Why I’m Not into Glitter Bombing Dan Savage

I often wonder why the Transgender Borg glommed onto the Gay and Lesbian Movement like a bunch of parasites looking for a host.

Opportunism I guess.

They grew out of the homophobic heterosexual transvestite movement.

But on top of that at least half of post-op transsexuals are straight and often homophobic while many of us who are lesbian or gay after SRS are just lesbian or gay without much need for the whole transgender schtick.

The entire Transgender Borg political correctness number has become not only tired but stupid and boring.

The homophobic attacks on the  Gay and Lesbian Movement regarding people prioritizing marriage equality disgust me.

It feels like a bunch of largely heterosexual people have invaded and colonized the Lesbian and Gay Movements.

It started with the Michigan Women’s Music Festival, which compromised and said post-op women who weren’t there to disturb could attend.

But that wasn’t good enough because according to the Transgender Borg if you claim to have a female identity you are female.  Even if you have a beard and fully functional penis and testicles.  Even if you have never taken a single hormone.

Now people who enjoy heterosexual privilege of marriages to women get to claim they are married “lesbians” even though I’ve never ever known a lesbian to have a penis that she couldn’t remove and put in a drawer.

I’ve watched the steadily moving political correctness crap about how I’m transgender because they decided to define me as transgender.  The angels on the head of a pin debates about the grammatically proper usage of transgender.

I’ve watched the banning of “tranny”, a word that was in use before I came out and which should probably be treated with the caution of usage that other in-group terms for members of various sub-cultures merit.  But I’ve also watched how this word is being used to savage anyone who hasn’t gotten the latest proper usage memo issued by the Transgender Borg Collective.

Oddly enough the Transgender Borg Collective is absolutely mute about the Porn Industry and its objectification, abuse and degradation of transgender women.  Where is the glitter bombing of transgender porn stars who lend their bodies and names to such forgettable trash as “Tranny Shemales in Heat”?  How come they aren’t glitter bombed?

Now I actually like Dan Savage. I don’t expect infallibility from him. But he sure as hell isn’t an enemy, unless you are a total homophobe.  When he is mistaken he corrects himself.  How many Reich wing Christo-Fascists apologize?  Nah… They double down and spew more hate.

Dan is a writer not some sort of great spiritual leader.  I happen to like his politics better than I like the politics of a lot of conservative transgender people.

I think the “It Gets Better” campaign is more positive than almost anything the Transgender Borg have ever come up with.

And I think he is 100% correct in what he said in an Advocate Interview last week.

You’ve said that the way trans activists have dealt with this issue, with the glitter bombs, is making people want to talk about trans issues less. Why do you say that?
You can go to Bilerico Project and read the “trans mafia” post. We are reaching a point where no one feels they can get it right. You talk to gay bloggers and they say they are just going to avoid the issue. Because if I get a noun wrong or a pronoun wrong, I am going to get called Hitler and glitter bombed and screamed at. I get letters about trans issues and I think maybe I shouldn’t write about that, maybe I should leave that alone. Is that what they want? I write the most widely read sex column in America, and if I stop writing about trans issues or addressing them or using letters where trans is raised for fear of getting it wrong, then that’s going to add to the trans invisibility problem.

You can’t win. That’s the problem with some of this. It’s not about people who are all on the same side honestly hashing shit out. It’s about a tiny sort of batshit wing of the movement blowing its stack and wanting to be the victimy-est victims in the room by claiming to be victimized by their allies. It’s a stupid waste of time. You know, somebody throws glitter at me and there are 900 people at the event. We still have a great event. We talk about trans issues. I answer some trans questions on top of everything, and all anybody comes away with is, you know, he got glitter bombed. [Laughs]

The whole Transgender Borg victimy-ist victim mob makes it hard at times for me to be bothered with even offering the support of writing letters or signing petitions.  I tend to avoid transgender specific demonstrations because of the claiming and demand I  embrace the “transgender identity” number.

4 Responses to “Why I’m Not into Glitter Bombing Dan Savage”

  1. Kathryn Truscott Says:

    Y’know, this whole homosexual/heterosexual thing is a bit weird.
    The labels become a bit meaningless where people born with brains and bodies out of whack are concerned.
    It all depends on whether you use brain-sex (if you will) chromosome make-up or genital formation ti decide which label you are going to pin on someone vis a vis their choice of sexual partner(s).
    For 99% of the time in life, who you like to have sex with is just not relevant as far as I can see.
    Why does society at large (and even those with atypical orientation at times), make such a big deal of it?
    At one time, those that felt that they could not enter a typical male/female relationship had a place in the tribal group. Many of these so-called ‘primitive’ societies had a place for those that were ‘different’, often as medicine people, shamans and advisers with a non-involved outlook.
    It seems to me that this whole fixation on what is “normal” came about because of the advent of the patriarchal, monotheistic religions (all of which have male deities) and their concept of “sin”, which is just a mechanism for controlling people by fear.
    One day, perhaps, we will see how really stupid is all this fixation on such a private matter as sexual choices…. although I can’t see that happening while sex/gender is such a universally basic personal identifier. People are being brainwashed into some really twisted attitudes to their sexuality by those same religious nuts that want to control us by making us afraid to transgress for fear of everlasting hellfire, which is a wonderfully non-productive use of a soul, don’t you think? (grin)…..

    • Suzan Says:

      I’m not into culture vulturing tribal cultures. I like modern western culture just fine and generally speaking they are better places to be women or LGBT/T in than most non-western cultures. I sure as hell wouldn’t trade places with the Thais or the Indians, even if you threw in some pretty big bucks to sweeten the deal.

  2. catkisser Says:

    I am waiting for some batshit crazy TG to gliterbomb Bil Browning……he actually deserves it. And it will be the final straw that breaks the t off the LGB

    • Suzan Says:

      As a lesbian I’m so tired of the transgender insisting I support them instead of lesbians. I never needed that T stuck on there.

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