldn’t automatically preclude coverage.) It is about changing one’s sex based on the one universal standard used in determining if one is male or female, the visible genitalia that are between a person’s legs.

That thing the Transgender Borg claim is really trivial.

Be that as it may.  The fact that more and more corporations as well as state and local governments are finally adding coverage of SRS to their health plans after years of denying coverage based on the the idea of SRS being experimental or a pre-existing condition.

Thanks To President Obama’s Health Care Reform the pre-existing condition clause goes away.

That right there should be reason enough for all TS people to support the Democrats.

But there is a real shit storm looming.

This whole objection to abortion, contraception and women’s health care coverage is a huge bomb sitting in the room.

We know the Republican and the pseudo-Christian Dominionists hate women.  Look at the lengths they are going to to totally fuck women over.

They think women should be subservient, paid less for equal work, and denied opportunities.  They are using their pseudo-Christianity and self-righteousness like a club, depending on liberals to be nice and polite, to not really fight back and certainly not to put an end to the ultra right wing “Christian” bullshit.

Look around.  How many hospitals have the name of a saint in your city, how many actually have the name of a church or religious organization?

They get money from the government, your tax dollars and my tax dollars yet they get to decide which service they will provide and to whom.  They get to discriminate based on the “sacredness of their religion”.

It is time to demand America start acting like it claims to be in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Pledge.  I want to see my country live up to its ideals of liberty and justice.  I want equal treatment for all and equal opportunity.

Equality is a birthright it shouldn’t require wealth to have.  Health care should be guaranteed and not a privilege reserved for rich white men.

Get the government out of the business of controlling our sex parts and back to preventing corporate criminals from destroying the nation and its people.

Oh yeah… If religious organizations do not want to provide health care and health insurance coverage to all their employees and include stuff like birth control perhaps it is time to have the government take control of those businesses and provide the treatments the churches find repugnant.



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  1. Kathryn Truscott Says:

    MMMM…. Fix these things, and the hypocrisy that they illustrate, and put aside the militarist imperialism so prevalent in American politics and foreign policy of late, and most of the prejudices against America will disappear.
    People outside of the States are not stupid, and dare I say it, often better informed than those inside (at least on international affairs), and when they see the terrible social/religious/racial injustices in the “land of the free” their cynicism can be justified.
    For a nation constitutionally based on freedom of action and freedom of religion, the willingness to take all of those away from dissenters is surprising, distressing and as I said hypocritical.
    So I would say to those in power in the US, listen to the likes of the founder of this blog. Her cause is just and her requirements quite reasonable in light of the Constitution and Bill of Rights……

    • Suzan Says:

      Kathryn the US, Canada and the Euro-zone are now Police States with puppet governments bought and sold by billionaire owners of corporations.

      Trade Pacts and WTO/GATT/G20 organizations dictate the terms. If it hasn’t hit New Zealand yet it is only because NZ is so small and so far away.

      The world is on the brink of disaster. Climate change is real, everything Paul Erhlich predicted is coming true. We are running out of oil and things like tar sands aren’t really a source of cheap energy.

      We are not going to be doing inter-continental travel via sub-orbital, faster than sound rocket planes in fifty years. We may well be back to using sailing ships or nuclear powered ships.

      That is the people who survive the population crash.

      There has always been a gap between image and reality in the world, not just the US. Marx and Marxist write about class struggle and class struggle is what much of the unwritten history is about.

      So we vote and sign petitions and some of us write and march but we are struggling not because we think we will win but because it is unconscionable not to.

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